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Can The Shingles Vaccine Make You Sick

What If There Is A Serious Problem

You ask, we answer: Will the COVID-19 vaccine make you sick?

An allergic reaction could occur after the vaccinated person leaves the clinic. If you see signs of a severe allergic reaction , call 9-1-1 and get the person to the nearest hospital.

For other signs that concern you, call your health care provider.

Adverse reactions should be reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System . Your health care provider will usually file this report, or you can do it yourself. Visit the VAERS website at www.vaers.hhs.gov or call 1-800-822-7967. VAERS is only for reporting reactions, and VAERS staff do not give medical advice.

What Is The Shingles Vaccine And How Does It Work

Vaccines are designed to cause beneficial immune-system changes. Those changes can help improve your immune systems response to a virus or bacteria.

In the case of Shingrix, those changes can help your immune system block or suppress the virus that causes shingles. The shingles vaccine does this in part by boosting the ability of white blood cellsalso known as T cellsto suppress the reactivated varicella-zoster virus that causes shingles .

Shingrix involves two shots in your upper arm. You should get these shots 26 months apart .

What Are Some Side Effects Of Getting A Vaccine

Common side effects for all these vaccines are mild and may include pain, swelling, or redness where the vaccine was given.

Before getting any vaccine, talk with your doctor about your health history, including past illnesses and treatments, as well as any allergies.

It’s a good idea to keep your own vaccination record, listing the types and dates of your shots, along with any side effects or problems.

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Complications Following Shingles Vaccine Are Serious In About 3% Of Cases: Cdc

Amid continuing concerns about reports of problems with the single-dose Zostavax shingles vaccine, a new report reviewed adverse reactions to the newer, double-dose Shingrix vaccine, indicating that about three percent of those reactions resulted in serious injuries or complications.

GlaxoSmithKlines Shingrix vaccine is believed to be safer and more effective for prevention of shingles among older adults, and has largely replaced the older live-virus Zostavax vaccine, which has been linked to reports of more severe and persistent shingles outbreaks and auto-immune complications in recent years.

In the latest issue of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report , health officials indicate that at least 4,381 reports of adverse events have been received involving shingles inoculation with Shingrix, about 130 of them are classified as serious, including seven deaths. However, it is unclear whether the deaths were tied directly to the vaccine.

What Should I Tell My Doctor Before I Get The Shingles Vaccine

Shingles and Seniors: What You Should Know

Tell him or her if:

  • You have any severe allergy, or know you are allergic to any part of the shingles vaccine.
  • You had an allergic reaction to the first dose of the recombinant zoster vaccine.
  • You have a weak immune system, such as from HIV, cancer, or cancer treatment.
  • You know or think you are pregnant. Your provider will tell you when to come in for the shingles vaccine.
  • You are breastfeeding. Your provider will tell you if it is okay to get a shingles vaccine while you are breastfeeding.

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Where Can I Get The Shingles Vaccine

Most doctors offices, medical clinics, and other healthcare facilities, including commercial pharmacies, offer the shingles vaccine. You shouldnt have any trouble finding it .

If youre older than 50, or younger and your doctor recommends it, getting the shingles vaccine can protect you from a common and potentially serious illness.

Shingles Vaccine Side Effects

Like all vaccines, the shingles vaccines can cause side effects, but they’re generally mild and do not last long.

Common side effects that occur in at least 1 in 10 people are:

  • headache
  • redness, pain, swelling, itching and warmth at the injection site
  • fatigue

If any side effects carry on for longer than a few days, speak to your GP or practice nurse.

Tell your GP if you develop a rash after having the shingles vaccination.

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How Do I Know If I Have Side Effects Or If Im Sick

While vaccine side effects are common, the good news is they are usually mild and will resolve on their own in a few days. All vaccines can cause side effects. This is to be expected because vaccines trigger the immune system. But it is also possible to get a vaccine and not have any side effects at all.

Side effects can differ between vaccines, so it is important to review this information with your healthcare provider before you get the shot. For each vaccine approved in the U.S., the CDC publishes a Vaccine Information Statement . This document provides information about the benefits and risks of each vaccine, including common side effects. You can ask your healthcare provider for this information or find it here.

If you have symptoms after your vaccine that are more intense or last more than a few days, you may have another illness. You can discuss these symptoms with your healthcare provider to determine the cause and whether they are related to the vaccine.

Because side effects can be uncomfortable and frustrating, some people might try to prevent them by taking medications before a vaccination. But there is some evidence that taking medications like acetaminophen or ibuprofen before a shot may decrease your bodys immune response to the vaccine. For this reason, it is not recommended to take medication to prevent side effects before any vaccine, including the COVID-19 vaccine.

Are Side Effects From Covid Vaccine Contagious

New shingles vaccine – if you’re a boomer, you need to take it

COVID-19 vaccine side effects can feel like mild symptoms of an illness, but they do not mean that you’re sick. The signs and symptoms that you might experiencelike a fever and body achesare not contagious.

Side effect symptoms cannot be spread to others, Juthani said. The vaccine cannot give you the virus, so the symptoms you experience are a manifestation of your immune system building a response so that you can fight the virus in the future should you be exposed to it.

Amber DSouza, PhD, professor of epidemiology at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, told Verywell that symptoms after vaccination do not represent infection. It’s not the same as being infected with the virus.

You cannot spread the side effects of the vaccine you may feel to other people. So if you’ve been worried that the side effects from a COVID vaccine are contagious, you can rest easy.

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Is The Shingles Vaccine Safe

The FDA have approved the use of both shingles vaccines in healthy adults over the age of 50.

However, there are some instances in which a person should not get either vaccine â if they are pregnant or breastfeeding, allergic to any ingredient in the vaccine, or have a weakened immune system, for example.

Can You Get Shingles After Youve Been Vaccinated

While the shingles vaccine is highly effective, some people can still get shingles. However, people who do get shingles after getting the shingles vaccine usually have milder symptoms and a shorter illness. Youll also be less likely to have complications from shingles, including postherpetic neuralgia.

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What Are The Covid

Several side effects of the COVID-19 vaccines are relatively common, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says. If you experience these side effects, they are usually not serious and should go away on their own in a short time:

Severe reactions to the COVID vaccine usually occur within 15 minutes of getting the shot. That’s why most vaccination sites ask you to stick around for about 15 minutes after you get your dose. They want to monitor you.

You can expect to be watched for a longer period of time if you have a history of allergic reactions.

If youve had a history of anaphylaxis, you should be observed for 30 minutes to make sure that you dont develop another such episode,Manisha Juthani, MD, infectious diseases specialist at Yale Medicine and associate professor at the Yale School of Medicine, told Verywell. For symptoms that develop after the initial vaccination period, if you have symptoms that last more than 72 hours after your vaccine, you should call your doctor. If you develop a rash at the site of the vaccination, you could have a local allergic reaction.

Can I Get Sick From A Vaccine If I Have An Allergy To An Ingredient In It

Shingles and Stress: Is There a Connection?

While vaccine side effects are normal, allergic reactions can happen and are not part of the bodys normal response. An allergic reaction is when the immune system responds too strongly to a vaccine. Symptoms may include hives, itching, or wheezing. Allergic reactions can be serious. In fact, one of the main reasons not to get a vaccine is if you have an allergy to one of its ingredients or if youve had an allergic reaction to a previous dose.

Anaphylaxis is a serious type of allergic reaction that can be life-threatening. This can happen after a vaccine, but it is very rare. According to the World Health Organization , anaphylaxis occurs in 1 out of 1 million people given a vaccine. People with anaphylaxis can have:

  • Swelling of the face or throat

  • Trouble swallowing

  • Stomach pain

  • Vomiting

These symptoms usually start 5 to 30 minutes after a vaccine is given. Anyone with these signs or symptoms needs immediate medical attention.

If you have concerns about whether you can safely get a vaccine, talk to your healthcare provider first. You can read more about reasons why its not safe to get certain vaccines here.

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Can The Flu Vaccine Make You Sick

Lets just clear this up now: You cant get the flu from the flu vaccine, Dr. Adalja says. Seriously, this is not a thing that is even remotely possible.

However, in very rare cases, a flu vaccine can cause issues in people with pre-existing medical circumstances. The flu vaccine is safe for most people, but if you have any allergies, like to egg proteins or any other ingredients that could be in the vaccine, such as gelatin, its important to speak with your doctor or pharmacist before getting inoculated. Those with an egg allergy can get the flu vaccine, but need to discuss with their doctor which specific vaccine is right for them, Dr. Agarwal says.

Overall, the CDC recommends speaking to a health care professional prior to getting a flu vaccine if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • Youre allergic to eggs or any other potential vaccine ingredients, such as gelatin.
  • Youve ever had Guillain-Barré Syndrome .
  • Youre not feeling well.

Can I Get Sick From The Covid

No. The COVID-19 vaccine cant make you sick or give you COVID-19. Like most flu vaccines, the COVID-19 vaccines do not contain a live COVID-19 virus, so they cant cause infection. But the vaccine can cause side effects.

Common side effects include:

  • Headache

  • Body aches

Side effects usually develop shortly after you receive the vaccine and last a few days. Not everyone will have side effects, and they can be different in different people. You may experience stronger side effects after the second shot of the two-dose vaccines .

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Talk To Your Healthcare Provider

They can help you understand and manage your symptoms. Mild vaccine side effects can usually be treated at home to help you feel better. For example, over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen and acetaminophen can treat body aches and fever after you get your shot. Cold compresses can relieve arm soreness and swelling. Your healthcare provider can help you decide the best course of action.

What Are The Advantages Of Getting The Shingles Vaccine

Can Shingles Affect The COVID Vaccine? Dr. Mallika Marshall Answers Your Questions

The shingles vaccine reduces your risk of getting shingles. Shingles causes a painful rash that usually develops on one side of your body or face. Some people describe the pain as an intense burning or shooting sensation. The rash is often a single strip that wraps around one side of your body or is on one side of your face. It consists of blisters that normally crust over in seven to 10 days. The rash generally clears up within a month.

Some people with shingles also experience additional symptoms including fever, headache, chills or upset stomach.

For some people, the pain from the rash can last for months or even years after the rash goes away. This long-term pain is called postherpetic neuralgia , and it is the most common complication of shingles.

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Allergic Reaction To Shingles Vaccination

There is a very small chance of a severe allergic reaction to the shingles vaccine, as there is with other vaccines.

Anaphylaxis is very serious and potentially life-threatening, but it can be treated. All healthcare staff that deliver vaccinations are trained in this. With prompt treatment, people fully recover from anaphylaxis.

Vaccines To Help Prevent Pneumonia

Pneumococcal disease is a serious infection that spreads from person to person by air. It often causes pneumonia in the lungs and it can affect other parts of the body.

There are two pneumococcal vaccines: PPSV23 and PCV13. According to the CDC, adults who are age 65 and older should get the PPSV23 vaccine. Some older adults may also need the PCV13 vaccine. Talk with your health care professional to find out if you need both pneumococcal vaccines.

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Sore Joints Or Chills

The Tdap vaccine, which protects against tetanus, diphtheria, and whooping cough, is sometimes given as an alternative to the tetanus and diphtheria vaccine and may also cause a person to experience sore joints or chills over their body.

The CDC estimates this may occur in about

Some side effects are classified as moderate, meaning they may interfere with someones daily activities, but they do not need medical intervention.

Flu Vaccines For Older Adults

Chickenpox (Varicella)

Flu short for influenza is a virus that can cause fever, chills, sore throat, stuffy nose, headache, and muscle aches. Flu is very serious when it gets in your lungs. Older adults are at a higher risk for developing serious complications from the flu, such as pneumonia.

The flu is easy to pass from person to person. The virus also changes over time, which means you can get it again. To ensure flu vaccines remain effective, the vaccine is updated every year.

Everyone age 6 months and older should get an annual flu vaccine, but the protection from a flu vaccine can lessen with time, especially in older adults. Still, you are less likely to become seriously ill or hospitalized because of the flu if you get the vaccine. A flu vaccine is especially important if you have a chronic health condition such as heart disease or diabetes.

You should get your vaccine ideally by the end of October each year so you are protected when the flu season starts. It takes at least two weeks for the vaccine to be effective. However, if you have not received your flu vaccine by the end of October, its not too late as flu season typically peaks in December or January. As long as the flu virus is spreading, getting vaccinated will help protect you.

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Are There More Serious Side Effects Of Zostavax

Although Mercks patient information sheet for Zostavax indicates mild side effects, the drug has reportedly caused a number of much more severe complications, including blindness, paralysis, brain damage, and death, leading the FDA to issue black box warning changes on Zostavax labels. Zostavax warnings now also include the risk of vision damage from eye inflammation.

Other complications that have been reported via the FDAs Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System include gastrointestinal disorders, rashes, arthralgia, myalgia, anaphylactic reactions, and necrotizing retinitis.

How To Treat Flu Vaccine Side Effects If Youre Really Struggling

Although side effects shouldnt last long, theres no shame in wanting to minimize your pain. To deal with any aches or a fever, you can try an over-the-counter pain-reliever such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen, according to the Mayo Clinic. If your arm is really sore, consider icing it to help with inflammation. Getting plenty of sleep, loading up on water, and generally trying to take it easy until you feel a bit better is always a good idea, too.

And if you have any questions about the flu vaccineif and when you should get your flu shot or nasal spray vaccine, if you should be worried about side effects, concerns about allergies, or anything elsedont hesitate to talk it over with a health care professional. Theyre there to help you make the process as seamless as possible.

Additional reporting by Korin Miller

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This vaccine is only given by a health care provider. It will not be stored at home.

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