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What Is The Most Vaccinated Country

Your Arrival Test Results

World’s Most Vaccinated Country Sees A Surge In Covid Cases, WHO Starts Investigation

You can take connecting flights and trains without waiting for your arrival test results.

If your arrival test is negative:

  • you can leave your quarantine, if you were ordered to quarantine while waiting
  • follow local public health measures
  • wear a mask when in public spaces for the first 14 days after your entry
  • maintain a list of all close contacts and locations you visit for your first 14 days in Canada
  • monitor yourself for signs and symptoms
  • keep copies of your proof of vaccination and pre-arrival tests for 14 days

You must take another test.

  • If you completed your test using a kit: another kit should be automatically couriered to you by your testing provider but it is recommended that you contact the provider to ensure a kit is on its way.
  • If you were tested on-site at the airport: contact your testing provider to find out how to complete a re-test.

States Ranked By Percentage Of Population Fully Vaccinated: Dec 22

  • Medium
  • Large

Vermont has the highest percentage of its population fully vaccinated against COVID-19, according to the CDC’s COVID-19 vaccine distribution and administration data tracker.

The CDC’s data tracker compiles data from healthcare facilities and public health authorities. It updates daily to report the total number of people in each state who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. The numbers reported by the CDC may vary from the numbers published on individual states’ public health websites, as there may be reporting lags between the states and the CDC.

As of 6 a.m. EDT Dec. 21, a total of 204,578,725 Americans had been fully vaccinated, or 61.6 percent of the country’s population, according to the CDC’s data.

Below are the states and Washington, D.C., ranked by the percentage of their population that has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, according to the CDC.

1. VermontNumber of people fully vaccinated: 478,502Percentage of population fully vaccinated: 76.68

2. Rhode IslandNumber of people fully vaccinated: 802,940Percentage of population fully vaccinated: 75.79

3. MaineNumber of people fully vaccinated: 1,011,729Percentage of population fully vaccinated: 75.27

4. ConnecticutNumber of people fully vaccinated: 2,644,544Percentage of population fully vaccinated: 74.17

5. MassachusettsNumber of people fully vaccinated: 5,102,236Percentage of population fully vaccinated: 74.03

Providing Proof Of Your Result

When you arrive at the border, you must present an accepted negative molecular test result or proof of a previous positive molecular test result taken between 14 and 180 days that includes:

  • Traveller name and date of birth
  • Name and civic address of the laboratory/clinic/facility that administered the test
  • The date on which the test was taken
  • The type of test taken
  • The test result

Keep proof of your test results with you for the 14-day period that begins on the day you enter Canada.

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Arriving Without An Accepted Covid

  • If a Canadian citizen, person registered under the Indian Act, or permanent resident does not provide proof of a valid molecular test result they:
    • will be allowed entry, but may be subject to a fine of up to $5,000 plus additional surcharges or face criminal prosecution
    • may also be required to go to a designated quarantine facility if they are symptomatic on arrival at the border and do not have a suitable quarantine plan
    • How to isolate upon returning to Canada

Foreign nationals without a valid negative pre-entry COVID-19 molecular test result, proof of a previous positive test result or who have symptoms of COVID-19 be denied entry into Canada.

Canadians or individuals who have right of entry, qualify as fully vaccinated travellers and who depart and re-enter Canada within 72 hours of leaving, wont have to provide a pre-entry molecular test result. This will also apply to their accompanying children under 12, regardless of whether or not the children are vaccinated.

All travellers arriving in Canada are required by Canadian law to respond truthfully to all questions. Providing false information to a Government of Canada official upon entry to Canada is a serious offence and may result in penalties and/or criminal charges. Foreign nationals who provide false information could also be denied entry to the country and/or be barred from returning to Canada.

To be ready for your trip, create your free ArriveCAN account

  • Locate the proof you’ll need to upload

  • The proof you use:

    Which States Are Ending Mask Rules

    Grim new Covid record in world

    California’s indoor masking requirements for vaccinated people are set to expire on Feb. 15. On Monday on Twitter, Gov. Gavin Newsom confirmed that the mandate would indeed end next Tuesday. Unvaccinated people will still be required to wear masks indoors. Also on Monday, Delaware Gov. John Carney announced that the state’s universal mask requirement will end Feb. 11 and that the school mask requirement will end March 31.

    On Wednesday, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul announced that state is lifting its mask mandates for everyone starting Feb. 10. Patrons of indoor business were previously required to be vaccinated or wear masks indoors. Cities, counties and individual businesses can still opt in to the mask-or-vaccine requirement, but it’s no longer required by state law.

    Illinois plans to end its statewide indoor mask mandate on Feb. 28, Gov. Bill Pritzer declared Wednesday. Pritzker noted that the state has seen its sharpest drop in hospitalizations since the pandemic began. Illinois Department of Public Health Director Ngozi Ezike clarified, “While masks will no longer be required in most indoor locations beginning February 28, they are still recommended.”

    Rhode Island also announced an immediate end to mask-or-vaccine requirements for indoor spaces on Wednesday, while Oregon declared an end to masking requirements “no later than March 31.” On Thursday, Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak announced that the state’s mask mandate was over, effective immediately.

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    Who Is Exempt From Arrival Testing

    • Already recovered: Travellers who provide a positive COVID-19 molecular pre-entry test result, conducted at least 14 and no more than 180 days before their scheduled flight or arrival at the land border crossing, are exempt from arrival testing
    • Travellers arriving by boat
    • Children under the age of 5
    • Crew and essential service providers already exempt from arrival testing continue to be exempt

    Vaccine Development: Vaccines Approved For Use And In Clinical Trials

    The speed at which the first COVID-19 vaccines were developed was extraordinary. We have previously looked into the history of vaccine development. The measles vaccine was found relatively rapidly: it took only 10 years from the discovery of the pathogen to the development of the first vaccine. But for typhoid it took more than a century, and for some diseases for which weve known the pathogens for more than a century we still havent found an effective vaccine.

    The development of a vaccine against COVID-19 has been much faster than the development of any other vaccine. Within less than a year several successful vaccines have already been announced and were approved for use in some countries.

    The hope is that even more manufacturers develop vaccines for COVID-19. This will be important because eventually a very large share of the world population needs to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

    We are on the way to several vaccines against COVID-19 vaccine trackers monitor the progress:

    Several institutions maintain websites on which they list COVID-19 candidate vaccines that are currently being developed:

    Oxford/AstraZeneca, Sinopharm/Beijing, Sinovac, Sputnik V

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    Vaccines For Adults 60 Years Of Age And Older

    Some vaccine preventable disease are more common with age, as our immune system may not respond as well as we get older. This puts us at a greater risk for certain diseases, including:

    • flu
    • pneumococcal disease

    The flu is more likely to cause severe illness and even death in older adults.

    It’s also important to make sure routine vaccines are up to date for diseases such as:

    • diphtheria
    • whooping cough

    Public Health And Workplace Safety Measures In Effect As Of February 17

    Australia becomes one of worlds most vaccinated countries | Coronavirus | 9 News Australia

    The following public health and workplace safety measures will come into effect at 12:01 a.m. on February 17.

    • indoor social gatherings for up to 50 people and outdoor social gatherings up to 100 people
    • indoor organized public events for up to 50 people, with no limit outdoors
    • no capacity limits in the following indoor public settings where proof of vaccination is required, including:
    • restaurants, bars and other food or drink establishments without dance facilities
    • non-spectator areas of sports and recreational fitness facilities, including gyms
    • cinemas
    • meeting and event spaces, including conference or convention centres
    • casinos, bingo halls and other gaming establishments
    • horse racing tracks, car racing tracks and other similar venues
    • commercial film and television productions where there is a studio audience
    • indoor areas of other settings that choose to opt-in to proof of vaccination requirements
  • retail limited to the number of people who can maintain two metres physical distance
  • personal care services limited to the number of people who can maintain two metres physical distance, with no limits if proof of vaccination requirements are in place
  • personal care services that require the removal of face coverings are permitted, but anyone providing these services must wear personal protective equipment
  • 50 per cent capacity in spectator areas of facilities used for sports and recreational fitness activities, concert venues and theatres
  • bathhouses and sex clubs
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    What Share Of The Population Has Been Partly Or Fully Vaccinated Against Covid

    The following charts show the breakdown of vaccinations by those that have been partly or fully vaccinated. A person is considered partly vaccinated if they have received only one dose of a 2-dose vaccine protocol. A person is considered fully vaccinated if they have received a single-dose vaccine or both doses of a two-dose vaccine.

    This data is only available for countries which report the breakdown of doses administered by first and second doses.

    Vaccinating The World Is The Only Way To End The Pandemic

    As the pandemic continues to worsen in some parts of the world, the risk increases of more dangerous mutations that are vaccine-resistant or too contagious to control with current vaccines.

    Keeping up with mutations is like whack-a-mole while the pandemic is raging.

    The take-home message for our pandemic exit strategy is that the sooner we get the whole world vaccinated, the sooner we will control emergence of new variants.

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    Vaccination Rollout Across The United States

    The United States is racing to vaccinate a population of 328 million. But local health officials are progressing at vastly different rates. Hover your cursor over each jurisdiction to explore how many doses have been administered, how many people have received vaccines, and what percentage of the population has been fully vaccinated. Click on states to view their full profiles.

    Latest Coronavirus News As Of 11am On 15 February

    Grim new Covid record in world

    Remaining measures will stay in place as guidance, but not legal obligations

    Northern Ireland will lift its last legal pandemic restrictions later today, as the nations current measures become suggested guidance instead.

    These measures include the use of covid certificates in nightclubs, face coverings and a cap of 30 people for gatherings in homes. The restrictions had been due to expire on 24 March, but Northern Irelands health minister Robin Swann announced on Monday that he would terminate the legislation with immediate effect.

    However Swann added that the threat from the virus hadnt disappeared and that guidance should be followed: It is vitally important that we continue to observe the sensible measures we have all learnt to protect ourselves and others.

    Meanwhile, UK government ministers are pushing ahead with plans to wind down covid testing and payments for isolation in an effort to cut costs, despite warnings from health advisers, The Guardian reports.

    Other coronavirus news

    A wave of infections caused by the omicron variant is moving across Eastern Europe, with case counts doubling in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Russia and Ukraine over the past two weeks. The World Health Organisation has warned that, as countries such as Poland and the Czech Republic consider lifting restrictions, the threat level remains high.

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    The data produced by third parties and made available by Our World in Data is subject to the license terms from the original third-party authors. We will always indicate the original source of the data in our documentation, so you should always check the license of any such third-party data before use and redistribution.

    All of our charts can be embedded in any site.

    States And Stores End Mask Mandates As Cdc Weighs Changing Its Advice

    In the past week, 10 states have declared an end to mask mandates. The CDC still recommends indoor masking, but that position could change soon.

    Katie Teague

    Associate Writer

    Katie is an Associate Writer at CNET, covering all things how-to. When she’s not writing, she enjoys playing in golf scrambles, practicing yoga and spending time on the lake.

    Peter Butler

    How To and Money writer

    I’m a writer/editor for CNET How-To and Money, living in South Berkeley, CA with two kids and two cats. I enjoy a variety of games and sports — particularly poker, ping-pong, disc golf, basketball, baseball, puzzles and independent video games.

    A dramatic decline in COVID-19 cases has states reconsidering mask mandates.

    On Monday, five states — California, Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey and Oregon — announced that they would be ending mask mandates for indoor public spaces, schools or both. Throughout the week, governors in five more states — New York, Illinois, Massachusetts, Nevada and Rhode Island — followed suit, declaring the end of required masks immediately or in the near future.

    And on Friday, the Wall Street Journal reported that Walmart will no longer require vaccinated employees to wear masks in stores. The retail giant was one of the first to enact mask mandates for employees back in .

    For more, get the latest on COVID-19 boosters, learn whether we’ll need a fourth shot and consider what the “new normal” might look like after COVID-19.

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    What To Read Watch And Listen To About Coronavirus

    New Scientist Weekly features updates and analysis on the latest developments in the covid-19 pandemic. Our podcast sees expert journalists from the magazine discuss the biggest science stories to hit the headlines each week from technology and space, to health and the environment.

    The Jump is a BBC Radio 4 series exploring how viruses can cross from animals into humans to cause pandemics. The first episode examines the origins of the covid-19 pandemic.

    Why Is Covid Killing People of Colour? is a BBC documentary, which investigates what the high covid-19 death rates in ethnic minority patients reveal about health inequality in the UK.

    Panorama: The Race for a Vaccine is a BBC documentary about the inside story of the development of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine against covid-19.

    Race Against the Virus: Hunt for a Vaccine is a Channel 4 documentary which tells the story of the coronavirus pandemic through the eyes of the scientists on the frontline.

    The New York Times is assessing the progress in development of potential drug treatments for covid-19, and ranking them for effectiveness and safety.

    Humans of COVID-19 is a project highlighting the experiences of key workers on the frontline in the fight against coronavirus in the UK, through social media.

    Coronavirus, Explained on Netflix is a short documentary series examining the coronavirus pandemic, the efforts to fight it and ways to manage its mental health toll.

    What To Watch For

    World’s Most Vaccinated Country

    Bahrains health ministry undersecretary Waleed Al Manea attributed the countrys surge in cases to more testing and the large gatherings associated with the holy month of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr celebration. However, Bahrain, alongside the nearby UAE, is already offering booster shots for the heavily used Sinopharm vaccine , amplifying worries it may not be as effective as others on the market at preventing the disease. A third of Seychellois cases are among vaccinated individuals, the countrys health ministry revealed in mid May and the majority of vaccines given were also the Sinopharm vaccine. The WHO said it would review cases from the archipelago in light of this.

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    Top 10 Countries With The Most Covid

    Top 10 Countries with the Most COVID-19 Vaccines Per Capita

    The race to get the world vaccinated against COVID-19 is now well underway, with many countries having already given out more vaccines than there are people in their nation.

    Here, we look at the countries that have administered the most vaccines per capita – listed below are the nations with the most vaccines given per 100 people.

    10. Denmark

    Denmark is the first and last country from mainland Europe on this list, having given out over 8.6 million vaccines to its population of 5.8 million – thats 148 shots per 100 people to be precise. The vaccination effort isnt completely finished, however, with 26.6% of the population still not fully vaccinated. All Denmarks COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted since September 10.

    9. Mainland China

    China has given out more vaccines than any country in total – just over 2 billion – but due to its staggering population size of 1.4 billion, this only equates to 151 jabs per 100 people. The East Asian country was giving out 20 million shots a day earlier this year, contributing to almost 900 million citizens being fully vaccinated.

    8. Bahrain

    Bahrain is the first of three Middle Eastern countries on this list. The small island nation, which hasnt reported more than one COVID death in a day since July 10, has administered 2.5 million jabs to its population of 1.6 million – 153 per 100 people.

    7. Chile

    6. Israel

    5. Singapore

    4. Malta

    3. Qatar

    2. Uruguay

    1. U.A.E.

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