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How Can I Find My Vaccination Records

I Was Vaccinated In Newfoundland And Labrador But I Do Not Have An Mcp Number Can I Get A Covid

Some Washington residents can’t find their vaccine records online

You need to have a valid MCP in order to get a COVID-19 vaccination record QR code. If you were vaccinated in Newfoundland and Labrador but do not have an MCP number, the After Care and Immunization Record is considered your official vaccination record and can be used to show proof of vaccination. If you no longer have that form, please contact your vaccine provider.

If You Were Vaccinated Abroad

To update your records with vaccines you received while outside of the United States, you may:

  • Contact the immunization information system in your state. You can find state IIS information on the CDC website.
  • Contact your healthcare provider or your local or state immunization program through your states health department.

The CDC-labeled white COVID-19 Vaccination Record Cards are only issued to people vaccinated in the United States. CDC recommends you keep your documentation of being vaccinated in the other country as proof of vaccination. CDC also recommends checking with your primary care provider or state health department for options to document your vaccination status domestically.

How Can I Find Vaccination Records That Are Not On The Air

If your vaccinations are not recorded on the AIR, there is a range of other places where they may be recorded, such as:

  • a family-held vaccination record such as your baby health book or a document recording vaccines received at school
  • with your GP especially if you have been seeing them since childhood
  • in hospital records if you have had vaccinations in hospital, discuss this with your doctor
  • the immunisation service at your local council where you lived as a baby or child
  • the immunisation service at your local council where you went to secondary school
  • any travel health clinic that you have attended
  • any health service you attended if you needed vaccinations for your work, or received vaccinations at work
  • your overseas immunisation provider if you or your family members had vaccinations overseas.

So, for vaccinations received as an adult prior to October 2016, you will need to contact the organisation that administered the vaccines, such as the GP, local council, hospital or travel clinic, to obtain a written record.

Local councils are required to hold records of childhood vaccinations until the person reaches 25 years of age.

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How To Read Your State Of Michigan Immunization Record

Your immunization record provides a history of all the vaccines reported to the Michigan Care Improvement Registry . The MCIR is an immunization database that documents immunizations given to Michiganders throughout their lifespan

Connect with your health care provider if you have any questions or concerns regarding your immunization record information.

How Does A Business Owner/operator Ensure That The Individual Is Showing Their Own Proof Of Vaccination

Mom wants to know how to fake immunization records ...

All individuals aged 12 years and older will be required to provide identification when presenting their proof of vaccination. Individuals aged 19 and older can present one piece of photo identification, or two pieces of non-photo identification that include their name and at least one must have their date of birth. For individuals aged 12 to 18, the identification does not need to include a photo, but must show their name and date of birth in order to verify that the individual is less than 19 years of age.

A business owner/operator or event organizer can ask for identification from any customer in order to confirm their age.

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Get Your Records On Your Mobile Device With A Connected App

With an online account, you can connect your VA health records to a non-VA health app. Then you can get and share your vaccine records from the connected app on your mobile device.

Follow these steps to connect your records to an app:

  • Find the app you want to use, like Apple Health for iPhone or CommonHealth for Android. Some apps, like Apple Health, might already be installed on your device. You can find others in your devices app store.

  • When the app prompts you to connect your VA account, it will ask you to sign in.

  • Sign in with your premium DS Logon, premium My HealtheVet, or verified account. If you dont have one of these accounts, you can create a verified account now.

  • Review the information the app is asking to access. If youre comfortable sharing that information, allow access.

  • Michigan Immunization Portal For Citizens 18 Years And Older

    If you are 18 years of age and older you may be able to download your State of Michigan immunization record from the Michigan Care Improvement Registry. Please have a valid government issued photo ID available to sign in and access your immunization record. If you reside outside of Michigan please contact your healthcare provider regarding your state immunization requirements.

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    You Can Now Use The Mycolorado App To Easily Access Your Digital Covid

  • If you haven’t already, download themyColorado app and set up an account using your Colorado driver license or state ID.

  • Once your account is set up, click the myVaccine Record button on the Wallet screen.

  • Review the myVaccine information and click “Continue.”

  • Confirm your First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth and Gender.

  • Enter your phone number or email address.

  • Click “Submit.”

  • Your digital COVID-19 vaccination record card should appear in 10 seconds or less! You will then have the ability to download it to your device if you wish.

    COVID-19 vaccination display in the same format as the paper CDC card and can be shown anywhere that proof of vaccine is required.

    If An Individual Or Group Rents A Meeting Space For A Gathering Who Is Responsible For Scanning

    How to Carry Your Vaccination Card on Your Phone

    If the gathering is organized by the venue operator, then the operator is also responsible for scanning vaccine passports.

    If the gathering is organized by the individual or group renting the meeting space, then they would be responsible for scanning vaccine passports.

    Businesses and organizations that rent meeting spaces are advised to make it clear to their renters who is responsible for verifying proof of vaccination. Owners/operators should consider incorporating this requirement into rental agreements.

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    What Do I Need To Access My Immunization Record Online

    You must have your health card number or phone number as provided at the time of vaccination in order to access your immunization record online.

    Following the instructions in the online portal:

    • if you provided a health card number, you will need to enter your health card number as it appears on your health card , as well as your first and last names as they appear on your health card. You will also need to enter in your date of birth.
    • if you provided a landline phone number, you must enter your landline phone number into the portal. You will then receive a phone call with a code to access your immunization record through the portal.
    • if you provided a mobile phone number , you must enter your mobile number into the portal. You will then receive a text message with a code to access your immunization record through the portal.

    How Is The Covid

    A COVID-19 vaccination Green status indicates you are fully vaccinated or you have an approved medical exemption. A Red status indicates you are not fully vaccinated or you do not have an approved medical exemption. For more information on the criteria that defines fully vaccinated, please see Guidance for Residents.

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    For Adults And Teenagers

    Due to privacy laws, anyone aged 14 years or older has to get their own statement. They can do this:

    Young people aged 14 years or older can give Services Australia permission for their parents to access their immunisation history statement.

    Request Your Vaccination Status Letter Online

    Where to immunise

    You can view your record and request a paper copy of your vaccination status online by logging in using your unique username and password.

    Your username can be found in your coronavirus vaccination appointment letter. You can use this to register and create your own password.

    Once you have signed in, you should select ‘vaccination status’ which will allow you to view and request a paper copy of your coronavirus vaccination record letter. Please allow at least 14 days for your vaccination status letter to arrive in the post.

    You can view your record and request a paper copy of your vaccination status here by logging in using your unique username and password.

    Your username and password can be found in your coronavirus vaccination appointment letter. If you have lost or forgotten your username or password, you can create new ones by selecting the ‘recover username‘ or ‘forgotten your password‘ options.

    If you have never received a unique username, you can sign up for one by using the ‘recover username‘ option.

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    I Just Received My Second Dose How Long Will It Take This Information To Display On My Covid

    If you received your second dose in Newfoundland and Labrador, please note that it will take up to 72 hours for your vaccination record to be updated. If you do not see your latest vaccination record, please check back again in 72 hours.

    You are considered fully vaccinated 14 days after your second COVID-19 vaccine dose. Your vaccination record will not display Green until 14 days has passed.

    If one or two doses of a Health Canada approved COVID-19 vaccine was administered in another province or country, and you have a valid MCP, you must submit proof of an official vaccination record in order to access your complete COVID-19 vaccine record online.

    How Will Enforcement Work

    • Businesses and organizations are responsible for ensuring residents provide their COVID-19 vaccination status and identification before they can enter or participate in activities in the business/organization.
    • Environmental Health Officers with the Department of Digital Government and Service NL will monitor the implementation of the vaccination record verification program, and are available to respond to public complaints about particular businesses.
    • Law Enforcement Officers have the authority to issue tickets under the Public Health Protection and Promotion Act.

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    For Childhood Records :

    Request a childs immunization records for vaccines provided by Fraser Health Public Health by completing the Request for Information form.

    • Please return the completed form by fax, or drop it off at your local public health unit. Health unit fax numbers and addresses are available by clicking on the health unit name.

    • If you requested to pick up the record you will be phoned when it is ready.

    Please note: If a minor provided consent for immunization only that minor can request a copy of their immunization record

    Understanding Your Immunisation Information

    Can’t Find Your Vaccine Card? Here’s What To Do

    Immunisation information in your record, including COVID-19 vaccination information, comes from the Australian Immunisation Register and certain clinical documents in your record.

    The immunisations page below shows the different types of immunisation information you may see. You may not see all the fields shown – this depends on what information is in your AIR record.

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    Are Repeat Customers Expected To Show Proof Of Vaccination At Every Visit

    No, with a persons consent, businesses can keep a record that a persons vaccination record was previously verified. Business owners/operators and event organizers may not keep QR codes or other forms of proof of vaccination, as this is considered to be personal health information. Business owners/operators and event organizers must destroy any such records upon completion of the program or at the individuals request.

    What Information Will Business Owners/operators Be Required To Retain And How Will The Data Be Collected And Privacy Protected

    Business owners/operators are not required to retain any information from the Proof of Vaccination Program.

    Business owners/operators may record that a persons vaccination record was previously verified, with that persons request. However, business owners/operators and event organizers will not be required to share this information.

    Business owners and operators are not permitted from retaining any other information respecting the Proof of Vaccination Program.

    For more information on privacy and protection of personal information, please see the Guidance for Businesses and Organizations page.

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    Covid Vaccination Record Now Available In New Format

    Released on August 9, 2021

    Saskatchewan residents who would like a record of their COVID-19 vaccinations now have access to a new one-page printable COVID Vaccination Record from their MySaskHealthRecord account at eHealth Saskatchewan. The COVID Vaccination Record includes date and location of vaccination and brand of vaccine administered. The COVID Vaccination Record is also available on mobile and tablet devices.

    “While your complete immunization record has always been available on your MySaskHealthRecord account, this is a more user-friendly version that provides only your COVID Vaccination Record,” Health Minister Paul Merriman said. “While proof of vaccination is not required by the Government of Saskatchewan for events or venues, we know that there are some locations within Canada that are requesting that documentation.”

    The COVID Vaccination Record contains the individual’s name, date of birth, and the date, brand and location of the COVID vaccines they received. If an individual requires a Lot number and it is not on their vaccination record when printed, or there is missing or inaccurate information, call 1-844-767-8259 . Or, email .

    For more information on proof of vaccination visit


    Can A Business Ask For Proof Of Vaccination

    Where to immunise

    Yes, businesses can ask for proof of vaccination under federal law. However, some states may restrict their ability to do so.

    Its important to understand that privately-owned businesses like restaurants, concert venues, and grocery stores arent covered entities under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 . This means that when they ask you for proof of vaccination, it is not considered a HIPAA violation. They are legally allowed to do so.

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    If You Need A Record Of Vaccination Now

    Vaccination records or receipts are issued by your province or territory. Current COVID-19 vaccination documents arent standardized for international travel.

    • Some provinces and territories have created a secure proof of vaccination document for non-essential services within their province or Canada.
    • This proof may be used for activities like going to restaurants and sporting events.
    • You may be able to use these secure documents if you need to travel outside the country.
    • Each foreign country determines what it will accept at its border. Check your destination countrys rules and make sure your documents, including proof of vaccination, meet their requirements.

    Visit your province or territory’s website to get a record.

    Visit the travel health and safety page for information on:

    • your health and safety while abroad
    • how to reduce travel disruptions
    • help for Canadians currently outside Canada

    Using Your Vaccine Record

    How do I update myVaccine Record after I receive my second dose?Open your myVaccine Record and click the green refresh button at the top of the screen. Enter the same contact information you entered when you accessed your existing record.What if my digital vaccine record is incorrect? Please fill out this form to request assistance. The CDPHE help desk is extremely busy right now, so please expect a turnaround of 5-7 business days.We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.I dont want my immunization record card displayed anymore. Can I delete it?Yes. Click the trash can icon in the upper righthand corner and follow the prompts.Will my immunization information remain private?Yes! Use of the myColorado app to retrieve vaccination records is voluntary on an opt-in basis. No data will be accessed or shared except that which is requested by a myColorado user who has been authenticated through facial recognition. A retrieved vaccination record is only visible to the myColorado user who downloaded it, and the data is not shared with anyone else in the retrieval process.Is this a vaccine passport?No. The digital CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card is an way to view your COVID-19 vaccine information. It is a convenient digital version of your paper vaccination record card that draws your immunization information directly from Colorados Immunization Information System .If I have general questions where can I get more information?Please contact the myVaccine support team at .

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    Tips For Finding Vaccine Records

    Places You May Want to Check

    All previous healthcare providers

    Dont forget vaccinationvisits you made to local public health departments orneighborhood clinics. Sometimes when physicians retireor a medical practice changes hands, old patient recordsare sent to a medical record storage company. You maybe able to obtain records directly from the company, butyou may have to pay a fee.

    Your home

    Look through your old papers, including baby books and school or camp forms. If youre an adult, dont forget to ask your mother or father if they still have your childhood records.

    Schools and colleges or other post-secondary institutionsPrevious employers, Local immunization registry

    All states and some cities have centralized registries of vaccines given by local providers. A registry may not include all ages and may not have all records, but this still can be a great place to check. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a listing of registry contacts and websites at Or to find the phone number of your local health department, call the CDC Information Contact Center at 800-CDC-INFO .

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