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Can You Buy Bordetella Vaccine Over The Counter

Each Of The Puppy Vaccines Contain The Following:

Dangerous pet vaccines

Parvovirus, distemper, parainfluenza, adenovirus, coronavirus.nWe reserve the vaccination of leptospirosis for pups over 25lbs that will be exposed to the virus. If it is elected, lepto will be given on the third vaccination.We are now highly recommending a 4th round of parvo only vaccination for puppies going through their first shot series. This vaccination will be 4 weeks after the 3rd Parvo/Distemper vaccination. We also give just a parvo only vaccination to puppies under 2 pounds as their first followed by 3 Parvo/Distemper vaccinations.

Why Is The Same Amount Of Vaccine Given To A Small Dog And A Large Dog

Vaccination doses are the same for all dogs, regardless of size. When these vaccines are tested, all dogs in the test group receive the same dose of vaccine and have been proven safe for dogs of all sizes at the recommended dosage. Smaller doses of vaccine may not adequately protect small pets. In addition, there is no evidence that smaller doses of vaccinations are associated with a decreased likelihood of vaccine reactions.

Shots Have Side Effects

You need to know that additional dangers exist when home vaccinating.

Thankfully, Anaphylactic reactions are rare.

Nevertheless, dogs have died from this complication without the benefit of life-saving measures.

A possibility of an allergic reaction is just one reason why owners choose not to take on this vital task.

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What Do Vaccinations Do

Vaccinations protect your dog against an array of illnesses. The basic premise of a vaccine is to prepare the immune system to recognize an infectious organism and effectively fend off that organism when it invades the body. That preparation involves developing antibodies that will specifically recognize and target infectious foreign invaders.

Vaccines are made in different ways. We wont bog you down with all the technical details, but we can give you a basic overview. Some vaccines are called modified live vaccines, containing small bits of live but weakened virus to activate the immune system. Others are killed vaccines, which contain dead virus. There are also vector vaccines, which use genetics to provide strong and durable protection against disease.

Some vaccines require whats known as a booster, which is given at a specified time after the initial vaccination to help keep the vaccine effective over time.

Vaccine Storage And Handling

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For frequently asked questions and more information,

*Please refer to the full online version of the CDC Vaccine Storage & Handling Toolkit for more information and to verify you have the most current information.

Recommendations from:U.S. Department of Health and Human ServicesCenter for Disease Control and Prevention

Excerpts for Animal Hospitals

  • Refrigerated vaccines should be stored at temperatures between 2° C and 8° C . The thermostat should be set at midrange to achieve a temperature of about 5° C , which will decrease the likelihood of temperature excursions.
  • For specific, detailed storage and handling protocols for individual vaccines always refer to the manufacturers product information and package inserts, or contact the manufacturer directly.
  • While exposure to any inappropriate conditions can affect potency of refrigerated vaccines, a single exposure to freezing temperatures will destroy some. Liquid vaccines that contain an aluminum adjuvant can permanently lose potency when exposed to freezing temperatures.
  • Vaccine appearance is not a reliable indicator that vaccines have been stored in appropriate conditions. For example, inactivated vaccines, even when exposed to freezing temperatures, may not appear frozen, giving no indication of reduced or lost potency.
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    What Is Canine Coronavirus

    Canine coronavirus is a disease that affects the intestinal tract. This canine virus is not the same as COVID-19, a global pandemic in the human population. Coronavirus in dogs doesnt usually last too long, but it does cause numerous side effects and complications in some cases.

    Canine coronavirus spreads through feces and saliva. A dog has one to five days after being exposed to the disease for symptoms to present themselves. Illness typically lasts from 2 to 10 days.


    Most dogs that are infected with coronavirus will have either mild or no symptoms, but infected puppies may experience severe illness. Symptoms include sudden onset diarrhea, a decrease in appetite, and lethargy. A dogs stool often contains mucus or blood and will always have a distinct odor.


    Unfortunately, theres no treatment for coronavirus. Do your best to control the symptoms because a secondary bacterial infection may often occur, which you can then get antibiotics to treat. Coronavirus is rarely fatal. Dogs with underdeveloped or compromised immune systems are more susceptible.

    Coronavirus Vaccination

    The canine coronavirus vaccine is NOT recommended by the American Animal Hospital Association because the virus:

  • Causes only mild or subclinical disease
  • Generally occurs in dogs younger than 6 weeks old
  • Is typically self-limiting
  • Free Vaccines For Life Program

    What is it?

    Free Vaccines For Life is a program offered by Homestead Veterinary Clinic. After enrolling, your pet will get our core vaccines for free and our other recommended vaccines at a deep discount. This program lasts as long as you have your pet and as long as your pet gets an annual Wellness Care Visit at Homestead Veterinary Clinic.


    Vaccinations are one part of maintaining the health of your pet. We want to help our clients afford the other parts that are important too. Regular Wellness Care Visits, annual dental cleaning and treatments, and routine laboratory work are key to early disease detection.

    How much can I save?

    Under most circumstances, your enrollment in Free Vaccines For Life will pay for itself within two visits.

    The FVFL enrollment fee for a dog is $145. This covers rabies, distemper/parvo/lepto combinations and leptospirosis boosters at no charge. Lyme, bordetella and any special order vaccines are 50% off of our regular price for enrolled patients.

    Whats the catch?

    Other fine points:

    The enrollment fee is non-refundable and not transferable. If your pet dies or is lost, it cannot be transferred to a new pet. Likewise, if you re-home your pet, it is not transferable to the new owner.

    Wellness visits at any other veterinary clinic do not fulfill the requirement to stay enrolled in Free Vaccines For Life.

    Why doesnt Free Vaccines For Life include Lyme vaccine?

    What about Free Vaccines For Life for Cats?

    Dog Examples

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    Comparative Evaluation Of Novel Edible Vaccine And Conventional Vaccine

    Unlike the conventional vaccine, the edible vaccine is capable to bring mucosal immunity. But there is a remarkable limitation of the conventional vaccine over the edible vaccine. The latest novel approach for vaccination has several benefits and the formulation technique, transportation and mode of administration is so convenient that it can be practised without sophisticated technology and specialized medical expertise. It also doesn’t require subsidiary elements to stimulate the immune system . The conventional vaccines are safe as it contains attenuated and heat-killed pathogens hence do not present any risk of proteins to reform into the infectious organism . Regarding the economy for production and the quantity to be manufactured, edible vaccines are much more convenient as it minimum cost and its process for production can be scaled rapidly by breeding , but the concentration of the protein depends on the weather condition , whereas conventional vaccine is produced in the controlled environment. The route of administration and delivery of the vaccine improves compliance than conventional vaccination.

    Preclinical And Clinical Trials

    What over the counter medicine can be taken after receiving the vaccine? Penn State Health

    To evaluate and test the interventions such as medication and psychotherapy clinical research is designed called as a clinical trial. These include various biomedical and behavioural researches in human beings to answer various questions on new interventions . It gives safety and efficacy data of the drugs or treatment. Clinical trials are only performed after it has gained approval from the Health authority/ethics committee in the country . This includes various phases in which the trials are performed. Due to ethical considerations, direct assessment of the drugs is prevented, except in some cases. Many of the plants have successfully shown antigenic expression, like LT-B in tobacco and potato, rabies virus-G protein in tomato, HBsAg in tobacco and potato, Norwalk virus in tobacco and potato CT-B in potato .

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    Scheduling And Receiving Deliveries

    All staff members who might receive vaccine deliveries must be aware of the importance of maintaining the cold chain. They should be trained to immediately notify the vaccine coordinator or alternate when deliveries arrive so that vaccines are checked in and stored quickly.

    The person arranging for deliveries should know which staff member will be available to receive them, considering holidays, vacations, and any changes in the facilitys hours of operation. Ideally, the vaccine coordinator or alternate should be available to receive deliveries.

    Never leave a vaccine shipping container unpacked and unattended. If vaccines and diluents inside get too warm, they cannot be used. Be sure all staff members know that vaccine deliveries require immediate attention.

    Does The Kennel Cough Vaccine Prevent Kennel Cough

    Chances are your dogs daycare, trainer or boarding facility asks for proof of kennel cough vaccination

    but should you really be vaccinating your dog for kennel cough? And does the kennel cough vaccine really work?

    These facilities want all dogs vaccinated before they hang out together. Thats because the risk of kennel cough infection is higher when dogs mingle. Just like when the kids first go back to school and share all their new germs with each other.

    But before you give your dog any vaccine, you should ask these questions:

    • Is the vaccine safe?
    • Is the vaccine effective?
    • Lastly, is the disease dangerous?

    So lets review these questions and find out if the kennel cough vaccine is really the best choice for your dog.

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    The Amount Of Time Each Vaccination Is Effective Is As Follows:

    • DA2PP – 3 years
    • Pain or swelling around the injection site
    • Collapse, difficulty breathing, and seizures

    Just as with human vaccines, mild symptoms can be ignored and are a sign of immune response. The majority of reactions are mild and short lived. If you suspect a more severe reaction to puppy vaccines or dog vaccines, such as facial swelling, vomiting or lethargy, you should contact your veterinarian immediately.

    Preparing Vaccine For Administration

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    Vaccine preparation is the final step in the cold chain before administration. Handling vaccines with care is equally as important as storing them properly.

    • Vaccines should be prepared in a designated area away from any space where potentially contaminated items are placed.
    • Only prepare vaccines when you are ready to administer them. Always check expiration dates and confirm that you have selected the correct vaccine.
    • Only administer vaccines you have prepared. This is a quality control and patient safety issue and a best practice standard of medication administration. If vaccine is drawn up by one person but administered by another, the person administering the vaccine cannot be sure what is in the syringe and whether it is safe.

    A single-dose vial contains ONE dose and should be used ONE time for ONE patient.

    • Do not combine leftover vaccine from one SDV with another to obtain a dose.
    • Do not open an SDV until ready to use. Before you remove the protective cap, always check the vial to make sure you have the correct vaccine. Once you remove the cap, you must use the vaccine because it may not be possible to determine if the rubber seal has been punctured.
    • Discard any unused SDVs without a protective cap at the end of the workday.

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    Patents On Edible Vaccine

    GMO are living things developed in the labs by scientists and they are not naturally occurring in nature. Genetic modification is an expensive and involves lengthy process. The government have made several laws to grant patents for these GMO plants , excluding naturally occurring plants and animals .

    Dog Vaccination Time Table

    Below is a vaccination chart of the possible vaccines and the suggested times to administer each. This timeline may not apply to every dog, but it gives you an idea of various scenarios. And remember, giving a dog too many vaccinations at the same time can result in side effects, so be sure to talk to your vet about spacing them out, if possible.

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    Zoetis Testing For Parvovirus Vaccine Efficacy

    You may have heard of Zoetis theyre one of the largest producers of medicine and vaccination for pets and livestock.What you may not know is that they tested the response puppies had to parvo in their combination vaccine.To do this, they vaccinated 3 groups of puppies at different ages: 6 weeksThey then assessed the puppies immune response by measuring their titers to parvovirus. At 6 weeks, only 52% of the puppies had developed an immune response. At 9 weeks, 88% of the puppies responded. At 12 weeks, 100% of the puppies responded.What does this mean?Vaccinating puppies at 6 to 8 weeks is a high-risk, low-value practice. At that age, the maternal antibodies will likely block the parvovirus vaccine.


    As well as vaccinating at the wrong time, exposure to the virus can play a role in vaccine failure.

    If your puppy comes into contact with the virus, he will develop an immune response. These antibodies can block the vaccine much like maternal antibodies.

    Vaccinated or not dont expose your puppy to areas where he might catch parvo. These areas include:

    • Dog parks
    • Dog Hotels and Kennels
    • Veterinary Clinic

    Instead, keep your puppy close to home. Socialize him around the neighborhood. Wait to visit parvo hotspots until your puppy is old enough for the shots to work.


    Vaccines can also fail when your puppy is sick or stressed. When his immune system is compromised, he cant build an immune response.

    Another big stressor is vaccines!

    Kennel Cough Vaccine Effectiveness

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    The kennel cough is an infectious disease that has cold like symptoms. The kennel cough has no treatment, but the cough should typically go away even without treatment in up to 3 weeks. Puppies and immunocompromised dogs may have a more difficult time fighting the infection. There is however a kennel cough vaccine that may be administered to dogs. This vaccine can be effective, but not in 100% of cases.

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    How Many Vaccinations Can Be Administered At Once

    Giving a dog too many vaccinations at once can increase the probability of side effects. A vet recently told me she would not recommend giving a healthy dog more than five vaccines on any given day. This is why its important to space your vaccinations out. Your vet may wait to administer any non-core vaccines due to the core vaccines given at your annual checkup.

    Bordetella Vaccine Side Effects

    It is mandatory for the patient’s immune system to function properly in order to respond appropriately to a vaccine challenge. If the patient has a disease, the immune system will be so occupied fighting the disease that it will respond poorly to the vaccine.

    Dogs with a history of a mild, acute post-vaccination reaction are commonly treated with medications prior to vaccination.

    Like with all vaccinations, the Bordetella shot may lead to temporary risks and side effects that all dog owners should be aware of. The first Bordetella side effect often noticed is a low-grade fever shortly after vaccines . This is a completely normal vaccine reaction and considered a common side effect of the vaccination. You may see your dog experience a change in behavior, such as lack of energy and loss of appetite.

    While kennel cough often is a mild disease, the cough may be chronic, lasting for several weeks in some cases. The Bordetella vaccine is a very safe vaccine and widely recommended to protect pups at risk for this widely contagious illness.

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    If You Choose To Vaccinate Your Dog

    If you determine that your dog is in need of vaccination, consider the following:

    • Ask the veterinarian to perform the health exam and other tests first you might even wait to vaccinate until those results are in, and schedule a follow-up vaccine visit once you know your dog is in the clear, health-wise.
    • Avoid a combination vaccine that offers multiple vaccines in only one shot. Note: some veterinary clinics only carry this type of vaccine. We recommend that you look elsewhere for care.
    • Do not vaccinate your adult dog more frequently than every three years .
    • At a minimum, try to schedule the rabies vaccine for a different visit than the other vaccines, if your dog needs them. The rabies vaccine should be administered by itself at a later date, apart from the other three core vaccines , and in another part of the dogs body.

    If youre considering vaccinating simply for financial reasons a well-planned vaccine/titer strategy might have you coming out ahead in the long run if you scale back on vaccines and run titers on a strategically planned schedule.

    If you encounter a veterinarian who continues to advocate yearly vaccination, schedule a sit-down talk with her, or take your business elsewhere. In Dr. Kays book, she notes that a deal breaker when choosing a veterinarian is when the clinician vaccinates dogs for everything, every year.

    What Is Canine Distemper

    How Decongestants Work and Their Possible Side Effects

    Canine distemper is an extremely contagious viral disease that is caused by the canine distemper virus. This disease is closely related to the virus that causes measles.


    Canine distemper spreads through the air and attacks the tonsils and lymph nodes. The virus replicates in the body and attacks the gastrointestinal, respiratory, urogenital, and nervous systems.

    Symptoms include high fever, runny nose, eye discharge, red eyes, lethargy, lack of appetite, coughing, vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, and paralysis. Some dogs also experience thickening or enlargement of their footpads.


    Unfortunately, there is no known cure for canine distemper. However, some dogs can recover fully after receiving treatment for symptoms and constant care. After a dog has fully recovered, she will no longer carry or spread the disease.

    Canine Distemper Vaccination

    The canine distemper vaccination is given as a part of a combination vaccination, most commonly the DHLPP. The D in DHLPP stands for distemper. This vaccination, known as the five-way vaccine, also protects against hepatitis , leptospirosis, parvovirus, and parainfluenza.

    The vaccine is given in a series. Dogs should receive vaccination against canine distemper starting at six weeks, then every two to four weeks until 16 weeks of age. A booster shot is provided at 12 months and then every three years.


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