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How Many People Have Been Vaccinated In New York

You’re Vaccinated Congrats Now What Can You Do Safely

Here’s how many Americans have been vaccinated for Covid-19 so far

After a slow kickoff in December, vaccine administration improved in scale and efficiency. The country surpassed President Biden’s initial goals of getting 100 million vaccines into arms in his first 100 days, reaching 200 million vaccines by day 92.

Administration rates peaked in early April with the United States giving out more than 3 million COVID-19 shots per day but declined dramatically after, once people who were most eager to get vaccinated received their shots.

Vaccine eligibility opened to everyone 16 and up in the U.S. in mid-April, to those 12 and older in mid-May, and to kids as young as 5 in early November.

Vaccine uptake hit a low in early July the country fell several million people short of President Biden’s goal of getting at least one shot to 70% of adults in the U.S. by Independence Day.

Later in the summer, vaccination rates rose, as delta surged around the country, hitting hard in areas with low vaccine coverage. Vaccine mandates in schoolsand workplaces contributed to a further increase in daily doses administered in the fall.


Key To Nyc Vaccine Requirement Enforcement

Enforcement of the citys Key to NYC vaccine requirement for all workers and patrons of New York businesses began Monday, Sept. 13.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said civilian inspectors from 13 city agencies will help enforce the law, which requires proof of vaccination at restaurants, clubs and bars, fitness centers, gyms, pools, movie theaters, concert venues, museums and aquariums, sports arenas and more.

How Many People In Yates County Have Received A Covid

  • 52% of people in Yates County have received at least one dose of the vaccine, for a total of 13,068 people
  • 48% of people in Yates County are fully vaccinated, for a total of 12,010 people

For a county-by-county look at the vaccination rollout, see our COVID-19 vaccine tracker, which is updated daily.

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Supreme Court Allows Evictions To Resume During Pandemic

The Supreme Courts conservative majority is allowing evictions to resume across the United States, blocking the Biden administration from enforcing a temporary ban that was put in place because of the coronavirus pandemic. New Yorks statewide rent moratorium remains in effect only through the end of August.

Manhattan Rents Soaring Toward Pre


After a steep decline during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, New York City rents began climbing again in recent months, returning close to pre-pandemic levels. A report from found the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the city dropped to $2,927 in February 2021, but then jumped back up to $4,266 per month by August.

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Why Unvaccinated People Still Have To Wear A Mask In New York

The State of Emergency in New York may have ended but the state Department of Health remains cautious about the spread of COVID-19.

The same day the State of Emergency expired, DOH readopted some emergency regulations that would allow the agency and local health departments to react quickly should another spike in COVID cases happen, such as its Surge and Flex strategy and requiring masks in public for unvaccinated people.

Faucis Niaid Reportedly Funded Research That Infected Euthanized Dogs

The citys Department of Health and Mental Hygiene similarly has no current breakdowns, yet at least it seems to understand their importance: Last month it released findings of a study showing vaccinated New Yorkers made up just 1.1 percent of COVID cases, 1.6 percent of hospitalizations and 1.2 percent of deaths. Yet that covered data through only June 15. New cases have risen steadily since then, but the agency provided no updated figures.

We do track breakthrough infections and have reported them, said city spokesman Patrick Gallahue. Our routine reporting has continued to evolve over time.

Yet if breakthrough cases are so tiny , and hospitalizations and deaths are just a small fraction of that, why not track, update and tout that regularly to show the vaccines effectiveness and encourage more New Yorkers to get vaxxed?

True, the states inoculation rate is higher than in some other places in America. Yet some groups here are lagging: Just 39 percent of black adults in the city are fully vaxxed and 54 percent of Hispanics.

New Empire State COVID cases are comparatively low, with just 3,222 reported Tuesday. Yet the seven-day average has rocketed nearly 10-fold since the end of June.If these cases primarily involve the unvaccinated, New Yorkers deserve to know that, especially if they are to weigh the need for any new COVID restrictions. We should not be held hostage to those who refuse to take a vaccine.

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Map: How Many People Are Vaccinated In Each County

County-level data is most accurate in states that report county of residence to the CDC for a high percentage of people vaccinated. In states that report the county of residence at a lower rate, the vaccination rate for counties may appear to be lower than it actually is.

For this reason, data is not shown for states that included a county of residence for less than 80% of people vaccinated there. Hawaii does not report county of residence information to the CDC.

Ny Announces #vaxtoschool Mobile Pop

Watch the first health workers receive Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine in New York

Gov. Kathy Hochul announced new #VaxToSchool pop-up and mobile vaccination sites targeting New York communities with low vaccination rates among children ages 12 to 17.

Hochul said there will be over 120 sites and vans all across the state. The program will run through the fall, according to the governor.

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Governor Cuomo Announces New York Has Administered 38000 Doses Of Covid

346,000 Doses of Moderna Vaccine and 120,000 Additional Doses of Pfizer Vaccine Arriving this Week

New York Launches Vaccine Equity Task Force Chaired by Secretary of State Rosado, Attorney General James, National Urban League President & CEO Marc Morial, and Healthfirst President & CEO Pat Wang

New York Developing Community Vaccination Kits – Self-Contained Units Which Include All Items Necessary for Setting Up a Vaccination Site, Will Be Used Particularly in Health Care Deserts

Federal Program to Vaccinate Nursing Home Residents and Staff Began Today

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced more than 38,000 vaccine doses have been administered in New York State as of Monday morning – the highest reported total in the nation thus far.

Bolstering this effort, the first 346,200 doses of the Moderna vaccine are expected to begin arriving in New York today, with an additional 120,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine expected later this week.

The Governor also announced the launch of New York’s Vaccine Equity Task Force chaired by Secretary of State Rossana Rosado, Attorney General Letitia James, National Urban League President & CEO Marc Morial, and Healthfirst President & CEO Pat Wang. The Task Force will work to ensure vulnerable and underserved communities are not left behind by breaking down the barriers to vaccination and ensuring there is equitable distribution of the vaccine across the state.

Task Force members include:

  • Office Supplies
  • Room Dividers
  • Privacy Curtains

Its Up To Us: Fauci Says Pandemic Could Possibly End By Spring 2022

The nations top infectious disease expert believes the pandemics end is near as long as the U.S. follows the right protocols to contain COVID-19. Dr. Anthony Fauci said he sees the light at the end of the tunnel, but its only open if the countrys 80 million to 90 million unvaccinated people are convinced to get the shot.

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Nyc Public Schools Host Pop

After New Yorks younger residents became eligible to receive a kids dose version of the Pfizer COVID vaccine, the city is making it easier to get children ages 5 to 11 the shot with vaccination sites at public schools.

From Monday, Nov. 8 through Monday, Nov. 15, vaccine sites will pop up in every city school that serves kids of those ages, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced last week.

Over the course of a week, 1,070 school vaccination sites will be set up, with over 200 school sites each day, according to the mayor.

What You Need To Know About Rare Breakthrough Covid

What to know about COVID

“We are continuing to investigate the number of fully vaccinated people who may have been hospitalized or passed away,” said Abigail Barker, spokesperson for the New York State Department of Health.

Even among states that track cases closely, officials cautioned data is likely incomplete. Vaccinated people who are infected but asymptomatic are probably largely missing from statistics.

Robert Long, spokesperson for Maine Department of Health and Human Services, said, “Those who have been fully vaccinated and have a breakthrough case but are not symptomatic and not part of a regular testing protocol may never be captured in these numbers.”

The CDC is now changing tactics amid new information showing that fully vaccinated people who get Covid can transmit the virus to others.

Critics of the agency like former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, said federal officials are failing to capture the overall scope of infection of Covid cases. Gottlieb told CNBC Friday, “I suspect probably one in 10 infections is actually getting reported.”

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Covid Vaccinations For Kids And Boosters

The percentages in this story reflect the total share of the population that has received vaccines. That now includes people as young as 5 years old, for whom vaccines have been authorized.

These weekly stories will be updated as more data on vaccination rates in children, as well as booster vaccination rates, are released.

We pull data on local vaccine distribution on a weekly basis. Check back for our next weekly update mid-week for the latest numbers.

Map: How Many People Have Been Vaccinated In Each State

States prioritized at-risk populations to be vaccinated first, including medical staff, people in nursing homes or other long-term care facilities, essential workers, the elderly and people with medical conditions that put them at greater risk of becoming seriously ill with COVID-19.

Any person age 5 and older in the U.S. is now eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

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Breakthrough Cases: How Many Vaccinated People Are Getting Covid

According to New York City, from Aug. 23 to Sept. 19 , for every 100,000 vaccinated New Yorkers, there have been an average of 73 new cases per week. Alexandra Salmieri

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — As new coronavirus vaccination mandates kick in, and an increasing number of New Yorkers get their first shot, the city continues to track vaccine effectiveness by recording the number of inoculated people who are catching the virus.

Medical experts have always said that COVID-19 infections in people who are vaccinated — commonly called breakthrough cases — are expected, but that in most instances the illness will be less severe.

According to the city, from Aug. 23 to Sept. 19 , for every 100,000 vaccinated New Yorkers, there have been an average of 73 new cases per week.

In the same period, for every 100,000 unvaccinated residents there have been 391 average weekly cases, a rate more than five times higher.

A New York City Department of Health graphic shows the rate of COVID-19 cases among vaccinated and unvaccinated people.

Across the city, since the first vaccinations took effect on Jan. 17, there have been a total of 36,720 breakthrough cases. That is about 7% of total COVID-19 infections in NYC.

The vaccine has been more effective in preventing hospitalization and death the 1,930 breakthrough COVID-19 hospitalizations are 4.4% of the total, and the 259 deaths make up 3.4% of New Yorkers killed by the virus since Jan. 17.



This Is How Many People Are Refusing The Covid

Some States Not Receiving As Many COVID Vaccine Doses As Originally Projected

According to a recent survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau, 26,870,000 Americans — or 10.8% of the 18 and older population — say they will either probably or definitely not get the vaccination.

Many Americans who have yet to be vaccinated cite one of three reasons: either they are concerned about possible side effects, or they want to wait to see if it is safe, or it is difficult for them to obtain a vaccination. Others cite different reasons.

Nationwide, 17,000,000 people, 6.8% of the adult population, do not trust the COVID-19 vaccines, and another 9,970,000, or 4.0%, do not think COVID-19 is a big threat. Additionally, 15,250,000 American adults, or 6.1% of the 18 and older population, have not been vaccinated because they do not trust the government.

In New York, an estimated 870,400 adults, or 5.9%, say they will likely refuse the vaccine. Of all adults in the state, 3.5% will refuse because they do not trust the COVID-19 vaccine specifically, 2.0% because they do not think COVID-19 is a big threat, and 2.7% because they distrust the government.

Despite pockets of resistance, New York is doing a better job at vaccinating its population quickly than most states. So far, 66.9% of New Yorks population are fully vaccinated, compared to 59.2% of all Americans.

All survey data used in this story was published by the Census on Oct. 20, 2021. All data related to COVID-19 infections, fatalities, and vaccinations is current as of Nov. 5, 2021.

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Who Is Eligible For A Vaccine

The United States has reached a new milestone in its vaccine rollout: children ages 5 to 11 are now eligible for a vaccine, after the F.D.A. authorized use of the Pfizer vaccine for this age group.

In May the F.D.A. had expanded its emergency use authorization of that vaccine for children 12 and older, allowing young adolescents to start getting vaccinated before school started in the fall of 2021.

And in April every state had made those 18 and older eligible for the shots, according to a Times survey. This universal eligibility followed months where states relied on complicated phase-based plans that prioritized certain vulnerable individuals like older Americans, critical workers and those with certain medical conditions. Often, county plans differed from state plans.

Child Tax Credit 202: What We Know So Far

As inner-party conflict continues to shave off elements of President Joe Bidens sweeping domestic policy package, there may be good news for parents. While its unclear what the ultimate bill will include, Democrats arrived at a framework Thursday, Oct. 28, that included a one-year extension of the expanded child tax credit.

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How Is Each State Doing

Some jurisdictions have been more efficient than others at administering their doses from the federal government.

*Includes doses provided to Palau, Micronesia and the Marshall Islands.

There are many reasons for variation among the states and territories, including demand for the vaccine, lags in data reporting and other logistical challenges. State progress varies by age group as well.

Are Kids More Vulnerable To The Delta Variant Of Covid

CDC says fully vaccinated people can gather without masks ...

Hospitals around the United States, especially in the South, are starting to fill back up again as the delta variant tears though the country. With previous waves of infection, weve been most worried about the elderly being vulnerable. Now, its younger people even children starting to show up in hospital beds.

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Mask Debate Moves From School Boards To Courtrooms

The rancorous debate over whether returning students should wear masks in the classroom has moved from school boards to courtrooms. In at least 14 states, lawsuits have been filed either for or against masks in schools. In some cases, normally rule-enforcing school administrators are finding themselves fighting state leaders in the name of keeping kids safe.

Where Can I Get A Covid

All adults in the U.S. are eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, and children 5 years and older are able to receive the Pfizer vaccine. Visit to find out where vaccines are in stock near you and schedule an appointment.

You can also text your ZIP code to 438 829 to receive contact information for vaccine providers in your area.

Illustrated guide: What to expect before and after getting a COVID-19 vaccine

Populations used for U.S. state, District of Columbia and Puerto Rico calculations are from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2019 state population estimates. Populations used for other territory and associated island state calculations are from the World Bank.

The share of distributed doses used in each state or territory is calculated by dividing the number of doses administered in that state or territory by the number of doses distributed to that state or territory. The percent of people vaccinated in each state, territory or county is calculated by dividing the number of residents of that state, territory or county who have been vaccinated by the population of that state, territory or county.

Because of reporting delays and other factors, the CDC data above may differ from that of states’ and territories’ own reports and dashboards. For more information, see the footnotes on the CDC’s website. To see the CDC’s log of changes and corrections to the data, check the historical updates.

Contributing: Mitchell Thorson, Mike Stucka and Shawn Sullivan

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Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene Hit With Four More Fines For Breaking House Rule By Refusing To Wear A Mask

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene faced four more fines Monday for refusing to wear a mask on the House floor and has racked up at least $15,500 in fines for violating the pandemic-dictacted rule.

Greene has been cited at least seven times for breaking the House rule, which was established in January. Members are fined $500 for their first offense and $2,500 for each subsequent offense. The fines are deducted from their congressional pay of $174,000 annually.

According to a Monday news release from the House Ethics Committee, Greene was disciplined four times in late September for failing to wear a mask. The committee had previously made public three earlier occasions in which Greene was fined for breaking the same rule another time in September, once in August, and a first offense in May.

New York Citys coronavirus vaccine mandate for its employees is now in effect meaning the city faces the possible loss, at least for now, of thousands of workers who have not yet gotten their shots.

But the share of employees put on leave was small. Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said Monday that 74 members of the police force are on leave out of more than 50,000 officers and civilians employed by one of the countrys biggest city police departments. Many more have sought exemptions.

About 91 percent of the citys 160,500 workers have been vaccinated, and about 6 percent remain unvaccinated and have been placed on unpaid leave.

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