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Does Cvs Have Meningitis Vaccine

Tips For Getting Vaccinated At The Pharmacy

CVS Health vaccine at long-term care facilities

You’ll no doubt remember if you’re due for your annual flu shot. But for other vaccinations, it’s a good idea to check with your physician about what immunizations are recommended for you based on your age and medical history.

Pharmacists in all states are allowed to administer a long list of vaccinations, but state laws varyfor example, you can’t get hepatitis vaccines at the pharmacy in New York. Also, in some states, certain vaccines require a doctor’s prescription. When in doubt, check with your pharmacist.

According to Catizone, the following tips can help getting your vaccinations at the pharmacy go smoothly:

Is The Moderna Booster Shot A Third Dose

Booster shots of COVID-19 vaccines are currently half doses of the same vaccine used in the first two full shots. The goal is to top up the vaccine formula that reinforces the body’s immune response against the virus and its variants. The Moderna booster authorized by the CDC is a 50-microgram dose, while the first two shots were each 100 micrograms.

Moderna is also working on a combination shot that contains this year’s flu vaccine and its COVID-19 booster vaccine, but that’s not available right now.

Moderna’s booster shot is currently half the size of a full dose.

What Does The Moderna Booster Shot Do

A COVID-19 booster shot — whether from Moderna, Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson — tops off your immune response and guards against a breakthrough COVID-19 infection as the vaccine’s effectiveness decreases over time.

Recent studies of the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines show that their effectiveness can begin to wane after six months. Moderna said early data suggests that those who received the Moderna vaccine in 2020 are showing a higher rate of breakthrough COVID-19 infections than those vaccinated this year, suggesting the need for a booster to maintain high levels of protection.

For more on coronavirus treatments and vaccines, here’s what we know about monoclonal antibody treatments, the new federal vaccine mandates and why some people may not want the shot.

The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objectives.

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Haemophilus Influenzae Type B Vaccine

Before a vaccine became available for it, Haemophilus influenzae type b was the leading cause of bacterial meningitis. Hib is much less common today due to vaccinations.

Doctors usually administer the Hib vaccine at 2, 4, and 6 months of age. They will administer it again between the ages of 12 and 15 months.

The dosing regimen depends on the brand of vaccine an infant receives.

Doctors will give this vaccine either alone or as part of a combination vaccine.

How Do I File For An Exemption

How Much Is A Tetanus Shot At Walgreens
  • If you are over the age of 22 prior to the start of the term, you will automatically receive the exemption.
  • If you plan on taking only online courses, you will need to contact the Admissions Office and ask for the exemption. Note: if Admissions grants you this exemption and then you enroll in on-campuses courses, you will be dropped from these on-campus courses.
  • Students can opt to file an exemption under one of the provisions from the Texas Department of State Health Services by completing the exemption form found at .
  • The form is valid for any student requesting an exemption under one of provisions regardless if the student is living on or off campus or their age.
  • You must print the form, complete it, and submit it to the Admissions Office.

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Do I Have To Make An Appointment

The COVID-19 vaccine requires making an appointment ahead of time at Most other vaccines are available on a walk-in basis. Same-day appointments are often available online. You can also answer the vaccine-specific questionnaire online instead of filling it out in person.

You may want to call ahead to your local CVS Pharmacy and make sure your desired vaccine is in stock. You can also check to see if theres a wait at the store or clinic.

Customers Of Most Age Groups Can Receive Vaccinations In Our Stores

At CVS Pharmacy, vaccinations are available for adolescents, adults and seniors, while at MinuteClinic, children as young as 18 months can receive certain vaccinations. Call your nearest location to talk to the pharmacist about what vaccinations are right for your age group and whats available at that location.

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How Are Cvs Pharmacy And Minuteclinic Different

At the pharmacy, vaccinations for adolescents through seniors are administered by certified immunizationâtrained pharmacist. Age and state restrictions apply. No appointment necessary.

At MinuteClinic, vaccinations for children through seniors are administered by a nurse practicioner. View wait times and schedule a visit online, or walk in anytime.

CVS Pharmacy and MinuteClinic also at Target

Raleigh Woman Says Cvs Gave Her Meningitis Shot Instead Of Coronavirus Vaccination

Where Can I Get the Meningococcal Vaccine?


Posted September 16, 2021 5:47 p.m. EDTUpdated September 16, 2021 7:32 p.m. EDT

Raleigh, N.C. A Raleigh woman who thought she had gotten her first dose of coronavirus vaccine said Thursday that she was was given a different vaccination instead.

Cintia Huddleston was a bit hesitant to get vaccinated, but she eventually had no choice because she works in nursing homes.

“They told me it was mandatory for me to keep working, and if I didn’t get it, I would have had to stop working,” Huddleston said.

So, she stopped at a CVS on Wake Forest Road in Raleigh on Aug. 5 before heading to work.

“I asked the lady for a COVID shot, and me and her, we sat there, we talked at the counter,” she said. “We talked about COVID and Moderna and Pfizer .”

Huddleston said she settled on the Moderna vaccine and got her shot. She then sent her boss a text confirming she had received the first part of the two-dose regimen.

But when she went back to the CVS on Sept. 8 to get the second shot, she was shocked to find out she never actually got the Moderna vaccine.

“She was like, ‘No, it was you got a meningitis shot,'” she said. “I said, well, why was she giving me a meningitis shot I didn’t expect. That’s not what I came in here.”

CVS officials said in a statement that the pharmacy “administered the correct vaccination that the patient requested and signed for. They said they have offered to provide her with two doses of coronavirus vaccine and answer any questions she might have.

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How To Get Low

Children can receive financial assistance through the federal Vaccines for Children program. This is for kids who are:

  • Uninsured

  • Medicaid-eligible

  • American Indian or Alaska Native

The shingles vaccines manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline, offers a patient assistance program for those without insurance who cant afford the vaccine. Your healthcare provider needs to apply for the program on your behalf.

What Kinds Of Vaccines Does Cvs Offer

CVS Pharmacy offers a full list of vaccines. Among the most commonly requested ones are:

  • Influenza : The flu vaccine is offered on a seasonal basis. Two different kinds are available. Four-strain flu vaccine protects against four strains of the virus for children and adults. The high-dose or senior-dose flu vaccine is for people age 65 and older.

  • Shingles: The shingles vaccine is recommended for people age 50 and older. It is given in two doses spaced 2 to 6 months apart.

  • COVID-19: The long-awaited coronavirus vaccine is finally available to all adults age 16 and older starting April 19 and earlier in many places. A vaccine for younger teens and children is expected later this year.

  • Tdap: The CDC recommends the combination tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis vaccine for adolescents and adults every 10 years to protect against all three infections.

Each state has its own age requirements and other vaccine restrictions, so be sure to check your local stores rules before heading to CVS.

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Menacwy Vaccination Of Younger Children And Adults At Increased Risk

In certain situations, younger children and adults should receive MenACWY vaccines. Some people are at increased risk for serogroup A, C, W, or Y meningococcal disease due to

  • Having certain medical conditions
  • Taking specific medications
  • Complement inhibitor
  • Traveling or residing in countries in which serogroup A, C, W, or Y meningococcal disease is common
  • Working in specific professions or living in specific settings
  • Microbiologist who is routinely exposed to Neisseria meningitidis
  • Military recruit
  • First-year college student living in a residence hall and are not up to date with this vaccine
  • Being a part of a community experiencing a serogroup A, C, W or Y meningococcal disease outbreak
  • Those who remain at increased risk need regular booster doses.

    • For children under the age of 7 years, administer a booster dose 3 years after completion of the primary series and every 5 years thereafter.
    • For children 7 years old or older and adults, administer a booster dose 5 years after completion of the primary series and every 5 years thereafter.

    Can I Get More Than One Vaccine During The Same Visit

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    If you need more than one vaccine, talk to your doctor or pharmacist about whether you should get them all in one visit, or space them out.

    Its very common to bundle immunizations for children, and there are many cases where adults may get two vaccines at the same time.

    Shingrix, which is recommended to prevent shingles in adults 50 and older, can be given during the same appointment as a flu shot, according to the CDC.

    The agency has also given the green light for people to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, including a booster shot , and the flu shot during the same visit.

    In fact, the CDC says that the COVID-19 vaccine can be given without regard to the timing of any other vaccine.

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    Is The Shingles Vaccine Covered By Medicare And Can I Get It At Cvs

    Because the shingles vaccine requires two doses, if you have to pay full price around $400 total it may approach the $445 maximum Part D deductible that Medicare allows for 2021.

    If thats the case, you may want to consider getting your vaccine early in the year. This way you dont have to worry about your deductible resetting in a new plan year soon after meeting it. You should discuss the risks and benefits of this strategy with your healthcare provider.

    As far as going to CVS Pharmacy or CVS in Target to get your shingles vaccine, this is definitely an option. You can always call ahead or go online to schedule same-day appointments, or go in on a walk-in basis at many locations.

    The Affordable Care Act

    If youre under age 65 and dont have health insurance, you may be eligible for low-cost coverage through or a state exchange established by the Affordable Care Act .

    Under the ACA, routine vaccines are considered preventive care. This means they must be covered at no cost to you when given by a provider who is covered by your insurance. This is also true for most private health plans. Adult children are allowed to stay on their parents health plans until age 26.

    You can apply for ACA coverage through the extended August 15 deadline on If your state runs its own exchange, you can check the enrollment deadlines on as well.

    Monthly premiums on ACA marketplace health plans are lower than usual, too. Due to the pandemic, the federal government has boosted financial assistance for people of all income levels.

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    How Effective Is The Moderna Booster Against The Omicron Variant

    On Monday, Moderna’s Hoge said early lab research shows its COVID-19 vaccine booster should provide “good protection against the omicron variant,” raising antibody levels approximately 37 fold. For comparision, Pfizer said earlier this month its booster raises antibody levels 25 fold, creating “robust protection” and offering “a sufficient level of protection” against omicron, the company said.

    Studies of US cases of the omicron variant appear to support the concern about weakened protection for those who are fully vaccinated with two doses of the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines or one of Johnson & Johnson’s. Dr. Rochelle P. Walensky, CDC director, said on Dec. 10 that 80% of first confirmed US cases with the mutated virus had been fully vaccinated against the disease.

    Your Vaccination Can Be Added To Your Medical Record

    SDSU students may need to get another meningitis vaccine

    Following your vaccination, with your permission, CVS Pharmacy or the MinuteClinic practitioner can notify your primary care physician so that the shot is added to your medical record.

    For more information about vaccinations offered at CVS Pharmacy and MinuteClinic, as well as location-specific availability, visit or

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    Health History And Immunizations

    Student health history and immunization records are required prior to the students first day on campus. A health history for the students is an important part of a patients medical file and used to obtain information about the health history of the individual. The form also gathers information about the patients family. It is important for Student Life to have your history on file in the event of an outbreak or if you are injured in some way. We require this for your protection and the health and wellness of the entire campus community.

    What Do I Need To Know About Covid 19 Variants Including The Delta Variant

    According to the CDC, COVID19 continues to spread in the United States and variants are in circulation. You can take steps to protect yourself from the virus and its variants by obtaining the COVID19 vaccine and taking other safety measures, such as crowd avoidance and frequent hand washing. See the CDC Variant page for more information.

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    Special Considerations For Use Of Menactra For People With Functional Or Anatomic Asplenia Or Hiv

    Children with functional or anatomic asplenia or HIV should not receive Menactra® before the age of 2 years. This timing avoids interference with the immunologic response to the infant series of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine . CDC recommends infants 2 through 23 months of age with functional or anatomic asplenia or HIV receive Menveo®.

    People 2 years of age or older with functional or anatomic asplenia or HIV should not receive Menactra® at the same time as PCV. They should either receive Menveo® or MenQuadfi® when they get PCV or wait and receive Menactra® 4 weeks after completion of all PCV doses.

    Are There Exemptions To The Law

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    The following exemptions apply:

    • Students who are 22 years of age or older by the first class day of the semester
    • Students who are enrolled in a continuing education course or program that is less than 360 contact hours, or continuing education corporate training
    • Students who are enrolled in online classes only
    • The Texas Department of Health allows exemptions from the immunization based on:
    • Medical issues
    • Reasons of conscience, including a religious belief
    • Active duty with the U.S. armed forces

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    Can I Get Free Or Discounted Vaccines Through Drug Company Patient Assistance Programs

    Vaccine manufacturers offer financial assistance for a wide variety of vaccines. You may qualify for low-cost or even free vaccines through the makers patient assistance program.

    Heres a chart listing some of the leading vaccine makers, their patient assistance websites, and the names of the vaccines they make to help you check eligibility guidelines:

    Menactra Pentacel Tenivac

    You can also use the Medicine Assistance Tool online to find out which assistance programs you qualify for and how to contact them. This tool lets you search for public and private programs that can help pay for medications, including vaccines. Just enter the name of the vaccine and answer a few eligibility questions. Then the search engine will tell you which programs you may qualify for and how to reach them.

    Which Vaccines Do Medicare Advantage Plans Cover

    Medicare Advantage plans, sometimes referred to as Part C plans, are offered by private insurers for a set monthly premium. These plans bundle Part A and Part B insurance and usually Part D coverage.

    Medicare Advantage plans must cover certain vaccines with no copay when given by a healthcare provider who accepts your insurance. The vaccines usually covered are:

    • Hepatitis A and B

    • Tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis

    • Varicella

    Check with your insurance provider for specific plan details. Avoiding these preventative vaccines can have serious health consequences. Since you can easily get vaccines at your providers office or the pharmacy, making them a priority is worthwhile.

    During the lockdown, routine vaccines have dipped substantially. Its important to catch up on immunizations that were missed, Dr. William Schaffner, a professor of infectious diseases at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, tells GoodRx.

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    Is It Safe To Mix And Match Vaccine And Booster Brands

    Yes. The US Food and Drug Administration has authorized mixing COVID-19 boosters, which in the US means Moderna and Pfizer. Any adult eligible for a booster can get any of the available brands of coronavirus vaccines. If you initially received Johnson & Johnson and it’s been two months or longer since you received the initial dose, you’ll be able to get the Moderna or Pfizer booster. If you received Moderna or Pfizer for your first two shots, you could pick any authorized vaccine available to you, if you qualify and it’s been six months or longer since your second shot.

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