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How To View Vaccination Records

Vaccine Acceptance In India

How to securely collect and store COVID-19 vaccination records in Zenefits

Over 80% of the population of India have a positive response for getting anti covid shots. India has one of the lowest vaccine hesitancy in the world.There was vaccine hesitancy in the initial months of 2021, especially in rural India and among poor and tribal populations. Constant government and public awareness drastically reduced vaccine hesitancy. Since May 2021, more than half of daily doses administered in India have been from rural parts. Vaccine centers in India have witnessed large number of people willing to get covid vaccine resulting in overcrowding and mismanagement. Many centers across India in months of April & May reported severe shortage of covid vaccines due to large crowds turning up for vaccination. In cities like Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru many people even after waiting for hours did not receive their covid vaccine due to shortage. Since July, vaccine supply has drastically increased thus India is vaccinating at a very fast pace.

One study published on vaccine acceptance shows that 79.5% of people from Delhi, a union territory in Northern India, want to take a COVID-19 vaccine. In another study which was published from West Bengal, a state in Eastern India, has shown that 77.27% of people want to take the COVID-19 vaccine. According to the finding from these two studies, it can be expected that over 75% of people want to get a COVID-19 vaccine.

Should I Keep A Copy Of My Immunization Record With Me

You do not need to keep your COVID-19 immunization record on you at all times however, you should print a copy of your record and store it in a safe place.

If you received your record of immunization by email, you should print a copy and store it in a safe place.

If you received a hard copy of your immunization record from the COVID-19 Immunization Clinic or partner pharmacy, you should store it in a safe place.

Bc Vaccine Card And Covid

You can get your BC vaccine card in Health Gateway.

  • If youre unable to register for Health Gateway, you can get your BC vaccine card at
  • Provide your name, Personal Health Number, and the date of your Dose 1 or Dose 2 vaccination.
  • This option can also be used to get a card for your child or a family member.

For more information about how to get your BC vaccine card and where you can use it, visit

You can also view and download your COVID-19 immunization record in Health Gateway. This record contains your vaccine details from the Provincial Immunization Registry.

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Wir Resources And System Information

How can my clinic gain access to WIR?

If you are new to WIR, contact the WIR Help Desk to help your clinic and your staff become familiar with WIR.

For clinics interested in interoperability, also called data exchange, please click the tab below.

What reports can I run out of WIR?

Reminder/Recall: Reminder and recall reports can generate a list of clients who are due for vaccinations. The report can generate letters, cards, address labels, client listings, and downloadable text files. These can be sent to the parent, guardian, or individual. The letters can either remind them of an upcoming appointment, or recall them to come in to get a vaccine that is past due.

How can my patients view their record through WIR?

Looking for quick guides and fact sheets?

What Else Can I Use

Mom wants to know how to fake immunization records ...

I’ve had a large number of readers reach out to me about this article, each one offering advice and guidance about storing a proof of vaccination card.

Some suggestions include well-known airport security service Clear. In fact, some concert and exhibition halls require that attendees use Clear to verify their vaccination status to attend a show. You can go to to download the app and get your card added.

VaxYes is another service that verifies your vaccination status and then adds your vaccination card to your Apple Wallet. I’ve read that you can add your card to the Google Pay app, but after signing up and going through the process myself, I don’t see the option on a Pixel 5 running Android 12.

If your local municipality or employer used the CDC’s Vaccine Administration Management System, then you can use the VAMS website to access your vaccination records. I had more than one reader reach out to me about using this system to show proof of vaccination, but without an account myself, I’m unable to go through the process of accessing a vaccination record.

Another suggestion I received from multiple readers is to use a scanner app on your phone and store a scanned copy of your vaccination card in something like your OneDrive personal vault or a password manager instead of storing the photo in Google Photos or Apple’s iCloud photos. On an iPhone, you can use the scanner that’s built into the Notes app. On Android, will be enough to get the job done.

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What Is The Purpose Of I

I-CARE is designed to help healthcare providers record, track, and report their patients immunizations. The registry allows physicians to access patient records for information about immunizations administered outside their practices. Provider participation is voluntary and not all providers within the state choose to participate in the registry. Patient participation is also voluntary. Patients wishing not to have their information included in the registry may opt-out at their provider.

Mdhhs Launches Online Access To Immunization Records For Michiganders Ages 18 And Older

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASESept. 9, 2021Contact: Lynn Sutfin, 517-241-2112

LANSING, Mich. – To help Michiganders ages 18 and older more easily access their immunization records, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has launched the Michigan Immunization Portal.

Michigan adults with immunization records posted in the Michigan Care Improvement Registry , including COVID-19 vaccination, will be able to locate their own record online and download, save or print this information. The portal was funded through CDC grant dollars and was officially launched in mid-August.

“We want to make sure Michiganders are able to access their vaccination records as easily as possible as this is important health information,” said Elizabeth Hertel, MDHHS director. “The Michigan Immunization Portal allows them to find their record from their computer or smart phone and save a copy for their records. This will also allow anyone who has misplaced their COVID-19 vaccination card to print a record of their vaccination.”

To ensure privacy and that individuals are only able to access their own immunization records, Michiganders must create a MILogin account at and upload a valid government issued photo ID such as a driver’s license, state ID or passport. There is no cost to access the portal.

# # #

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Get Your Document From The Immunisations Page

  • From the top menu, select Documents and then select Immunisation from the drop-down menu.
  • Click one of the buttons at the top of the screen to view and download your immunisation history statement or your COVID-19 digital certificate.The COVID-19 digital certificate button is available once you have had all required doses of a vaccine approved for use in Australia.
  • Use the icons in the top right of the viewer to download or print your statement.
  • The immunisation information displayed in other sections of this page comes from the Australian Immunisation Register and certain clinical documents in your record.

    If the rest of this page is empty or seems incomplete:

  • Check your Medicare Information Settings .
  • Make sure Yes is selected for ‘All information about immunisations recorded on the Australian Immunisation Register .’
  • Selecting Yeswill also let your healthcare providers see your immunisation information.

    Your Summary Care Record

    What is Nevada WebIZ? How to check your vaccine records

    If you’re registered with a GP surgery, you’ll have a Summary Care Record unless you’ve chosen not to have one. It contains basic information including your allergies, medicines and any reactions you’ve had to medicine in the past.

    During the coronavirus outbreak, you will also have extra information added to your record. This includes significant medical history , reasons for medicines,care planinformationand vaccinations.

    You cannot get your Summary Care Record online. If you’d like to see it, speak to your GP.

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    Where To Find Proof Of Vaccination In Your Record

    If you use an app to access My Health Record, you can get your proof of vaccination from the immunisation section of the app.

    If youre using a browser, follow the steps below.

    If you are logged into your record, you can get your proof of vaccination documents from record home or the immunisations page.

    Adult Vaccine Information And Schedules

    Learn more about COVID-19 vaccines on our webpage!

    Find general information on COVID-19 vaccines or specific guidance for COVID-19 vaccinators on our vaccine webpage!

    Adults need vaccines, too! Adults need to keep their vaccines up to date because immunity from vaccines can wear off over time. As you grow older, you are also at risk for different diseases that can be prevented by vaccines. This page has information about adult vaccines and schedules, and health care provider materials.

    This year, it is especially important that we prevent illnesses and hospitalizations from diseases that we do have vaccines for. By making sure we stay on top of our vaccinations, we can keep ourselves healthy and support health care workers as they fight COVID-19 by keeping more people out of hospitals. We dont have the time or the resources to waste by getting sick from diseases we could have prevented. The best part? By getting vaccinated, you can prevent spreading certain diseases to your friends and family.

    All adults need:

    • Influenza vaccine every year
    • Td or Tdap vaccine to prevent tetanus, diphtheria and whooping cough

    You may need other vaccines based on your age, health conditions, job, lifestyle, or travel habits. Learn more about what other vaccines may be recommended for you and talk to your health care professional about which vaccines are right for you.

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    Manitobans Can Now Access Covid

    Manitobans who have received a COVID-19 immunization can now view and print this information online, Health and Seniors Care Minister Heather Stefanson announced today.

    This is another proactive measure to ensure people have access to their own health information, said Stefanson. We know many Manitobans have asked for their COVID-19 vaccination information from our public health offices. The new online portal will make this easier for all eligible Manitobans until a more permanent immunization card is available.

    Report Your Child’s Immunizations

    How to View Your Immunization Record in MyLVHN

    Every time your child gets immunized you need to report it to Peel Region.

    Reporting your childâs immunizations required to register for school or child care. You do not need to report your childâs COVID-19 vaccine to us.

    Doctors do not report immunizations.

    COVID-19 vaccine requirements

    Currently, children are not required to have the COVID-19 vaccine to attend school, under Ontarios Immunization of School Pupils Act.

    However, some settings like sports organizations may have different requirements for COVID-19 vaccination. Contact the organization directly for further details.

    Keep your childs immunizations up to date during COVID-19

    Parents and guardians are still required to ensure their childs immunizations are up to date to attend school. Immunizations for new school registration must be reported using our reporting tool.

    COVID-19 vaccinations are recorded in a separate system. You do no need to report them using our reporting tool.

    If you cant locate a reference number, provide a copy of your childs immunization record to the school to complete the process. If you would like an exemption, contact Peel Public Health.

    If your child is missing immunizations, you can call your doctors office to ask about immunization.

    If you’ve already reported your child’s immunizations, use the immunization reporting tool to view and print their record.

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    What Are Immunisation History Statements

    Immunisation History Statements are a listing of all your vaccinations recorded on the Australian Immunisation Register . The AIR is a national register that records vaccines given to people of all ages in Australia.

    You can get a statement from the AIR.

    You may need an Immunisation History Statement for child care and school enrolment, or employment at certain workplaces. Centrelink uses them to determine eligibility for some family assistance payments.

    You can also check the statement to make sure your childs vaccinations are up to date.

    Health Care Providers Records

    Health care providers must maintain a record of all vaccines that they administer and must ensure that information is accurately and completely recorded. In addition to recording information about the vaccines given , providers’ records should include:

    • all relevant serologic data, for example, rubella or hepatitis B serology)
    • documentation of adverse events following immunization
    • documentation of contraindications or reasons for deferring or withholding immunization
    • other immunization related documentation, such as pre-vaccine and provider administration check lists .

    Electronic medical records used by health care providers should have the capacity to record, to collect and to retrieve easily all information outlined in Immunization record contents, and should permit production of line listings of persons who received a specific vaccine in the event that the vaccine is recalled.

    At each immunization visit, information should be sought regarding adverse events that may have occurred following previous doses in an immunization series. Vaccine providers should fully document all clinically significant adverse events in the medical record as soon as they become aware of such an event.

    Refer to National Guidelines for Immunization Practices in Part 1 for additional information about the use and maintenance of immunization records.

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    Saving Your Childs Vaccination Records

    exclamation circle solid icon The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention does not store vaccination records. Keep a record of your childs vaccination. If you dont have a record of the vaccines that your child received, you may be able to retrieve an official copy.

    Good record-keeping begins with good record-taking. Start tracking your childs vaccination records as soon as your child gets his or her first shot when he or she is born. You can keep track of your childs records by:

    • Getting a vaccination tracking card from your childs doctor or your state health department.
    • Asking your doctor to enter the vaccines your child has received in your states immunization information system . An IIS is a statewide immunization registry doctors and public health clinics use to save and update vaccination records.

    When you maintain a copy of your childs vaccination record:

    • Keep the record in a safe place where you can easily locate it.
    • Bring it to each of your childs doctor visits.
    • Ask the doctor or nurse to jot down the vaccine given, date, and dosage on your childs vaccination record.
    • Write down the name of the doctors office or clinic where your child got the shot so you know where to get official records when you need them.

    Understand your childs vaccination record

    Refer to the vaccine acronyms and abbreviations list so you can better understand your childs vaccination records.

    How To Carry Your Covid

    How to Look Up Your Vaccine Record

    Have you received your COVID-19 booster yet? With omicron, will you need a fourth vaccine dose? With vaccine-makers preparing for an omicron-specific booster if the new COVID-19 variant is as serious as some fear, that piece of paper with your vaccine record could get crowded.

    With many counties and cities requiring you to show your vaccine card and ID to get into restaurants, bars and theaters , you’ll need to carry a record of your COVID shots with you if you want to enter. You don’t, however, necessarily have to keep the printed version in your wallet or purse. We recommend storing it in your phone instead to make your life easier by preventing loss or damage. You carry your phone everywhere, right?

    Not sure where to start? We’ll tell you all the ways you can store your vaccine card on your phone — including methods to use if you have an Android phone or iPhone, or if your state has a specific app. Be aware that if you get a booster dose, you need to re-upload your vaccine card. For more details about the coronavirus, here’s the latest on long COVID and what to know about mixing your COVID-19 booster shot. This story was recently updated.

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    Understanding The Differences Between Information Sources And Whats Been Uploaded

    You can filter by source using the drop-down list in the Immunisation history section.

    Some immunisation information may be duplicated, or some may be missing. This depends on where your healthcare provider uploaded your information.

    • Some information may appear twice if your healthcare provider uploaded it to both the AIR and your My Health Record .
    • Some information may be missing if your healthcare provider did not, or could not, upload it to either the AIR or your My Health Record.
    • Some information may appear in one source, but not the other. For example, your latest shared health summary might not include immunisations that have been recorded in the AIR.
    • Alerts for due and overdue immunisations relate only to immunisations recorded in AIR.

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