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How Many People Have Been Vaccinated In Usa

When Will We All Be Vaccinated

Here’s how many Americans have been vaccinated for Covid-19 so far

In the U.S., people age 12 or older are now eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. Just over half of the population has received at least one COVID-19 shot, although the pace of vaccination has slowed in recent months.

Track U.S. vaccinations:Daily updates by county and state

According to the analysis from the Duke Global Health Innovation Center, more than 12 billion doses could be produced this year, making it possible to vaccinate 70% of the world population. However, it may take longer for those doses to be administered.

A proposal to temporarily suspend certain intellectual property rights on COVID-19 vaccines until herd immunity has been reached is now backed by around 100 countries.

It is also supported by a coalition of organizations called the Peoples Vaccine Alliance, which includes the United Nations HIV/AIDS agency UNAIDS and human rights group Amnesty International. Discussions at the World Trade Organization are underway.

The Coronavirus Pandemic: Key Things To Know

New restrictions.The U.S. is requiring international travelers to provide proof of a negative test taken no more than a day before their flights. In Germany, the government introduced tough restrictions on unvaccinated people, while Britain announced new measures in response to the rise in Omicron cases.

New York Citys new mandate.Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a sweeping vaccine mandate for all private employers in New York City to combat the spread of the Omicron variant. It is unclear if the incoming mayor, Eric Adams, intends to enforce the mandate.

New Covid treatments.Two pills for treating Covid-19, by Merck and Pfizer, should be available soon. These new options may be just the beginning: Scientists say we will need an arsenal of drugs to deploy against new variants especially if those foes erode the protection of existing vaccines.

I think the contention we have seen over the mask issue is likely to pale in comparison to what were going to see over the idea of a vaccine mandate for schoolchildren, Dr. Jessica Snowden, chief of the infectious disease division at Arkansas Childrens Hospital, said. At a meeting this week of the F.D.A.s expert advisory panel on vaccines, several members came out strongly against school vaccine mandates.

But C.D.C. officials said it would be hard to narrow eligibility, and the F.D.A.s advisory panel endorsed offering the pediatric dose to the entire age group by a 17-0 vote, with one abstention.

Census Data Used For Covid

The National Census Population Estimates from the 2019 Vintage US Census Bureau Annual Estimates of the Resident Population for the United Statesexternal icon and Puerto Rico and 2018 CIA World Factbook data for US territories and freely associated states .

To estimate the 12+, 18+ and 65+ populations for US territories, CDC assumes that the proportions of people aged 12 years and older, 18 years and older and people aged 65 years and older in the territories are the same as in the aggregate of the 50 states, DC, and Puerto Rico .

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Diseases Preventable Through Vaccination

The chart shows the number of global deaths caused by some of the most common and serious vaccine-preventable diseases.

There are more diseases for which vaccines are available now and even more are under development currently. The WHO publishes list of 26 diseases for which vaccines are available including Japanese encephalitis, pneumococcal disease, varicella/chicken pox, HPV, Hepatitis A and rotavirus.

Federal Government Estimates Of Covid

Influenza (Flu)

Estimated share of adults who may be

hesitant to get the vaccine

To be sure, there are counties that supported Mr. Trump in the last election and now have above-average vaccination rates.

Some officials in those counties said their rates have lately plateaued.

In Tama County, Iowa, where Mr. Trump won by a wide margin last year and the vaccination rate is above the national average, the health department runs a clinic a few days a week at a former juvenile correctional facility.

Until recently, staff and volunteers were regularly giving shots to about 120 to 150 people in a day, according to Shannon Zoffka, the executive director of the department and a registered Democrat. When the state expanded its eligibility rules to include all adults, she expected the phones to be ringing off the hook. Instead, she said, about 120 people made appointments for the entire past week.

When you hit that saturation point, you dont realize its coming, she said. It just happens.

Likewise, some counties that supported Mr. Biden are now lagging in vaccination efforts. In Hudson County, N.J., which supported Mr. Biden by a wide margin last year, about 25 percent of adult residents have been fully vaccinated.

Its so frustrating to be so low on the percentage of folks getting vaccinated when all our shots are getting into arms, Mr. Drumeler said. But hesitancy is not a hurdle we are encountering yet.

So far, only about 15 percent of adults in the county have been fully vaccinated.

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What Share Of The Population Has Been Partly Or Fully Vaccinated Against Covid

The following charts show the breakdown of vaccinations by those that have been partly or fully vaccinated. A person is considered partly vaccinated if they have received only one dose of a 2-dose vaccine protocol. A person is considered fully vaccinated if they have received a single-dose vaccine or both doses of a two-dose vaccine.

This data is only available for countries which report the breakdown of doses administered by first and second doses.

Vaccination Rollout Across The United States

The United States is racing to vaccinate a population of 328 million. But local health officials are progressing at vastly different rates. Hover your cursor over each jurisdiction to explore how many doses have been administered, how many people have received vaccines, and what percentage of the population has been fully vaccinated. Click on states to view their full profiles.

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What Share Of The Population Has Been Fully Vaccinated Against Covid

The following chart shows the share of the total population that has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. This represents the share that have received all doses prescribed by the vaccination protocol. If a person receives the first dose of a 2-dose vaccine, this metric stays the same. If they receive the second dose, the metric goes up by 1.

This data is only available for countries which report the breakdown of doses administered by first and second doses.

Smallpox And The Origin Of Vaccination

Australians âmust knowâ how many people diagnosed with COVID have been vaccinated

Vaccination has a long history. An early form of vaccination was referred to as variolation or more broadly as inoculation. Practised for a long time in Asia, this was an ancient technique of deliberate smallpox infection in which dried smallpox scabs were blown up the nose to infect the person with a form of the disease which was often milder. By the 1700s variolation had spread to Africa, India and the Ottoman Empire, followed by the UK and America, where the method of infection more frequently used was a puncture to the skin.

Variolation did work, but there were large risks. Those variolated could contract the more severe form of smallpox and die, and they could also transmit the disease to others.

In 1796 English physician Edward Jenner demonstrated another method of inoculation in which he relied on cowpox. Cowpox is a similar disease to smallpox and it had previously been observed that an infection with cowpox can protect against smallpox. Jenner conducted an experiment using matter from a cowpox lesion to inoculate his gardeners eight-year-old son James Phipps. Two months later Jenner exposed the boy to smallpox lesion matter and when Phipps did not develop smallpox he concluded that he was protected against the disease. Jenner called the procedure vaccination after vacca the Latin word for cow because of the origin of this first vaccination from the cowpox virus.

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Which Type Of Covid

Different countries have ordered varying quantities of vaccines from a range of medical companies. These include the Pfizer / BioNtech jabs, Astrazeneca / Oxford University , the Russian Sputnik V vaccine from the Gamaleya Research Institute, and vaccines from the Chinese companies Sinovac and Sinopharm.

World Vaccination Rates For Covid

Israel has been a global leader in vaccinating its population against COVID-19, and more than half of the Israeli population has been at least partially vaccinated.

The country’s well-trained health care providers and a digitized community-based health system that can identify high-risk persons have been major factors in the success, according to Israeli health experts. The country also has a tradition of periodic emergency preparedness exercises.

The United Arab Emirates has also been leading the world in vaccination rates. It has about the same population as Israel and contributes its rapid vaccination pace to coordinated government action, strong leadership, public awareness campaigns, and simple vaccination registration procedures using a Health Ministry app.

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Eradication Of Diseases Through Vaccination

Eradication is the ultimate goal of vaccination against a disease.

On the way to the eradication of polio

Polio is targeted for global eradication. This has become possible through the polio vaccine that was developed in 1955. The WHO estimates that in 2015, 85% of infants around the world received three doses of polio vaccine. And the number of paralytic polio cases have since the 1980s, from an estimated 350,000 to 400,000 paralytic cases per year to 22 reported cases in 2017.

Eradication of smallpox

While the benefits might possibly be forgotten as vaccine-preventable diseases have lost their threat thanks to the introduction of the vaccines it is still true that people around the world including those in richer countries continue to benefit from vaccinations.

One of the greatest successes of global health is eradication of smallpox. Smallpox, which just decades ago killed several hundred thousand people every year was successfully eradicated in 1980 thanks to the global vaccination program.21

International Coronavirus Vaccine Tracker: How Many People Have Been Vaccinated

Cervical Cancer is Preventable

Use the New Statesman’s trackers to monitor the state of the global effort to vaccinate the world against Covid-19.

ByMichael Goodier, Georges Corbineau and Josh Rayman

The New Statesman has launched this page to track the progress of different countries as they seek to protect their populations from the pandemic. It will be updated daily as new data is released.

On top of vaccination data, we have gathered statistics on how well testing systems are holding up , as well as collecting in one place the number of hospitalisations, cases and deaths for as many countries as we can.

Combined, the progress on vaccines and the level of the disease should give an idea of where different countries are heading are we in for a long period of restrictions, or progressing towards a level of freedom from the virus?

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Looking Ahead: Projected Dates For Vaccination Coverage

Researchers have estimated that around 70% to 85% of the country needs to be immune to the coronavirus for COVID-19 to stop spreading through communities and peter out.


People who have recovered from a coronavirus infection may have existing protection against reinfection. However, it’s unclear how strong this natural immunity is and how long it lasts, so public health officials recommend that everyone aged 12 and up get vaccinated against the disease, including those who were previously infected.

Covid Vaccines: How Fast Is Progress Around The World

BBC News

More than six billion doses of coronavirus vaccines have been administered, in at least 196 countries worldwide.

However, there are vast differences in the pace of progress in different parts of the world.

Some countries have secured and delivered doses to a large proportion of their population – but others are some way behind.

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A Majority Of Americans Are Critical Of Religious Exemptions To Covid Vaccines A Survey Finds

Only about one in 10 Americans say that receiving the Covid-19 vaccine would violate their religious beliefs, while about 60 percent say that too many people are using religion as an excuse to avoid vaccine mandates, according to a new survey from the Public Religion Research Institute and the Interfaith Youth Core.

A majority of Americans are critical of religious exemptions and say that the vaccines do not violate their own religious beliefs or the teachings of their religion, and that there are no valid religious reasons to refuse the Covid-19 vaccine.

The survey indicates a sharp divide between vaccinated and unvaccinated Americans. That gap widens along partisan lines. More than 80 percent of vaccinated Democrats say they are angry at those who refuse to get vaccinated, and similar numbers of unvaccinated Republicans are angry at those who think they have the right to tell me to get vaccinated against Covid-19. Less than half of vaccinated Republicans and unvaccinated Democrats say they are angry along such lines.

About one in five Americans say that vaccination has caused major conflict within their families.

The Public Religion Research Institute survey focused on attitudes toward religious exemptions, a contentious topic amid sweeping vaccine mandates in American workplaces.

Theres not a one-to-one correlation, Mr. Jones said. Thats the way people live their lives: Its messy, and there are other calculations.

The Risk Of Vaccine Inequity

A closer look at how many people have been vaccinated in Florida

One danger that unequal vaccination rates around the world may pose is the emergence of new variants. The longer the period of sustained community spread, the more likely the virus will mutate. The mutated variants from the unvaccinated population might be able to infect those in the vaccinated population.

Data available for some approved vaccines suggests that they still offer robust protection from severe illness and death from the most widespread existing COVID-19 variants. However, its important to limit the spread of the virus in order to prevent mutations that may reduce the efficacy of existing vaccines. As more people get vaccinated, the virus circulation is expected to decrease, which will then result in fewer mutations.

According to Kuppalli, the infectious diseases expert, vaccinated people could go to another part of the world, get exposed to a new strain of the virus not covered by the vaccine, become infected, and transmit it to other people.

It’s making sure that we protect everybody. It’s not just about life or death but it’s also thinking about the quality of life that people have after they’ve been infected with COVID, she added.

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The Gap Between Countries

High-income countries represent only 16% of the worlds population, yet some of them have bought enough vaccines to cover their population more than twice.

According to a ONE’s Policy team study, as of March the worlds richest countries had collectively bought 1 billion more doses than their citizens need. The rest of the world had only been able to secure 2.5 billion doses not enough to vaccinate their populations.

Chart: How Many Shots From Each Vaccine Manufacturer Have Been Administered

The Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines require two doses, and the Johnson & Johnson vaccine requires only one for the recipient to be fully vaccinated. For the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines, a second shot should be administered about three or four weeks after the first, depending on which of the vaccines was given.

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How Many People In Bergen County Have Received A Covid

  • 87% of people in Bergen County have received at least one dose of the vaccine, for a total of 809,456 people
  • 70% of people in Bergen County are fully vaccinated, for a total of 649,666 people

For a county-by-county look at the vaccination rollout, see our COVID-19 vaccine tracker, which is updated daily.

How Many Vaccinated People Got Covid

Measles cases in the United States reach 20

The study reviewed how COVID-19 spread from April 4 to July 17, which was when the delta variant becomes prominent among 13 states in the U.S.

  • Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Los Angeles County , Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York City , North Carolina, Seattle/King County and Utah.

Heres a breakdown of the COVID-19 numbers for those states:

  • Not fully vaccinated: 569,142 COVID-19 cases, 34,972 hospitalizations and 6,132 COVID-19associated deaths.
  • Vaccinated people: 46,312 cases, 2,976 hospitalizations and 616 deaths.


What the delta variant is doing to fully vaccinated people now

The study said that during the specific time frame of April 4June 19, fully vaccinated people accounted for 5% of total COVID-19 cases, 7% of COVID-19 hospitalizations and 8% of deaths overall.

  • These percentages were higher during June 20 to July 17 time frame, when fully vaccinated people accounted for 18% of cases, 14% of hospitalizations and 16% of deaths, per the CDC.

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The Pennsylvania Supreme Court Strikes Down A School Mask Mandate

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court struck down a school mask requirement for grades K-12 on Friday, affirming a lower courts opinion that the states acting health secretary had overstepped her authority in imposing the mandate.

The Supreme Court, the highest court in the state, did not issue a full opinion explaining its ruling, but said that one would be coming.

The school mask mandate, which went into effect in early September, was announced by the states acting health secretary, Alison Beam, after a summer of contentious school board meetings across the state, as hundreds of districts debated separately whether to require masks to help combat the coronavirus pandemic. With the high courts ruling on Friday, those decisions will return to the districts.

The earlier ruling, which had been stayed by the seven-member Supreme Court in early November, sided with a Republican state senator and several parents who had sued over the mask requirement.

The lower-court judges, emphasizing that they were not ruling on the efficacy of masks, had found that the acting secretary could not issue such a mandate without going through certain rule-making procedures in the absence of a disaster emergency declared by the governor.


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