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How Many People Got The Vaccine

We Can Prove Causality Using Bradford

Here’s how many Americans have been vaccinated for Covid-19 so far

We have lots of ways to show causality. One way is to compare with baseline rates. When you have a symptom that occurs at 100X normal, its a pretty good indicator that there is a connection, for example.

But what is impossible for anyone to argue with is the Dose 1 and Dose 2 studies. When we bring this up with VAERS experts they change the topic. Or just say Let me get back to you and we never hear from them again.

There is a more detailed explanation in Vaccine Safety FAQ. Search for How can you prove causality?

We Dont Understand Why The Fda Is Still Ignoring Geert Vanden Bossche Everything He Predicted Has Come To Pass

Dr. Vanden Bossches advice is pretty simple: dont vaccinate with a non-sterilizing vaccine in the middle of a pandemic or you will pay a huge price. The better approach is to get recovered immunity by using early treatment to mitigate symptoms.

What we dont understand is why cant we have an open discussion about the merits of what he is saying? Why wont anyone debate him?

How Is The Vaccine And Booster Rollout Going

So far, more than 51 million people have had a first vaccine dose – some 90% of over-12s. More than 47 million – 82% of over-12s – have had both doses.

While uptake of first and second doses has dropped off, there has been a steep rise in people having boosters.

About 32 million booster doses have been administered across the UK, with a daily average of almost 890,000 jabs.

Vaccination rates have now levelled off in every age group in England apart from the youngest bands, as the chart below shows.

The highest rates of vaccination can be seen in the oldest age groups – among the first to be vaccinated.

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Vaers Underreporting Ratio Is Around 41x For These Vaccines Over 150000 Vaccine Deaths

One method to discover the VAERS underreporting analysis can be done using a specific serious adverse event that should always be reported, data from the CDC, and a study published in JAMA.

Anaphylaxis after COVID-19 vaccination is rare and occurs in approximately 2 to 5 people per million vaccinated in the United States based on events reported to VAERS according to the CDC report on Selected Adverse Events Reported after COVID-19 Vaccination.

Anaphylaxis is a well known side effect and doctors are required to report it. It occurs right after the shot. You cant miss it. It should always be reported.

A study at Mass General Brigham that assessed anaphylaxis in a clinical setting after the administration of COVID-19 vaccines published in JAMA on March 8, 2021, found severe reactions consistent with anaphylaxis occurred at a rate of 2.47 per 10,000 people fully vaccinated. This rate is based on reactions occurring within 2 hours of vaccination, the mean time was 17 minutes after vaccination.

When asked about this, both the CDC and FDA sidestepped answering the question. Heres the proof at the CDC .

As noted in the letter, this implies that VAERS is underreporting events by 50X to 123X. The CDC chose not to respond to the letter.

Therefore, one conservative estimate we could use is a 50X underreporting rate.

So we ran the numbers BEFORE the JAMA study appeared.

Heres the data from Google:

We Dont Trust The Fda Anymore How Can They Pull Nac And Approve A Deadly And Ineffective Vaccine

This is pathetic how many people are refusing to get the ...

They approve an unsafe vaccine that has killed over 100,000 people and make it available for free without a prescription, they take a totally safe drug that has been on the market for 60 years which has killed nobody and is integrated into 1,100 products, and make it prescription only. How do you explain that? Could the fact that NAC can be used to treat COVID have anything to do with that? What prompted the change after 60 years? The timing is awfully suspicious to pull it right after people started realizing they could use it to treat COVID, dont you think?

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Selected Feedback Weve Received

From a nurse in Maryland:

I have read every single page. My daily life as a nurse is confirmed in the pages of your hard work. It is ALL true the neurological syndromes, the cardiac events, strokes, visual deficits, gait disturbances, bizarre infections, GI disorders, bleeding, the crazy cancers et al. It is beyond heartbreaking. Today, I lost another patient to sudden onset of an entirely new cancer and a good friends son took his life. Both took the mRNA shots several months ago. Both have suffered deteriorating health status ever since. I grieve for humanity. What is happening is pure evil.

The Continuing Urgency Of Vaccination Efforts

Our findings highlight the ongoing tragedy of preventable death and hospitalization occurring among unvaccinated Americans. Daily vaccination rates have ticked up recently but only recently to 60 percent of the U.S. population a lower rate than that achieved by dozens of other countries. As immunity wanes and breakthrough infections continue to emerge, it is clear we must vaccinate to many more people building on the tremendous, though mostly invisible, successes the U.S. vaccination program has accomplished thus far.

As the Omicron variant begins to spread and the Delta variant surge continues, our results point to the tremendous power of vaccination to reduce disease and death from COVID-19. Sadly, they also highlight the ongoing tragic consequences of failing to vaccinate every eligible American.

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Medpagetoday Says The Debate Is Over On Previously Infected People And Vaccination But We Never Had The Debate Huh

Here is the article from MedPageToday:

Unvaccinated adults who were previously infected with COVID-19 were twice as likely to be reinfected as those previously infected but also fully vaccinated, researchers found.

A case-control study in Kentucky found a more than two times higher risk of COVID-19 cases among unvaccinated adults with prior infection compared with their fully vaccinated counterparts , reported Alyson Cavanaugh, PhD, of the CDC, and colleagues, writing in an early edition of the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

There are three problems with the proclamation that that debate is over:

  • We never had the debate in the first place. You never invited us.
  • The data were from May to June 2021, prior to reports of the Delta variant becoming the predominant strain in the U.S.
  • The people who got vaccinated were RECENTLY vaccinated as compared to those who were previously infected. In fact, you had to be infected a LONG time ago to be eligible for the study! Kentucky residents aged 18 years with SARS-CoV-2 infection confirmed by positive nucleic acid amplification test or antigen test results reported in Kentuckys National Electronic Disease Surveillance System during MarchDecember 2020 were eligible for inclusion.
  • Do you really think we dont read the study?

    The bottom line is that the debate isnt over. The debate hasnt even started. More press misinformation and misleading studies.

    Blood Analysis After Vaccination Is Horrifying

    How many people get COVID-19 after being vaccinated?

    Blood smears are hard to get right. If these are confirmed, and there is no reason they shouldnt be, there is no way these vaccines are harmless.

    One of our experts wrote:

    The images certainly do not look typical to me. The red blood cells in some of the images look legit. However, I dont see any evidence of white blood cells among them. This could be because the image is fake, or it might be the result of looking at random fields of view that simply miss the relatively few white blood cells. It could also be legit but not look that way because the vaccine has messed everything up so much. Some of the verbiage suggests these may not be hematologists. I would feel better if several hematologists independently ran these kinds of tests.

    We are waiting on further confirmation.

    Watch both videos:

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    How Many People Need To Get A Vaccine To Stop The Coronavirus

    When enough of the population is vaccinated, the virus has a hard time finding new people to infect, and the epidemic starts dying out. But how many is enough?

    It has been clear for a while that, at least in the U.S., the only way out of the coronavirus pandemic will be through vaccination. The rapid deployment of coronavirus vaccines is underway, but how many people need to be vaccinated in order to control this pandemic?

    I am a computational biologist who uses data and computer models to answer biological question at the University of Connecticut. I have been tracking my states COVID-19 epidemic with a computer model to help forecast the number of hospitalizations at the University of Connecticuts John Dempsey Hospital.

    This type of computer model and the underlying theory can also be used to calculate the vaccination rates needed to break the chain of transmission of the coronavirus. My estimate is that for the entire U.S., roughly 70% of the population needs to be vaccinated to stop the pandemic. But variation in how people behave in different parts of the country, as well as open questions on whether the vaccine prevents infection entirely or just prevents people from getting sick, add a degree of uncertainty.

    Cutting off transmission

    The more infectious a disease is, the larger the number of people who need to be vaccinated to reach heard immunity. The higher the effectiveness of the vaccine, the fewer people need to be vaccinated.

    Not the same everywhere

    If You Were Vaccinated Abroad

    To update your records with vaccines you received while outside of the United States, you may:

    • Contact the immunization information system in your state. You can find state IIS information on the CDC website.
    • Contact your healthcare provider or your local or state immunization program through your states health department.

    The CDC-labeled white COVID-19 Vaccination Record Cards are only issued to people vaccinated in the United States. CDC recommends you keep your documentation of being vaccinated in the other country as proof of vaccination. CDC also recommends checking with your primary care provider or state health department for options to document your vaccination status domestically.

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    We Think You Are Pushing The Vaccine And The Mandates Hard Because You Realize The Information That The Vaccines Are Unsafe And Ineffective Is Starting To Come Out

    New information like the autopsy report from Germany is starting to hit the news. This is putting pressure to get everyone vaccinated before they find out how dangerous and ineffective the vaccines are.

    Since over 40% of America is still unvaccinated, if the 40% organize and protest, the Administration cannot succeed. The best strategy is to quickly vaccinate everyone so only a small minority is left to protest. That minority is easier to crush after 90% have been vaccinated.

    You Want To Silence Rather Than Debate People Who Disagree With Your Point Of View That Creates Mistrust

    Over half of adults over 50 say theyâll get vaccinated ...

    Mercola was successfully silenced after constant death threats and harassment. He removed 25 years of his posts, even though they were accurate. Could you actually identify any real misinformation there?

    Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is on your misinformation dozen list as Enemy #2.

    He has been trying for 20 years to get someone to debate him on vaccine safety as this tweet points out:

    Why arent we debating people with views that challenge mainstream science rather than silencing them?

    After 20 years, doesnt Robert F. Kennedy Jr deserve at least one debate against a qualified opponent? Why will nobody accept?

    Debating him is the best way to discredit him. But were sure youll lose. Prove us wrong. Or at least explain why the CDC ordered doctors not to debate him? Were guessing is because they didnt want to expose the truth. If thats not the reason, then tell us the real reason please.

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    You Clearly Violated Federal Law By Not Giving People Informed Consent

    These vaccines are not safe and thus they are not exempt from informed consent. All events in VAERS that are outside the normal limits should be listed along with their relative risk. The death risks should be stratified by age. The public needs to know and understand all of this before they are injected. They need to understand the risk of dying, of being permanently paralyzed or suffering from other cardiovascular or neurological events, and of ADE.

    Today, no one who gets the vaccine knows how many people have been killed by the vaccines and thats the most basic statistic. Even the people who administer the vaccine have no idea how many people have been killed. If you are going to kill and maim us, the least you can do is level with us before we get the shot.

    So we want to know why you have not complied with federal law and when will you start complying? Do we have to take you to court and issue a TRO to stop the vaccines?

    Here is a short list of some of the things people should be warned about:

  • From CDC and VAERS data, we can show if you are < 30, the risk of death from vaccine > > risk of death from COVID
  • We know from the German pathology study that AT LEAST 30% of people who die within 14 days of the shot are killed by the vaccine. Yet no notice at all! People who dispute it dispute it WITHOUT having looked at the data.
  • And there is the Mclachlan analysis showing 86% of reports are consistent with death from vaccine
  • I Have A Severe Allergy Can I Get The Mrna Covid

    There have been rare cases of people having a severe allergic reaction after receiving the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine. As a result, everyone getting an mRNA vaccine in the US must be observed for at least 15 minutes after getting their shot, so they can receive immediate medical treatment if they experience a severe allergic reaction.

    Despite the small risk, most people with a history of severe allergy can safely get the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine. This includes people who are allergic to food, pollen, bee stings, and medications taken by mouth. If you have a history of severe allergy, tell the person administering your vaccine. You will be observed for at least 30 minutes, instead of the usual 15 minutes.

    If you have a history of allergic reactions to injectable medications or other vaccines, the CDC recommends asking your doctor if you should get one of the currently available mRNA vaccines.

    There are some people who should not get an mRNA COVID vaccine. You should not get one if you are allergic to any components of the mRNA vaccine, which include polyethylene glycol and polysorbate. If you had an allergic reaction within the first 30 minutes after receiving the first vaccine dose, ask your doctor whether or not you should get a second dose. There are different types of allergic reactions and the specifics of your reaction can help inform the decision.

    If you have questions regarding the safety of the COVID vaccine for you, your best option is to talk to your doctor.

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    How Many Doses Have Been Donated By Each Country

    These charts show the cumulative number of doses donated to the COVAX initiative by different countries, broken down by whether the donations have only been announced, actually donated, or delivered to the recipients. This is only available for a select number of countries for which the COVID-19 Task Force reports the necessary data.

    The three following charts show the number of doses donated, adjusted for:

  • The population of the donating country
  • The GDP of the donating country
  • The number of doses administered by the donating country to its own population.
  • COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access

    COVAX is a worldwide initiative aimed at equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines directed by Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations , and the World Health Organization . COVAX coordinates international resources to enable low-to-middle-income countries equitable access to COVID-19 tests, therapies, and vaccines.

    How Is Each State Doing

    US Nurse Who Fainted After Covid-19 Vaccine Shot Dead? | Fact Check

    Some jurisdictions have been more efficient than others at administering their doses from the federal government.

    *Includes doses provided to Palau, Micronesia and the Marshall Islands.

    There are many reasons for variation among the states and territories, including demand for the vaccine, lags in data reporting and other logistical challenges. State progress varies by age group as well.

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    The Vaccines Are Also Effective For Another Reason Few People Appreciate: Natural Selection

    If the vaccine didnt kill you, it is because you are very resistant to COVID-19 spike protein before you got the jab. Hence, anyone who gets the vaccine and survives is going to be more likely to be resistant to COVID. The vaccine basically culled out those people who were susceptible to COVID and killed them.

    We arent saying this is the only effect that is operating, but in looking at the effectiveness of the vaccine, nobody considered this because they all thought the vaccines didnt kill anyone. We cover the clinical trial gaming techniques in a separate section.

    Have The Covid Vaccines Effectively Protected Older Adults In The Real World

    Vaccinated older adults, particularly those who are also boosted, enjoy significant protection compared to older adults who are unvaccinated.

    Data looked at rates of COVID-related hospitalizations between early November and late December 2021, when both Delta and Omicron were circulating widely in the US. The data showed that unvaccinated Americans ages 50 to 64 years were 44 times more likely to be hospitalized than those who were vaccinated and boosted. Unvaccinated Americans ages 65 and older were 49 times more likely to hospitalized than their vaccinated and boosted counterparts.

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