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How Long Was The Hpv Vaccine Tested

Hpv Testing And Treatment

How long does the HPV vaccine last?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a helpful resource for understanding Pap and HPV tests.

What tests can a woman have related to HPV?

Two tests for women are available:

  • Pap test A Pap test is done by scraping some cells from the cervix and examining them microscopically. A normal result means your cells looked as expected an abnormal result means that the cells appeared to have undergone some changes. This does not mean you have cervical cancer. In some cases the cell changes are minor and will return to normal when tested in the future. In other cases the changes are more dramatic and need to be monitored more closely.
  • HPV test The HPV test determines if the human papillomavirus is present in the cervix.

Find out if you qualify for free or reduced cost screening through the National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program and where near you offers the program.

Can HPV tests replace Pap tests?

No, HPV tests should not replace routine Pap tests for two reasons:

  • The tests are not measuring the same thing. Pap tests detect changes in the cells of the cervix that could lead to cancer, whereas HPV tests detect human papillomavirus DNA in the cells of the cervix. A positive HPV test could be the result of a recent infection or a chronic infection.
  • Is there a test to determine if I have HPV?

    When a person is tested for STDs is HPV testing included?

    I got all necessary doses of the HPV vaccine. Do I still need to get Pap tests?

    Can I Get Gardasil 9 If I Received Gardasil In The Past

    Possibly. If youve already received the Gardasil vaccine, talk to your doctor about whether you should get Gardasil 9. There are currently no recommendations by the on whether or not people who got the full Gardasil series should also get Gardasil 9. Your doctor or pharmacist can help you decide if you should get the vaccine, depending on your age and risk factors.

    How Effective Are The Vaccines

    The HPV vaccines have demonstrated very high efficacy in preventing the types of HPV infection for which they are indicated . If you are infected with one of the HPV types in the vaccine, the vaccine will still protect against the other type in the vaccine. HPV DNA testing is not recommended prior to vaccination.

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    Fact : The Hpv Vaccine Works Best When Given Between Ages 9 And 12

    Since vaccines are used to help prevent diseases, children are vaccinated before being exposed to an infection. Most people in the US are exposed to HPV in their teens and early twenties, so its best to get the vaccine before then, between ages 9 and 12. The body also produces the most antibodies to HPV when the vaccine is given in this age range. Teens and young adults age 13 through 26 who have not been vaccinated, or who havent gotten all their doses, should get the vaccine as soon as possible. ACS does not recommend HPV vaccination for anyone older than 26 years.

    Gardasil 9 Side Effects

    Study Shows the HPV Vaccine is Working

    Gardasil 9 can cause mild or serious side effects. The following lists contain some of the key side effects that may occur while taking Gardasil 9. These lists do not include all possible side effects.

    For more information on the possible side effects of Gardasil 9, talk with your doctor or pharmacist. They can give you tips on how to deal with any side effects that may be bothersome.

    Note: The Food and Drug Association tracks side effects of drugs they have approved. If you would like to report to the FDA a side effect youve had with Gardasil 9, you can do so through MedWatch.

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    The Health Risks Of Hpv

    HPV causes almost all cervical cancers but is also linked to cancer of the throat, oral cavity, penis, anus, vagina or vulva. More research is needed to define the extent of these linkages.

    Anogenital warts, although rarely associated with cancer, are still a significant burden for those affected often leading to physical, emotional and social problems. They can be effectively treated by applying prescribed medication either in a doctor’s office or by you at home. Other medical treatments include cryotherapy , an electric current, or a laser or surgical removal of the warts but these methods do not always eliminate HPV infection. Even with treatment, warts can recur.

    HPV does not appear to affect a woman’s ability to become pregnant. Although considered rare, the baby may be at risk of getting an HPV infection in the throat. A C-section delivery is not routinely recommended, unless there is a significant obstruction or other risks.

    Fact : The Hpv Vaccine Lasts A Long Time

    When your child gets the HPV vaccine they will make proteins called antibodies that fight the virus. Antibodies give strong and long-lasting protection. Current research shows that theres no sign the vaccine protection lessens with time. Research will continue to look at how long protection against HPV lasts, and if booster shots will be needed.

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    Age Recommendations For Gardasil 9

    The Gardasil 9 vaccine is FDA-approved for use in people ages 9 through 45 years old. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the Gardasil 9 vaccine for children ages 11 or 12 years old.

    Previously, experts recommended Gardasil 9 vaccination for females through age 26 years old and for males through age 21 years old. Now, however, they recommend the vaccine for everyone up to age 26 years.

    This age range is recommended so the vaccine can become effective before exposure to the human papillomavirus could occur through sexual contact. Also, younger children tend to build up an immunity to HPV better than adults, which can help prevent possible infection even more.

    After age 21 for males or age 26 for females, the Gardasil 9 vaccine may still be recommended by your doctor, depending on if you have new sexual partners or are at a higher risk of getting HPV. Gardasil 9 is approved for men and women up to 45 years old. It is not approved in adults over 45 years old.

    You can find more details about the CDCs vaccine recommendations for on their website.

    Dosage For Preventing Genital Warts Caused By Hpv

    Does the HPV vaccine protect men against cancer?

    Gardasil 9 is effective at preventing genital warts that may be caused by HPV. By receiving the Gardasil 9 vaccine, some genital warts can be prevented. The dosage for adults ages 18 to 45 years old is a 0.5-mL injection into the muscle.

    Its recommended that you receive three doses of Gardasil 9. After you receive one dose, you get a second dose 2 months later and a final dose 6 months after the first dose.

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    Concerns About Side Effects Of Immunisation

    If a side effect following immunisation is unexpected, persistent or severe, or if you are worried aboutsomeones condition after a vaccination, see your doctor or immunisation nurse as soon as possibleor go directly to a hospital.

    You can report immunisation side effects to SAEFVIC, the Victorian vaccine safety and central reportingservice. In other states or territories, you can discuss with your immunisation provider how to reportadverse events.

    It is important to seek medical advice for anyone who is unwell after vaccination, as this may be due toother illness rather than because of the vaccination.

    What Vaccinated Girls/women Need To Know: Will Girls/women Who Have Been Vaccinated Still Need Cervical Cancer Screening

    Yes, vaccinated women will still need regular cervical cancer screening because the vaccine protects against most but not all HPV types that cause cervical cancer. Also, women who got the vaccine after becoming sexually active may not get the full benefit of the vaccine if they had already been exposed to HPV.

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    Can I Get Other Vaccines At The Same Time I Get Gardasil 9

    Yes, you can get other vaccines at the same time as your Gardasil 9 vaccine. However, you may have a higher risk of swelling at the injection site if you get multiple vaccines at once.

    In clinical trials, side effects were similar in people who got the Gardasil 9 vaccine only, and in those who received Gardasil 9 along with Menactra and Adacel . However, swelling at the injection site was more common in people getting the three vaccines together. Swelling occurred in 14.4% of people who received Menactra, Adacel, and Gardasil 9. This is compared to 9.4% of people who only received Gardasil 9.

    Who Should Get The Vaccine

    HPV: A Vaccine That Prevents Cancer Is Also Greatly ...

    Gardasil® and Gardasil®9

    Gardasil® and Gardasil®9 are approved for use in females aged 9-45 and males aged 9-26.

    These vaccines require 3 doses to be given over the course of 6 months . For healthy, immunocompetent, non-HIV infected individuals 9 to less than 15 years age, two doses of the vaccine at least 6 months apart may be given.

    • Recommendations for use, which come from the National Advisory Committee on Immunization , were initially released in February 2007, and updated in January 2012, 2015, 2016, and 2017 as new evidence emerged. NACI recommends Gardasil® and Gardasil®9 in females and males 9 to less than 27 years of age, including women who have had previous Pap test abnormalities, cervical cancer or individuals who have previously had genital warts. NACI also recommends that these vaccines may be administered to individuals 27 years of age and older at ongoing risk of exposure to HPV. HPV is a sexually transmitted infection, and ideally, the vaccine should be administered before sexual debut in order to ensure maximum benefit.

    For more details on the NACI Statement, see “Update on Human Papillomavirus Vaccines”.


    Cervarix® is approved for use in females aged 9 to 45. At this time Cervarix® has not been approved for use in males in Canada.

    The vaccine requires 3 doses to be given over the course of 6 months . For healthy, immunocompetent, non-HIV infected females 9 to less than 15 years age, two doses of the vaccine at least 6 months apart may be given.

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    Why Is Hpv Vaccination Important

    The combination of HPV vaccination and cervical screening can provide the greatest protection against cervical cancer. Also, HPV vaccination reduces the risk of developing cancers caused by HPV at sites other than the cervix.

    Not only does vaccination protect vaccinated individuals against infection by the HPV types targeted by the vaccine that is used , but vaccination can also reduce the prevalence of the vaccine-targeted HPV types in the population, thereby reducing infection in individuals who are not vaccinated . For example, in Australia, where a high proportion of girls are vaccinated with Gardasil, the incidence of genital warts went down during the first 4 years of the vaccination program among young maleswho were not being vaccinated at the timeas well as among young females .

    Further evidence that large-scale HPV vaccination confers protection for unvaccinated individuals comes from a 2019 meta-analysis of girls-only HPV vaccination programs in 14 high-income countries that included 60 million vaccinated people . That analysis showed that, up to 8 years after the start of vaccination, diagnoses of anogenital warts decreased by 31% among women aged 2529 years, by 48% among boys aged 1519 years, and by 32% among men aged 2024 years, compared with the period before vaccination began.

    Financial And Insurance Assistance

    If you need help understanding your insurance coverage, help is available. Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp., the manufacturer of Gardasil 9, offers the Merck Access Program. To learn more, call 855-210-1965 or visit the program website.

    If you need financial support to pay for Gardasil 9, Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp. offers the Merck Patient Assistance Program. For more information and to find out if youre eligible for support, call 800-727-5400 or visit the program website.

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    Is Hpv Testing Needed Before Getting The Vaccine

    No. In fact, testing is not recommended because it cannot show if the HPV vaccine will be effective or not. A positive HPV test result doesnt always tell you which types of HPV you have. And even if you are infected with one type of HPV, the vaccine could still prevent other types of HPV infection. A negative test result cannot tell you if youve had HPV in the past.

    Gardasil 9 For Boys And Men

    HPV vaccination for teenagers

    Gardasil 9 is best known for preventing cervical cancer in females. However, human papillomavirus , the virus that Gardasil protects against, can also affect males. HPV can cause anal cancer as well as genital warts in males or females.

    In males, Gardasil 9 is approved to prevent certain types of anal cancer and genital warts that can be caused by HPV.

    The Gardasil 9 dosage your doctor prescribes will depend on several factors. These include:

    • your age
    • other risk factors you may have

    The following information describes vaccine schedules that are commonly used or recommended. However, be sure to get Gardasil 9 as your doctor recommends for you. Your doctor will determine the best time to get the vaccine and the best schedule to fit your needs.

    Typically, your doctor or pharmacist will give you the vaccine. They will also tell you when to come back for your next dose or doses. Its important to complete the entire vaccine series to get the most protection from it.

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    How And Why Are Vaccines Monitored After Approval

    Once a vaccine has been approved for use, and for as long as the vaccine is used, its safety is continuously monitored. Ongoing vaccine safety monitoring is essential for the detection of, and timely response to, vaccine safety concerns.

    The purpose of this ongoing monitoring is to detect possible adverse events that would occur very rarely, too rarely to detect even in a large clinical trial. When millions of people receive a vaccine, rare side effects may be recognized.

    Canada has several advanced systems in place to carefully monitor for adverse events and to detect any vaccine safety concerns.

    Which Girls/women Should Receive Hpv Vaccination

    HPV vaccination is recommended for 11 and 12 year-old girls. It is also recommended for girls and women age 13 through 26 years of age who have not yet been vaccinated or completed the vaccine series HPV vaccine can also be given to girls beginning at age 9 years. CDC recommends 11 to 12 year olds get two doses of HPV vaccine to protect against cancers caused by HPV. For more information on the recommendations, please see:

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    Are There Other Ways To Prevent Cervical Cancer

    Regular cervical cancer screening and follow-up can prevent most cases of cervical cancer. The Pap test can detect cell changes in the cervix before they turn into cancer. The HPV test looks for the virus that can cause these cell changes. Screening can detect most, but not all, cervical cancers at an early, treatable stage. Most women diagnosed with cervical cancer in the U.S. have either never been screened, or have not been screened in the last 5 years.

    What If I Miss A Dose

    Health Unit Concerned Over Low Rates of Use of HPV Vaccine ...

    If you miss a dose of the Gardasil 9 vaccine, schedule an appointment to get it as soon as you can. You will not need to restart the series. However, you should continue the series where you left off. This is the best way to make sure youre getting the most protection from HPV.

    The Food and Drug Administration approves vaccines such as Gardasil 9 to prevent certain conditions.

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    How Long Does It Take To Work

    Typically, your body starts building up an immunity about 2 weeks after you get a vaccine. Therefore, Gardasil 9 will start working in your body within a couple weeks of getting the vaccine. In clinical studies, people who received Gardasil 9 had evidence of immune system cells that fight HPV by 1 month after their last dose.

    Its important to complete the vaccine series of two to three doses. Although the vaccine starts to build immunity in your body after one dose, the second doses build up your immunity even more. Youll be the most protected by getting the two-dose or three-dose series thats recommended by your doctor or pharmacist.

    How Is Hpv Spread

    You can get HPV by having vaginal, anal, or oral sex with someone who has the virus. It is most commonly spread during vaginal or anal sex. HPV can be passed even when an infected person has no signs or symptoms.

    Anyone who is sexually active can get HPV, even if you have had sex with only one person. You also can develop symptoms years after you have sex with someone who is infected. This makes it hard to know when you first became infected.

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    Will Girls/women Who Have Been Vaccinated Still Need Cervical Cancer Screening

    The HPV vaccines currently available do not protect against all types of HPV. Even when someone is vaccinated, it is still possible to become infected with one of the types of HPV that the vaccine does not protect against. Therefore, it is important that vaccinated girls/women continue to have regular Pap tests. For more information, see the “It’s Your Health” Fact Sheet on screening for cervical cancer . The recommendations for Pap screening vary depending on the province or territory you live in. Ask your local health care provider about the recommendations in your region.

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