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Does The Bible Talk About Vaccines

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The role of church leaders in vaccination efforts

King knows vaccine acceptance will be a challenge in his community, a community he says, like many others in the U.S. that has often been taken advantage of and abandoned and left without the support from institutions in the past.

Kings son, Terris King II, has been watching his father preach for most of his life, and said that his fathers approach to Covid-19, so far, has been working. People listen to my dad. People are staying home. And the reason why is because what he tells him every week on these calls is like, I actually love you, he said. Hell speak out against Trump and against the system and say, They dont know you, and Ive been loving on you through my actions.

These actions have included dropping off meals for elderly congregants during the pandemic, talking through difficulties with congregants one-on-one on the phone, and keeping them out of the church, physically.

The trust is in me and me in them, the elder King said.

Its not about the agencies or the administration. Its that, This guy knows more than we do, he added, reflecting on how his congregants seem to see him. Hes been inside those institutions. Hes led those institutions, therefore he knows what to look for. And we trust him because he wouldnt do anything to hurt us.

How Should Christians Respond To Anti

As I have mentioned earlier, there are some who are very much against vaccines. They are given a label as anti-vaxxers. To be an anti-vaxxer may cause a problem in certain scenarios such as school and education. Some school districts and colleges require vaccinations for kids to attend school.

The one word of caution I would offer is to be careful about where you gather your facts. You have a responsibility to test the information about vaccines that is out there. With the rise of information available, you have to sort through it to find what is legitimate and true. You want to make sure that you are making your decision based on the most reliable and credible information possible.

The question of should Christians get vaccines should be approached like so many other issues that are not black and white issues. Always err on the side of grace. Granted, there may be some who feel very strongly about this topic and that is their right. Just make sure you approach others who may be on the other side of your opinion with grace and accept them as the Bible calls us to do.

What Does The Bible Say About Our Health

As far as our health is concerned, one thing to remember about our bodies is they are temples of the Holy Spirit . We have a responsibility to take care of our bodies as best we can and not abuse them. In this chapter Paul was referring to sexual immorality, but this principle can apply to anything that can be abusive to your body.

Let me be clear: I am not saying vaccines are abusive. What I am saying is that God wants us to be mindful of how we treat these temples he has given us.

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Would God Support Vaccines

Christianity tells us to seek out healthy behaviors, but does that include vaccinations?

Pediatric physician Scott James once said, as we who have the mind of Christ consider the questions surrounding vaccination, we should strive to honor Him with how we use that mind. As Christians, our position on vaccinations for ourselves and our children should be based on what gives glory to God. That means focusing on empirical evidence, and not on anti-science propaganda, anecdotes, or celebrities. Even skepticism of government institutions such as the National Institutes of Health and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention needs to be reevaluated.

In 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 we read: “Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.” God wants us to live healthy lives so that He can use our bodies to help spread His Word. The knowledge we have now is because God helped guide medical professionals in the right direction. Many like to call God the Great Physician. He can work through doctors to change the lives of people for the better. Here is why the Lord supports vaccination.

Churches Agree Vaccines Are Important

Yes, pedophilia and energy weapons caused the fires ...

Evangelicals have historically been at the forefront of promoting vaccinations and see them as God’s gift to modern medicine. Some Christians have adversity to vaccines, because the original vaccines made relied on use of cells from aborted fetuses. The Catholic Church concluded, in a 2005 statement, that those who receive vaccines are not culpable in the original abortions. Additionally, Focus on the Familys Physicians Resource Council suggests that Christians have the moral freedom to receive vaccines, though it also respects those Christians who come to a different conclusion after consideration and prayer. Lastly, the Southern Baptist Conventions Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission wrote in a blog post that “Pro-life proponents of immunization point out that vaccines no longer rely on abortion to provide further fetal cellsand that the initial two abortions were not conducted to supply vaccine makers with fetal tissue in the first place.”

It can be scary to vaccinate your child or yourself if you do not have all the facts. God, however, wants your family to live healthy lives. That means take the time to learn about vaccinations and how they can promote your health long-term. They are safe and effective gifts from God Himself.

Megan Bailey is the Social Media Specialist and Content Producer for Beliefnet. She attended James Madison University where she received a degree in psychology.

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Why Do We Need Vaccines If God Protects Us

In some circles there can be a tendency to despise the use of medicine. Does God protect us? The answer is yes. Yet there are ways and means that God uses to protect us.

For example, God put it into the hearts of men to create seatbelts which protects us in the event of a car accident. I think it is not only fair but safe to say that God does not despise medicine he uses it and works through it. There are times when God will heal you miraculously without any medical intervention at all. However God will also use medical intervention to bring healing.

The same truth we considered earlier applies here as well. If you are sick and go to the doctor, there is nothing wrong with that. Also you must acknowledge that God gives us faith and wisdom. Faith is necessary to believe God can heal and wisdom is necessary to understand that he often uses medicine to do it. Whether God uses the power of medicine or his own power, they are both ways God protects you.

Prophecy: What Adeboye Said About Covid

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye has said that a new variant of coronavirus will emerge in 2021 for every Covid-19 vaccine discovered.

Adeboye said this will continue to happen until the high and mighty admit that safety is of God.

He stated this in his Prophecies for 2021 released after the churchs virtual crossover service.

In the later part of 2020, leading pharmaceutical companies developed a number of vaccines to protect against the coronavirus.

Some countries like Egypt and Saudi Arabia have approved the coronavirus vaccine developed by U.S. pharmaceutical giant, Pfizer and German partner BioNTech for use.

However, new variants of the virus have been discovered, with an increased number of cases as countries battle with the second wave of COVID-19.

Adeboye said: Some of the things that happened in 2020 will spill over into 2021.

The world as a whole can only come out of the wounds when they admit the following

That it is the Most High that rules in the affairs of men not science. Daniel 4:25.

That it is God that gives wisdom to the wise. Daniel 2:20-21.

That God can reduce the so called wisdom of man to foolishness. 1 Corinthians 1:19-20. 4).

That for every vaccine discovered, there is already a variant in the making. This will continue until the high and mighty admit that safety is of the Lord as according to Proverbs 21:31.

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What Does The ‘mark Of The Beast’ Scripture In Revelation Say

The apocalyptic biblical term comes from Revelation 13: 16-18. According to the Apostle John in the New International Version Bible, a pair of beasts will rule the Earth with cruelty. Their evil reach which can be interpreted as hidden manipulation will require all people who engage in commerce to wear the mark of the beast. The Apostle John did not identify what the mark looks like, although some theologians translate Scripture to associate the number “666” with it.

Pastor Darin Wood of First Baptist Church in the oil town of Midland, Texas, wrote an op-ed in August for the Midland Reporter-Telegram that said, “One of my church family posed an honest question: ‘Pastor, is the COVID vaccine the mark of the beast? Ive been told it is.’ Their question was an honest and heartfelt one, and clearly, they were anguished about it. In kindness, I answered, ‘no’ and thought little more about it. Until the question came again. And again. And again.

‘A nightmare’:Pregnant unvaccinated nurse and her unborn ‘sweet baby girl’ die of COVID-19

God Appoints Rulers To Chastise The People

Pastor reveals the reasons behind COVID vaccine hesitancy in the evangelical community

Lets recall Biblical history.

Ask yourself

Were the rulers of the nations who took the Israelites captive good God believing people?

No, they were heathen.

Yet, God appointed them to take the Israelites captive in order to teach His people a lesson.

Now, bring your mind back to the modern era.

God still appoints our rulers, even here in the United States. Now those same rulers put forward laws that allow for the murder of the unborn.

  • Do we honestly think God wants that?
  • Do we think God approves of that?

Of course not.

Therefore, Christians and Pastors should really be careful citing Scripture to coax someone into taking the vaccine.

That is not Godly.

That is not Christian.

Instead, all health decisions remain in the hands of the individual. Certainly, not in the hands of the government.

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Vaccine Opposition And The Bible

Today this American approach to reading and the interpreting the Bible is front and center in the arguments made by evangelical Christians seeking religious exemptions to COVID-19 vaccination mandates. When they explain their religious objections to health officials, employers and school administrations, evangelicals select verses, usually out of context, and reference them on exemptions forms.

Like they did in the 19th century, evangelicals who refuse to get vaccinated today tend to follow the spiritual leaders who have built followings by baptizing political or cultural propaganda in a sea of Bible verses.

Megachurch pastors, televangelists, conservative media commentators and social media influencers have far more power over ordinary evangelical Christians than those local pastors who encourage their congregations to consider that God works through science.

When I ask those evangelicals who oppose vaccines how they come to their conclusions, they all seem to cite the same sources: Fox News, or a host of fringe media personalities whom they watch on cable television or Facebook. Some others they cite include Salem Radio host and author Eric Metaxas, the Liberty Counsel and Tennessee megachurch leader Greg Locke, to name a few.

Social media allows these evangelical conspiracy theorists to become influential through their anti-vaccine rants.

Should I Wear A Mask Should I Be Vaccinated

Yes! and Yes!

Even young and healthy people can be infected with COVID-19. There may be minimal or no symptoms. But they can still infect other people nearby, including people in high-risk categories. Wearing a mask in public and getting vaccinated helps to protect you, and also helps to protect other people who might get very sick or die from COVID-19.1,2

Jesus taught that one of the most important of all commandments is, “Love your neighbor as yourself” ” rel=”nofollow”> Matthew 22:34-40, , , ). Christian love requires that we do whatever we can to care for and protect other people. What could be more loving than wearing a mask and getting vaccinated to prevent accidentally infecting other people with a disease that could make them very sick or even kill them? ” rel=”nofollow”> Romans 13:10)

Pranksters, mischief-makers, and attention-seekers have made up many untrue and even silly scare stories about the COVID-19 vaccines. Those untrue stories have been widely circulated on social media. Some have been repeated by large media outlets. But, in reality, there is nothing sinister about the COVID-19 vaccines. They are similar to the vaccines most of us had as children or have taken as adults without any controversy .3

The COVID-19 vaccines are recommended by all major health organizations. All major Christian denominations also recommend vaccination.

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Engaging Views And Analysis From Outside Contributors On The Issues Affecting Society And Faith Today

CP VOICES do not necessarily reflect the views of The Christian Post. Opinions expressed are solely those of the author.

On September 9, President Joe Biden announced new executive action concerning COVID-19 vaccines. According to the presidents plan, all employers with more than 100 employees must require their workers to be vaccinated or submit to weekly testing. Businesses that do not comply with the rule can be fined up to $14,000 per violation. The new mandate follows a recent mandate that all federal employees receive the vaccine, get tested weekly, or face dismissal from their job.

The new regulation is supposed to be drafted and implemented by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the U.S. Department of Labor . Currently, it is unclear what type of medical, religious, or conscience exemptions will be granted concerning the vaccine mandate.

How should Christians respond to President Bidens sweeping vaccine mandate? Specifically, how should Christians think about religious exemptions and accommodations? Admittedly, these are complex questions on which many biblically grounded Christians differ. But given the scope and far-reaching consequences for civil liberties, conscience rights, religious freedom, and the ability of families to make health decisions, these questions deserve careful consideration and reflection.

Legal concerns

Role of government

Political concerns

Conscience concerns

Abortion concerns

Final reflections

Getting A Religious Exemption To A Vaccine Mandate May Not Be Easy Here’s Why

The Virus Is Real The Pandemic Is Not

“I possibly would have gotten it if it wasn’t such a push to get it,” Watson says. “And then they mandate it. Now you’re telling me what to do. I’ve worked 18 months in the pandemic, and now I’m not allowed to work there if I don’t have a vaccine.”

Whether an employer grants a religious exemption to a vaccination requirement is generally based on a judgment of the employee’s sincerely held religious belief and whether the accommodation poses an undue hardship on the employer, or would present a direct threat to health and safety of others.

Watson organized a picket line outside the Winchester Medical Center in protest of Valley Health’s mandate. She also applied for a religious exemption, signed by her pastor.

“My explanation was that ‘Human life is sacred. The Bible tells you that your body is a temple. The vaccine is made from aborted fetuses. The mandate is directly affecting my religious beliefs.’ And that’s it,” she says.

The vaccines themselves do not contain any fetal cells. Fetal cell lines were used in the vaccines’ development, as they commonly are in developing new pharmaceuticals.

Valley Health did approve her religious exemption, but Watson has decided to look for a job elsewhere.

Watson’s girlfriend, Katherine Hart, also had her religious exemption approved by Valley Health. After striking for three weeks, Hart returned to her job as a nurse practitioner at an urgent care center in Martinsburg, W.Va.

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What Are Vaccines Vaccinations And Immunizations

A vaccine is created from the same germs that cause disease, using extremely small amounts of weak or dead microbes such as viruses, bacteria, or toxins. A vaccine stimulates your immune system to produce antibodies, exactly as it would if you were exposed to the disease. After getting vaccinated, you develop immunity to that disease, without having to get the disease first.

Vaccination is the act of getting a vaccine, usually as a shot, while immunization is the process of becoming immune to a disease.

‘it’s Really Not About The Science’

And the reasons are myriad: some might believe the diseases involved are not that serious, or that exposure to infectious disease builds a “natural immunity.”

Others believe organic foods or extended breastfeeding boost immunity and there are the parents who essentially free-load off those who do vaccinate, believing they can manage any health threat by pulling their kids from school if there’s an outbreak.

Unlike many divisive issues such as climate change, abortion or gun control, Goldenberg notes anti-vaxxers cross the political spectrum, with opponents including left-wing progressives and right-wing conservatives. Even an eco-warrior whose understanding of climate change is science-based can be anti-vaccine, she notes.

“Same with climate change if you accept that climate change is a real thing, is a real threat, then that leads you down to policy initiatives around market regulations, limiting carbon emissions.”

Nevertheless, debate is often framed around the science, and Goldenberg says “we would do well to move away from arguing about the science.”

“Let’s talk about some values and the policy implications,” she suggests.

“If you can separate those two, you can actually get a lot more consensus … and then you can actually get to the issues that are actually at the heart of the conflict, which are value conflicts and policy initiatives that affect people’s lives.”

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