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What If I Lose My Vaccine Card

Getting Your Cdc Covid

What to do if you lost your COVID-19 vaccine card
  • At your first vaccination appointment, you should get a CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record card that tells you what COVID-19 vaccine you received, the date you received it, and where you received it.
  • Keep your CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record card for future use. Consider taking a picture of your card after your vaccination appointment as a backup copy.
  • If you did not receive a CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record card at your first appointment, contact the vaccination provider site where you got your first shot or your state health department to find out how you can get a card.

Don’t Get It Laminatedyet

Considering how crucial this card will be, it makes sense to think about protecting it with a permanent plastic shield. But doctors recommend holding off on that move. “We are still not sure whether booster shots will be required, so having access to continue to write on them is important,” Shideh Shafie, MD, assistant professor of emergency medicine at Brown University, tells Health.

Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has said that people may also be asked to get a third dose of Pfizer or Moderna as opposed to a booster shot in the next six to 12 months, which would also be added to your vaccine card. So again, you’ll want to make sure your health care provider has easy access to it.

The lamination process can also mess with the pen or printer ink on the cards, potentially making it illegible, Dr. Shafie adds. For now, you can easily protect it in any of the vaccination-card-sized sheet protectors that have started popping up online.

Don’t Post It On Social Media

It’s tempting to share your #justvaxxed selfie on social media even doctors do it. “Many health care providers, such as myself, rushed to do this in the early phases of the vaccination process to help promote the vaccine,” Mohamad Moussa, MD, an emergency medicine specialist and associate professor of medicine at the University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences, tells Health.

But remember, your card contains a lot of personal info, such as your full name, date of birth, where you got your vaccine, and the date or dates you had itall of which can be used for identity theft. “As with posting anything online, you could be risking your personal identity and others stealing and modifying your immunization record for themselves,” Dr. Moussa explains.

Think about it this way: “Identity theft works like a puzzle, made up of pieces of personal information,” the Federal Trade Commission recently wrote. You don’t want to give identity thieves the pieces they need to finish the picture.”

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If You Need Another Dose Of Covid

Bring your CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record card with you to your appointment if you need another shot of COVID-19 vaccine so your provider can fill in the information about your additional shot.

If you have lost your CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record card or dont have a copy, contact your vaccination provider directly to access your vaccination record.

  • If you cannot contact your vaccination provider site directly, contact your state health departments immunization information system . Vaccination providers are required to report COVID-19 vaccinations to their IIS and related systems.
  • If you enrolled in v-safe or VaxText after your first vaccine dose, you can access your vaccination information using those tools.
  • If you have made every effort to locate your vaccination information, are unable to get a copy or replacement of your vaccination card, and need another COVID-19 vaccine dose, talk to a vaccination provider.

CDC does not maintain vaccination records or determine how vaccination records are used, and CDC does not provide the white CDC-labeled COVID-19 Vaccination Record card to people. These cards are distributed to vaccination providers by state health departments.

Please contact your state health department if you have additional questions about vaccination records. Your local or state health department can also provide more information about the laws or regulations in your area.

Bring Your Card If You Get a Second Dose, Additional Dose, or Booster Dose

What Do You Need Covid

What precisely An amazing Decent Virus

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is not collecting vaccine information when Americans go to get shots the information on paper cards do not go into an online CDC database.

Therefore, the vaccine cards can work as proof that you’ve been inoculated at least once. Many states have their own system for tracking when patients receive vaccines, as do hospitals, clinics, and other organizations store information about vaccines, a CDC spokesperson told McClatchy News.

Some businesses, states, and cities are looking into ways to use proof of vaccines to allow for better opening protocols. The International Air Transport Association, or the trade association of international airlines, is working on ways to digitize vaccine cards. Nick Careen, a senior vice president at IATA, told The Points Guy paper vaccine cards are easy to forge, but digital versions can help the airline industry reopen.

In New York City, the Excelsior Pass app acts as a digital vaccine passport for residents and visitors. Users can enter their vaccine information or confirm that they’ve recently tested negative for COVID-19, and they get a QR code to show venues and business that they are vaccinated and/or negative. This will come in handy when NYC requires proof of vaccination to participate in indoor activities starting August 16.

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How Do I Get A Replacement Of My Covid

If you lost your CDC COVID-19 vaccination card and obtained the vaccine at one of the State of Florida vaccination sites, you may submit a request to the Florida SHOTS Program. For more information, contact the Florida Department of Health at 877-888-7468 or email .

The Florida SHOTS Program is a free, statewide, centralized online immunization registry that assists health care providers, schools and parents with keeping track of immunization records. All COVID-19 vaccination sites must submit information on the patients they vaccinated to Florida SHOTS.

If you received the COVID-19 vaccine at one of the Miami-Dade County’s vaccination sites managed by Nomi Health, email to request a digital copy of your vaccination card.

Individuals who received the COVID-19 vaccine at CVS, Walgreens or Publix should contact the appropriate pharmacy.

What Do I Do If I Need A New Vaccination Card

While you might not always be able to obtain a new card, there are a few things you can do if your Covid-19 card is lost of damaged to prove you’re vaccinated.

State-run facilities

One of the first things Americans should do if they were vaccinated at a state-run facility, is contact their county’s state health department and fill out an immunization request form and submit a photo ID to receive their records in the mail.


For those who got the vaccine at a pharmacy, like Walgreens or CVS, you can go to them with a valid form of ID and get your vaccine record, showing proof you got the shot.

Doctor’s office

If you got the vaccine in a doctor’s office, it is recommended to call the office to see if they have a record of the shot.

If they don’t, the office should be able to inform you of another way to get the records.

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Request An Official Record Of Your Vaccination History Via Mail

New Yorkers can request an official record of their vaccinations to be sent to them by mail by printing and filling out an application from the city health departments site.

The application should be mailed with a copy of a valid photo identification, such as a drivers license or passport.

It can be mailed to Citywide Immunization Registry, 42-09 28th Street, 5th Fl., CN 21, Long Island City, New York.

Should You Laminate Your Covid

Lose Or Damage Your Vaccine Card? Here’s What To Do

Laminating a Covid vaccine card has been one of the most debated topics surrounding it.

While many experts think you shouldn’t laminate it, there are others who believe it is a good idea.

“Your vaccine card is important because it documents which COVID-19 vaccine you received and when you received it. We’re still learning about the durability of these vaccines, but this information will be important if it’s determined that booster shots are needed after some time,” Dr. Wesley Long, director of diagnostic microbiology at Houston Methodist, told Houston Methodist’s Katie McCallum.

When asked about lamination, Dr. Long said: “Since your vaccination card may need to be updated with booster shot information in the future, laminating your card may eventually cause more headache than help.

“If you really want to carry your original around, you’re better off placing it in a water-tight, sheet protector. They’re actually making these sized for vaccination cards these days.”

Others believe that lamination is a good way to preserve the card so nothing happens to it.

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How To Get A Replacement Covid

How to get a replacement vaccine card from Louisville-area hospital systems

Norton Healthcare

If you got your vaccine through Norton and need a replacement card, you should use Norton’s MyNortonChart system at You’ll need to make an account if you don’t already have one and then navigate to the “My Record” page using the menu button.

Baptist Health

If you got your vaccine through Baptist Health, call 800-444-0310 to arrange getting a replacement card from the vaccine site you got your shot from. You can also access your records through Baptist’s MyChart system at

U of L Health

If you got your vaccine through one of the University of Louisville Health’s vaccine sites or primary care clinics, they recommend reaching out to the specific provider you went to if you need a replacement card.

Kentucky Immunization Registry

Anyone vaccinated anywhere in Kentucky can get proof of a COVID-19 vaccine through the Kentucky Immunization Registry, whether you’re fully vaccinated or have only had one dose of a two-dose regimen. Call 502-564-0038 or email

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What To Do If You Lose Your Vaccination Card

If something happens to your vaccine card or you lose it, you should first contact the site where you were vaccinated and ask for a replacement. Wherever you were vaccinated — even if it’s a pharmacy or drive-thru vaccination site — will have your records on file. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends reaching out to your state’s immunization information system if you’re having trouble getting a replacement card.

“The most streamlined course of action is to contact the clinic/location where you received your vaccine, and request a duplicate record. A few of my colleagues have already done this and had no issues,” says Cherian.

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How Do I Prove Im Vaccinated Without My Card

If youve already been to a gig or large event, you probably know about the NHS app. This is a separate app from the COVID Track and Traceapp. Just search for the NHS app in the app store and enter your personal details or your NHS number, which you can get from your GP.

If youve only had your first jab, you might also need to upload a negative COVID test to the app to gain your travel pass . All youll need to do is follow the app instructions.

If youre double vaccinated, within 48 hours youll be able to download a domestic or international COVID pass. This is just a QR code that confirms that youre double jabbed. The pass works for around 48 hours, so remember to check that your pass is in date.

Happy travelling, folks!

What To Do If You Lose Your Vaccine Card


Your COVID-19 vaccine card is a small, unassuming piece of paper. If you arent careful, its possible that you could damage or even lose your card.

If that happens, dont panic. All COVID-19 vaccination providers are required to report data within 72 hours in their states immunization system, meaning there will likely be a backup record of your vaccination status.

Although there is a record of your shot, you still may have to reach out to several sites to track it down.

The CDC says that you should first contact your vaccination provider the location where you received the shot to obtain your vaccination record if you have lost your vaccine card or didnt receive one.

Recently, a friend who got vaccinated in Brooklyn accidentally got her card wet before receiving a second Pfizer vaccine dose. Workers at the facility happily exchanged it with a new card. So, depending on where you are in the vaccination process, you may be able to quickly get a new card, too.

Another option is to contact your states immunization information system to see if it has the records. You can also try your states health department.

And also note that you have these options with all vaccines not just the COVID-19 shots.

Finally, if you enrolled in the CDCs v-safe or VaxText text notification system, you can access your vaccination information that way. However, dont contact the CDC directly as they do not have a vaccination database.

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Your Vaccination Records Might Be On Your Phone

You could be lucky enough to live in one of the states that let people access their vaccination records from their smartphones. Those states include Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, , Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Utah and Washington.

Other states have websites where vaccination information can be requested, usually as a PDF or email. Those states include Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin.

Things get a little more complicated if youre in one of the states that didnt go digital, unfortunately.

How Facebook Amazon And Other Social Media Platforms Are Cracking Down On Fake Vaccine Cards

E-commerce and social media sites are taking notice as well.

An Amazon spokesperson told NPR that they do not allow the products in question in our store. We have proactive measures in place to prevent prohibited products from being listed and we continuously monitor our store.

Facebook also says it does not allow anyone to buy or sell COVID vaccine cards.

State attorneys general are also paying attention to the issue.

In April, a bipartisan coalition of 47 state attorneys general, including Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, sent a letter to online platforms Twitter, Shopify and eBay, urging the companies to take immediate action to prevent your platforms from being used as a vehicle to commit these fraudulent and deceptive acts that harm our communities.

MPR News reporter Catharine Richert and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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What This Means For You

Keep your original COVID-19 vaccine card safe with other important documents and avoid laminating it. You may need it in the future if booster shots are necessary or if proof of COVID-19 vaccination is required for access to events or for travel. Experts recommend taking a photo of your card as a backup. If you do lose the original or it becomes damaged, you should be able to obtain a replacement from your vaccine provider or health department.

But What If You Lost It

12 Responds: What happens if I lose my COVID-19 vaccine card?


Many health departments can provide you with your vaccination information. The records themselves arent lost.

But if youre hoping to use that card to prove your vaccination status at work or, say, to travel to one of those countries with a more digital-first approach to record keeping, losing it may make it harder for you to take part in those markers of everyday life like being around other people. Heres what to do.

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What You Need To Know About Your Vaccine Card

Your COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card shows proof of your vaccination: your name, date of birth, which vaccine you received and when you were vaccinated. The card is currently the main proof of vaccination — although some states like New York are developing digital vaccine passports, and cruise lines and airlines may require them in the future. For now, the vaccine card is the most important proof of vaccination, and you should keep it in a safe place and take it with you when you travel.

“The vaccine card is important because we don’t quite know what the future of travel and socializing publicly, with or without masks, looks like,” says Dr. Vivek Cherian, a Baltimore-based internal medicine physician.

“Always have a copy of your card on hand because you never know when you may be asked to provide proof of vaccination. Keeping it easily accessible in your carry-on, purse or computer bag is best,” says Cherian.

How Can I Prove My Vaccination Status

There are several legally acceptable methods:

  • You can carry your physical vaccination card , which you received at the time you got your shots. If you do so, consider having it laminated.
  • You can use Louisianas digital drivers license app, LA Wallet, to digitally display your COVID-19 vaccination status
  • You can register with Louisianas online vaccine registry, MyIR, and have the option to either print or digitally display a COVID-19 vaccine status. You can access MyIR here.
  • Finally, you could go to your healthcare provider and ask them to print a copy of your vaccination records on their official letterhead, with a date and signature, just as you would for a childs vaccination status for their schools or daycares.
  • Below are some sample images of vaccination records that you can use to demonstrate your COVID-19 vaccination status:

    Listed below are some of the most frequent challenges our fellow citizens have experienced, and a quick on how they can be resolved.

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