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How Much Does It Cost To Get My Kitten Vaccinated

Protecting An Unvaccinated Cat

How much will the COVID-19 vaccine cost you?

Full immunity develops around 3-4 weeks after the final injection in a primary course of vaccinations, but until then you will need to keep your feline friend indoors and away from cats outside of your household. Youll need to keep your cat entertained and stress-free during this time especially if they have previously been used to going outside.

Its Cheaper In The Long Run

It goes without saying that the more times you take your pet to the vet, the more money youll have to spend. Though a cat or dog may recover from an initial bout of illness, some diseases can severely damage your pets overall health, so you’ll need to take them to the vet more frequently in the long run.

For example, FeLV can seriously impact your cats immune system and make them much more likely to pick up other diseases and develop health issues like anaemia and cancer. A case of parvovirus can cause dogs to have problems with their organs and immune system down the road, too.

Why Should I Have My Female Cat Spayed

Spaying young cats offers several advantages:

  • Your cat will avoid heat periods, which usually begin at six to seven months of age and occur every two to three weeks in an unbred cat. During the heat period, female cats encourage the attention of male cats. The female cat will posture and vocalize, which can be annoying to owners so too can the presence of neighborhood male cats that mark the territory outside your house and fight off other suitors. Sometimes the natural urge to mate is so strong that your indoor cat will attempt to escape outdoors to breed.
  • Spaying prevents unplanned litters of kittens that often never find suitable homes.
  • Spaying prior to the first heat cycle greatly reduces the risk of breast cancer.
  • Spaying prevents cancers or infections of the reproductive organs.

Spaying a cat may be a common procedure, but all surgery must be taken seriously. The correct term for spaying is ovariohysterectomy, and refers to the complete removal of the uterus and ovaries under general anesthesia. An overnight stay in the hospital may be advised to allow close monitoring during recovery and provide adequate pain control .

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What Are The Core Vaccines That My Kitten Must Have

Your kitten must be vaccinated against the following diseases:

  • Cat flu: caused by various pathogens, including feline herpesvirus and feline calicivirus . Cat flu affects the eyes, mouth and airways.
  • Feline panleukopenia virus : an often-fatal viral infection causing diarrhoea and vomiting.
  • Feline leukaemia virus : this suppresses the immune system, leaving the infected cat highly vulnerable to other diseases.

Your vet will be able to assess your kittens risk profile and the best age for vaccination. They will draw up a vaccination programme specifically suited to your kitten and their needs.

Vaccines Provide Immunity To Stomatitis

How Much Is It To Get My Cat Vaccinated

Vaccines provide immunity to stomatous disease in cats. Inactivated products can provide protection for four to seven years, while modified live virus vaccines can provide immunity for up to seven years. Intranasal vaccines require only one dose and may induce respiratory signs and vaccine shedding. These vaccines are particularly effective at overcoming maternal antibodies in kittens.

Vaccines work by preparing the bodys immune system to fight against disease-causing organisms. They contain antigens, which are dead or partially living bacteria, viruses, and other foreign substances. These antigens stimulate the immune system to produce antibodies, which are its primary defense. Vaccines have saved millions of cats and humans from the dangerous side effects of cat-borne diseases.

Despite their effectiveness, vaccines are not entirely protective. While maternally derived antibodies may provide some protection during the first few weeks after birth, the vaccine does not guarantee complete protection. In some cases, maternal antibodies interfere with vaccine protection and may cause infection. Vaccines are still the only way to achieve protection against the disease, but vaccinations are not enough. The vaccines should be administered as soon as possible. Vaccines are also not guaranteed to provide protection against the disease, so it is still best to use a preventative measure such as using a cat shelter.

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Heres What You Can Expect

The list of dog vaccinations available to pups is pretty lengthy, and, as a practical pet parent, youre probably wondering what itll cost to keep your dog safe and healthy.

And you dont just have the cost of the shot itself to consider. Often, there are additional expenses that vary depending on whether you go to your vets office or a low-cost clinic.

Plus, knowing which vaccines your pup needs and which ones he can do without will help you figure out what to expect financially.

The Dodo spoke with Dr. Linda Simon, a veterinary surgeon and veterinary consultant for Five Barks, and Dr. Aliya McCullough, a veterinarian for Fetch Pet Insurance, to break down dog vaccination costs.

Are Cat Vaccinations Covered By Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is designed to cover high costs for unexpected injury or illness. So, planned regular care such as vaccinations, flea and worming treatment is not usually covered.

You may, however, be offered lower insurance premiums if your cat is vaccinated, while some insurers may require your cat to be up-to-date with its vaccinations for your policy to be valid so always read terms and conditions carefully and set reminders in your calendar for vaccination dates.

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What Does Pet Insurance Cover

While pet insurance might not cover your cats vaccinations, it is worth taking it out to give you peace of mind that youll have financial protection should your cat become ill or suffer an injury. Comprehensive cat insurance can cover:

  • Vet bills for new illnesses, diseases and injuries
  • The purchase price of your pet if it dies due to accidental injury
  • Cattery fees if you have to go to hospital unexpectedly.

Always read the terms and conditions of any policy you are considering carefully so you feel comfortable with what is covered. And dont forget to shop around to find the best policy for your cat at the most competitive price.

What Other Vaccines Should I Consider

Getting vaccinated for Coronavirus in India | COVID-19 Vaccine | Covishield

Your vet may also discuss the rabies vaccine with you. Whether this is necessary will depend on your kittens lifestyle and if you have any plans to travel with them. For example, if you wish to travel with your kitten within the EU, the rabies vaccine is mandatory.

Making sure your kitten has the right vaccinations at the right age, is one of the most important things you can do to protect their health throughout their life.

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More About Vaccinating Your Cat

Kittens are old enough to be vaccinated once they are 8-9 weeks old. They will have an initial injection, and then a second about 3 weeks later, as well as a thorough health check, and discussion about all aspects of kitten-care, including neutering, flea and worm protection, diet and behaviour. This is known as the primary course. Kittens should then have an annual vaccination appointment each year, throughout their lives, in order keep their immunity topped up and maintain protection.

For adult cats, if you are not sure if your cat has had vaccinations previously, or if you know that they have not had a vaccination appointment within the last 12 months, your cat may need to restart their vaccinations with a primary course, just as if they were a kitten. Adult cats can start the primary course at any time, but if you know your cat is currently not protected by vaccination, the course should be started as soon as possible.

Although your cat will need a vaccination appointment every year, not all the vaccines will be given at every appointment. This is because different vaccines last for different amounts of time, and the need for some vaccinations may be lifestyle dependant. Your vet will be able to advise on the best schedule for your cat.

The medical exam also allows the vet to check if there are any visible reasons to delay vaccination, for example if your cat is already fighting an active infection.

Frequency Of Core Vaccinations

Kittens under 6 months of age are most susceptible to infectious diseases, so they are considered a primary focus of vaccination recommendations.

Maternal antibodies passed on from the mother are meant to confer some degree of protection against diseases, but they also interfere with, or even inactivate, the bodys response to vaccination.

For this reason, initial core kitten vaccinations occur at three- to four-week intervals until the cat is 16-20 weeks old and maternal antibodies are out of the system.

For any cat over 16 weeks old whose vaccine history is unknown, the initial series consists of two doses given three to four weeks apart.

Core vaccines should be boosted one year after the initial series.

The scientific community is still learning exactly how long these vaccines last. Currently, the recommendation for indoor/outdoor cats is to administer the FVRCP vaccine annually.

For indoor-only cats, the recommendation is to administer the vaccine every three years. Cats heading into stressful situations, such as boarding, may benefit from a core vaccine booster 7-10 days before.

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How Do Vaccines Work

Vaccines work by stimulating the body’s immune system to recognize and fight a particular microorganism such as a virus, bacteria, or other infectious organism. Once vaccinated, the animal’s immune system is then primed, or prepared to react to a future infection with that microorganism. In other words, the vaccine mimics a true infection so that the immune system can better protect the body in the future.

“the vaccine will help the body prevent infection or lessen the severity of infection and promote rapid recovery.”

Depending on the disease, the vaccine will help the body prevent infection or lessen the severity of infection and promote rapid recovery.

While a vaccine can prevent illness, it cannot block microorganisms from getting into the body. This means that sometimes a cat may not look sick thanks to the vaccine, but the cat can still spread the invading microorganisms to other cats. This is not a major consideration in the pet cat but may be important in the breeding colony.

A Free Dog Can Cost You Around $370

How Much Do Vaccinations Cost For A Cat

When you first get a dog, you have to take him or her in for numerous tests and vaccinations. For a male dog, it can cost pet owners around $300, and for female dogs over $400! Be informed before you “buy” your next free dog. Better yet, play it safe and adopt one. We do all the tests, spaying and neutering, and vaccinations for you — all for our adoption fee of $200. That’s a savings of about $125 to $225 by adopting.


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What Are Ear Mites

Ear mites are tiny parasites that live in the ear canal of cats where they cause itching. The most common sign of ear mite infection is vigorous and persistent scratching of the ears or shaking of the head. Sometimes the outer ear canal will appear dirty and contain black debris.

Your veterinarian will examine the ear canal with an otoscope that magnifies the tiny mites, or will take a small sample of the black debris and examine it under a microscope. Although the mites may crawl out of the ear canals for short periods, they spend the majority of their lives within the protection of the ear canal.

Ear mites are easily transmitted between cats and dogs by direct contact. Kittens will usually become infected if their mother has ear mites. If one pet in the household has ear mites, it is advised to treat all of your pets. Successive applications of topical medication to the kittens ear or skin will eliminate ear mites .

Why Do Cats Need Vaccinations

Vaccinations are important for your cat because they help prevent her from getting seriously ill by some of the most common feline diseases.

You might be thinking that your house cat lives a sheltered life and would never come in contact with any illnesses, but the fact is that you can bring viruses and bacteria in on your shoes and clothes, and your dog or other critters that go outside can also bring them in, Dr. Bonk told The Dodo. So, even if your cat never goes outside, they arent fully protected without proper vaccinations.

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Caesarean Sections In Cats

A caesarean section or C-section is major surgery performed to remove kittens from the uterus. This is most commonly performed as an emergency procedure when there is difficulty with natural birth. Most cats recover quickly from this procedure. Most cats have fully recovered from anesthesia by the time they are discharged to go home.

How Much Do Cat Shots Cost At Petsmart

Pediatricians Answer Top Questions Parents Ask About Vaccines | American Academy of Pediatrics

If you own a pet, chances are that youve shopped at a PetSmart. There are over 1,650 pet stores in North America and Puerto Rico, and beyond selling pet products, it also offers grooming, boarding, dog training, day camps for dogs, and best of all, pet adoptions for homeless animals.

But now, PetSmart has recently introduced affordable exams and vaccines with ShotVet for pets. Banfield Animal Hospital has also long been aligned with PetSmart, which also offers veterinary care. If youre wondering how much it will cost to get your cat vaccinated at a PetSmart, read on, as we go over the pricing and how it all works.

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Do Indoor Cats Need Vaccinations

Although indoor cats may not spend their days exploring the great outdoors, contact with the outside world is still likely to happen. All the cat needs is a door left open a bit too long for them to squeeze out into the wide world. Plus, other cats or pets that visit can easily bring illnesses with them. This is why kitten vaccinations are necessary for indoor cats as well.

Cat & Kitten Vaccinations

A vaccination appointment is a chance for your cat to get a thorough physical health check, as well as offering them protection against a range of diseases.

A routine procedure, a vaccination appointment is more than just a jab its a chance for your cat to get a thorough physical health check, as well as offering them protection against a range of diseases that can be debilitating, or even kill.

Vaccination appointments are performed by a vet, and should be a routine part of the care of all cats throughout their life even house cats. Although house cats may be less exposed to disease, many of the diseases we can vaccinate against are hardy, and can survive outside of a cat for some time. This means they can be transmitted inside the house, on people or objects, and are still a risk to cats via indirect exposure.

Keeping your annual vaccination appointment every year is really important for both you, and your cat. If you would like to learn more about vaccinating your cat, contact your local Vets4Pets practice here.

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Core Vaccines For Cat

The core vaccines are required for every cat, and they include:

  • Rabies
  • Feline herpes virus
  • Panleukopenia

Fortunately, the last three come in a combination shot called the feline distemper vaccine. They should receive one to three shots three to four weeks apart of this combo and then a booster one year later, Dr. Bonk said. After the booster, this combo is good for three years.

Rabies is given after 12 weeks of age, a booster after one year, and then every three years after, Dr. Bonk said.

The cost for these core vaccinations ranges from $40$80 in total for the first year and then $20$50 for each booster shot after that.

Do All Kittens Have Worms

How Much Does It Cost To Get Your Cat Vaccinated

Not all kittens have worms , but most of them do. The same milk that protects nursing kittens from disease and provides nutrition also carries intestinal worms, so drinking mothers milk can transfer worms to young kittens shortly after birth. Infection can occur even earlier – before kittens are born – because some intestinal parasites are transmitted to kittens through the blood stream while they are still in the womb. Since kittens can become infected so early and since intestinal parasites can cause severe illness, treatment needs to begin when the kitten is only a couple of weeks old.

A microscopic examination of a stool sample will identify which worms the kitten is infected with so a specific treatment plan can be prescribed. Since many kittens are infected with the more common intestinal worms, your veterinarian may routinely administer a broad-spectrum dewormer that is safe and effective against several species of intestinal worms. This medication, which kills adult worms, is given every 2-3 weeks to target the most susceptible stage of the worms lifecycle. For other types of intestinal parasites, different medications and treatment intervals are required.

“Not all kittens have worms, but most of them do.”

There are other less common parasites that can infect kittens, such as coccidia and giardia that require special treatment. Both of these parasites can be identified with a stool sample examined under the microscope.

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Average Costs Of Cat Vaccinations

The average cost of cat vaccinations may be between $50 and $100 during the first year. There may be clinics with more expensive rates per vaccination.

The cat will also require boosters and these boosters may cost between $10 and $50 per year.

There are also certain low cost clinics, organizations or animal shelters that will charge less for vaccinations.

In some geographical areas, the costs of pet vaccinations may be higher. Do an online research and find out some places in your area where vaccinations are administered you may also check out some forums for some up to date prices.

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