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What Herbs Are Good For Viruses

Energetic Presentation Of Covid

Top 10 Herbs for Lung Health, Clearing Mucus, COPD, and Killing Viruses

So what is the terrain we are working with when preventing or treating coronavirus infections? While each individuals underlying body constitution and health history will determine which herbs are appropriate in their case, there are also broad patterns of energetic presentation to COVID-19 symptoms which should guide choices in remedies:

Initial reports from China from herbalists like Thomas Avery Garran, a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner living in Beijing, indicated that it is a cold, damp condition in the lungs. However, most cases observed by herbalists in the U.S. have seen a dry lung presentation with an unproductive cough.

Fever is one of the most common symptoms of the infection. Rachel addresses the healing value of allowing fevers to work without interference, and why she advises people not to reach for NSAIDS or herbs in order to suppress a normal fever:

Most will present with a fever. Let that fever have its way! Its the bodys first-line-of-defense immune response. Breaking it will make the inflammatory stage worse and increase the likelihood of secondary infection like pneumonia.

Sudden onset and sustained high temps are a different story and more serious. If someone becomes excessively lethargic and minimally responsive, thats the time to lower a fever and be concerned.

That doesnt mean not to take them now, but to discontinue use if you become symptomatic. This is wise with any virus like the flu or common cold.

Your Role In Stopping The Covid

Many of our patients have expressed concern regarding their susceptibility to the coronavirus also known as COVID-19. Amid the continued rapid spread of the illness, and warnings from the CDC, it is crucial to know how to best protect yourself and your family from the coronavirus.

Also, it is important not to forget about the current high risk of developing the flu. While you can become sick with various strains of the flu at any time of year, the end of winter/beginning of spring is a time when your risk is elevated.

In addition to social distancing and thoroughly washing your hands throughout the day, there are several natural ways in which you can reduce your chances of becoming sick. Currently, much of the focus on people avoiding contact with others is to reduce the chance to spread the COVID-19 to others who are immunocompromised.

Explore strategies you can begin using immediately to naturally prevent coronavirus and the flu, and other viral illnesses.

On Antivirals And The Importance Of Energetics

In light of the pandemic, herbs categorized as antivirals have become a focus of public attention. Rachel explains, however, that the term may be misleading, contributing to misunderstanding about the difference between what is effective for deactivating viruses in direct contact vs ones they have entered our bodies:

If you want herbs to kill a virus, youll be disappointed. Using words like antibiotic and antiviral lead to a lot of misunderstanding about how herbs work in our bodies. Yes, in petri dishes and with direct contact, there are herbs that inhibit virus replication or kill bacteria .

Many non-clinical herbalists will write books about that, not discerning between what is proven true in a lab and what is proven true in our bodies.

Rachel warns against a this-for-that approach to matching herbs to symptoms, explaining why it is crucial to account for the energetic qualities of herbs, bodies, and disease patterns:

As a practitioner, I love tradition and science, but I love energetics more. The nuance that comes with knowing the qualities of an herb and being able to match those with the energetics of symptom presentation in a certain individual are my jam.

Treat enough folks, and you quickly learn what is mythological and what works. Matching herbs to an illness usually doesnt work.

Echinacea for the immune system, St Johns Wort for depression, etc., while containing a kernel of partial truth, has no nuance whatsoever.

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Are There Other Natural Remedies We Should Avoid

Greenfield: One thing in particular I do ask people to avoid is colloidal silver, which is touted as a treatment for infections and illnesses from the common cold to Lyme disease. But, theres absolutely no evidence to support these claims. Even worse, when people use it for a long time, their skin develops a blue tinge that does not go away.

Its important to remember that natural is not synonymous with safe. Until were certain about safety, we shouldnt go out willy-nilly, taking everything we can find at the health food store. And, even when natural agents like echinacea or melatonin do show promise for colds or flu, that doesnt mean the same is true for COVID.

Clinical Research On Antiviral Herbs

Best Antiviral Herbs

Gynura herb treats herpes simplex.

A number of herbs have been clinically studied for herpes. This includes the Gynura herb, which has been studied with patients with HSV-1 and HSV-2.

Researchers tested 59 patients with herpes and found after four days of treatment a 43% faster healing rate in those who used the Gynura.

In 2007, the Kansai Medical University Kohri Hospita in Osaka Japan tested 28 patients with genital herpes. They had been treated in the clinic for at least a year. They had recurrent outbreaks and the doctors prescribed conventional treatment with no improvement. The patients were then tested with an herbal formula. They gave them a herbal formula containing:

  • Wisteria floribunda
  • Ganoderma lucidum
  • Elfuinga applanata

The researchers found the patients reported faster healing times and greater relief. Their outbreak healing times were reduced from an average of 10.9 days to an average of 7.8 days with the herbal medicine.

The Toyodo Hijikata Clinic in Osaka Japan tested six herbs with recurrent herpes labialis on patients in 1998. They also found the herbal formula caused a faster crusting over and complete recovery during outbreaks. Their symptoms disappeared faster than in prior outbreaks, as reported in other clinical studies.

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Use Antiviral Herbs To Boost Immune System And Fight Viruses

By Dr. Josh Axe, DC, DNM, CN

Did you know that there are more than 400 different viruses that can cause infections, including the common cold, the flu, hepatitis, mononucleosis and HIV?

Today, many people choose to have an annual influenza vaccination, or flu shot, but research shows that its not always effective because of the mutating strains of the influenza virus.

Luckily, there are a number of powerful antiviral herbs that boost the immune system, reduce inflammation and fight infections.

Herbal Medicine For Herpes

In a 2018 study from Pakistans Government College University, researchers tested a multitude of plants for their antiviral effects. The researchers found that plants belonging to 36 variety families were antiviral against laboratory models of several viruses, including herpes simplex.

The researchers further isolated 54 different plants, 27 of those specific to particular plant families. The researchers concluded:

On the basis of the work of several independent research groups, the therapeutic potential of medicinal plants against listed common viral diseases in the region has been proclaimed. In this context, the herbal formulations as alternative medicine may contribute to the eradication of complicated viral infection significantly.

A 2016 study from Irans Shahrekord University of Medical Science conducted a review of research on Iran herbal medicines for herpes. The researchers found 23 medicinal plants that were studied against herpes simplex. The researchers found the following herbs were highly effective against herpes infections in the laboratory:

  • Melissa officinalis
  • Securigeras ecuridaca

The search for the best antiviral herbs is not a new one.

In 1990, the Jiangxi Medical College of China conducted a large test of 472 herbs that were known for their antiviral effects. They screened each herb with herpes patients. Included in this was 78 cases of herpetic keratitis infections in the eyes.

  • Aristolochia debilis
  • Sargussum fusiforme
  • Taraxacum mongolicum

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The Wellbe Takeaway On Natural Virus Killers

Viruses range from pesky to downright deadly, and theyre a bit more complicated to treat than bacteria. However, we do have some concrete knowledge about what kills viruses naturally. Heres what to remember about preventing and treating viral infections without pharmaceuticals:

Have you benefited from natural virus killers? Which ones? Share your experience in the comments below!


Herbs That Kill Viruses And Clear Lungs

Top 5 Herbs to Kill Viruses and Boost Your Immune System

With the way things are in the world today, its no wonder were all looking for ways to stay healthy. Keeping your immune system in great shape is always good, but its a good idea to know what to do if you are sick already. Fortunately, there are plenty of natural ways to keep viruses at bay and to ensure your lungs stay clear, even if you do get sick.

Something to note about these treatments is that they do well in concentrated form. That means youll probably want to try more than just a cup of tea if you feel something icky coming on. Essential oils, extracts, or concentrated tinctures are all excellent choices when you are being threatened by a virus.

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Lower Respiratory Tract Infection

Affects the airways and the lungs.

No doubt, medicines are there to control these infections, but the infection can also be well managed with the help of herbs and that is without any risk of side effects. As herbs are natural and hence are safe to use for everyone. Each herb is known to benefit the body in several ways. Even Ayurvedic medicines are made using the herbs and that is why, the treatment is also regarded as the natural way to treat any disorder.

Viral Fever: 5 Incredible Natural Herbs To Combat Viral Fever

Viral fever is a common ailment occurring these days affecting both adults and children. The change in climate and a rise in temperature during this season is one of the risk factors behind viral fever. Viral fever is mostly triggered by airborne infections that we get from the air we breathe and also transmitted from an infected person. Also Read: How To Prevent Highly Contagious Viral Fevers

A wide range of viral infections can affect humans from the common cold to the flu, mild-fever or a low-grade fever is the most common symptom of many viral infections. Sore throat, cough, runny nose and body aches are some of the common symptoms of viral fever. Fret not mild viral fever can very well be managed at home, by having a well-balanced diet, including a lot of comforting foods, drinking plenty of fluids and taking adequate rest.

Apart from this, Mother Nature has also gifted upon us a rich array of herbs that work as an amazing natural remedy in curing viral fever. However, if fever persists seek immediate medical care or try some of these natural remedies to battle low-grade viral fever.

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Herbal Teas That Fight Viral Infections

Before modern times, people couldnt run to their local urgent care facility, see a doctor, and get a prescription for their ailments. They depended on Mother Natures lush pharmacy of plants, herbs, seeds, and roots.

Through study, trial, and error, cultures around the world discovered herbal remedies that became the predecessors of many of our modern medicines.

Why Use Herbs To Fight Viruses


Unlike prescription medicines, whose list of potential side effects are often longer than their list of benefits, antiviral herbs often have little to no side effects. These herbs can be traced back to as early as Ancient Egypt and China, where they were also used as natural remedies.

Many, like licorice root, are also so effective that they are being considered for use as broad-spectrum, non-prescription antivirals .

By sticking with these antiviral herbs, you can stop viruses in their tracks, boost your immune system, and avoid the chemical toxins found in prescription drugs.

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Respiratory Viruses Similar To Covid

Viral respiratory infections cause life-threatening disease in many people worldwide and affect the lives of millions of people worldwide each year. Global interest in respiratory viruses has recently increased substantially owing to the emergence of some new viruses including SARS-CoV, avian influenza A H5N1, H7N9, H1N1v2009, and Mers-CoV . This review will therefore exclusively focus on influenza viruses and coronaviruses, both of which are known to cause respiratory infections.

The Difference Between Bacterial And Viral Infections

When you dont feel well or get sick for a few days, the culprit is likely either a bacterial infection or a viral infection. As the names suggest, bacterial infections are caused by bad bacteria , while viral infections are caused by viruses.

Bacteria are tiny, single-celled microorganisms that live basically everywhere, including in your body . Most bacteria cause no harm, and the good kind we just referenced, called probiotics, can even help protect you from disease. They do this by acting as your bodyguards against bad bacteria and improving your gut diversity, which keeps your gut safe and your immune system strong. But some bacteria, called pathogenic bacteria, can cause infections in humans. Examples of bacterial infections include strep throat, UTIs, and Lyme disease.

Viruses are even smaller than bacteria, and a bit scarier. While bacteria can live anywhere on the planet, viruses are parasitic, meaning they need living cells or tissue in order to grow. Once a virus makes its way into your body, it will take over your healthy cells and use them to multiply. Some viruses even kill host cells as part of this process! Examples of viral infections include the common cold, the flu, chicken pox, measles, and Covid-19.

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Supporting Your Health And Fighting Viruses

This time of year, keeping viruses at bay and supporting your immune health is crucial. Thats why Ive discounted my anti-viral bundle at It includes vitamin D, vitamin D, and zincall supplements I personally take year-round.

Make sure to check it out and grab your bundle while supplies last!

Clinically Recommended Herbs That Kill Viruses In The Body

5 Herbs for Lung Health, Clearing Mucus, COPD, and Killing Viruses

Viruses are obligate intracellular parasites that cannot be seen with regular microscopes except electron microscopes and require a living susceptible host cell to survive and be active in order to carry out their replication process and multiply. The world of medicine would be incomplete without the use of herbal plants and remedies. There are many ways in which different varieties of herbal plants are used today to cure many viral diseases.

Many years ago, in the medical field, microscopes were not available to differentiate between diseases and infections caused by bacteria and those caused by viral particles. But today, different types of microscopes are available to make it easier to assist in differentiating these disease-causing microorganisms making it much easier to diagnose and know what kind of treatments to proffer.

Some might wonder how it is possible to know how these herbs can be trusted to treat viral diseases. A very recent method of determining if a herb is antiviral is to test it against viral cells in a laboratory. These tests are called in vitro, meaning they are not conducted in a living body. In vitro studies or studies that make use of plant constituents that have been isolated are not bad in themselves. But where the problem lies is when people jump to conclusions about certain things said which have not been proven by research.

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Strengthening & Nourishing Herbs

Look to the same herbs listed for preventative herbs. Other herbs to include during acute illness are:

Slippery Elm – soothing and moistening, this herb is good during convalescence and helps reduce inflammation in the throat and digestive system. The powdered bark can also be made into a nutritious gruel for those recovering from severe illness where appetite is affected.Mullein – soothing and moistening to the lungs, this herb is especially helpful for dry and unproductive coughsYarrow – Yarrow is a bitter herb, which can help stimulate digestion in illness where appetite is affected. It is also very useful in breaking and relieving fevers, reducing inflammation, as well as having some antimicrobial activity.Peppermint – a cooling and opening herb that helps with fever as well as immune stimulation and digestive support.

Elderberry For Cold And Flu Prevention

Sambucus nigra or also known as Elderberry is one of the plants most commonly used for medicinal purposes in the world. In addition to it’s medicinal properties it has a pleasant taste, which makes it useful in creating a pleasant tasting liquid herbal extract suitable for children.

There are certain herbs and other natural compounds that have potential for antiviral, antibacterial, as well as the ability to stimulate natural killer cell, T-cell and B-cell immunity, but very few have all the properties of Elderberry.

Elderberry has show significant improvement in an array of conditions such as influenza, respiratory tract infections, sinusitis, cancer prevention, viral hepatitis, and various bacterial infections. Its been found safer than the use of over the counter drugs for cold and flu while being more effective

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False Claim: 12 Herbs And Spices Can Prevent Or Treat Different Viruses

13 Min Read

A post shared 1.8 thousand times on Facebook falsely claims that 12 herbs and spices can prevent or treat a variety of illnesses. The photograph shows a list of herbs and is titled anti viral herbs .

While some of these herbs may have homeopathic properties, to claim they are anti-viral and prevent COVID-19 is misleading and potentially dangerous.

On its website, the National Institutes of Health says, The media has reported that some people are seeking alternative remedies to prevent infection with the new coronavirus or to treat COVID-19. Some of these purported remedies include herbal therapies and teas.There is no scientific evidence that any of these alternative remedies can prevent or cure COVID-19 .


The post claims that oregano has been found to reduce the activity of murine norovirus , rotavirus and respiratory syncytial virus .

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention : there is currently no vaccine to prevent norovirus . A 2014 podcast by the popular science magazine Scientific American reported that while oregano oil is antimicrobial, there’s no evidence it can inside your body since it works to inactivate pathogensbeforethey get inside.

The CDC says there is no specific medicine to treat rotavirus, although rotavirus vaccines are very effective at preventing the infection .


Holy basil




Lemon balm






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