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What Is The Point Of Vaccine

How Does Vaccination Work

What’s the point of getting vaccinated?

The immune system is a network of cells, tissues and organs that work together to help fight off infection from harmful bacteria or viruses. When a disease-causing agent, such as virus or bacteria, invades your body, your immune system recognises it as harmful and will trigger a response to destroy it.

One of the ways your immune system fights off infection is by creating large proteins known as antibodies. These antibodies act as scouts, hunting down the infectious agent, and marking it for destruction by the immune system. Each antibody is specific to the bacteria or virus that it has detected and will trigger a specific immune response. These specific antibodies will remain in the immune system after the infection has gone. This means that if the same disease is encountered again, your immune system has a memory of the disease and is ready to quickly destroy it before you get sick and any symptoms can develop.

Can You Get The Flu Vaccine And The Covid

Yes. The CDC says you no longer have to wait 14 days between vaccinations. Experts say that after getting the COVID-19 vaccine, your immune response — the process in which your body builds antibodies to protect you against the virus — is basically the same whether you take it alone or with the flu vaccine. Flu season in the U.S. typically lasts from October to May.

Possible common side effects like pain, redness, and swelling may last a day or so at the injection site. These wont change much if you get the flu vaccine, too. Call 911 or head to the nearest hospital if you have a severe allergic reaction.

For: End The Cycle Of Lockdowns

Compulsory vaccinations are not the only form of mandate. Most governments have imposed some form of restrictions, from Covid passes to travel bans, that carry their own costs.

On top of the lives saved, a blanket vaccine mandate could spell the end of lockdowns.

“It’s not just about having your liberty changed… it’s about economic damage and the mental health damage the physical health damage,” says Alberto Giubilini, a senior research fellow at the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics. He favours mandates for those most vulnerable to coronavirus.

“There is no reason to impose the huge, huge costs of lockdowns on people when you have another measure available.”

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What Activities Are Safe To Do After Getting The Vaccine

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , its safe for fully vaccinated people to do the following:

  • Resume the outings and social activities you enjoyed before the pandemic.
  • Travel within the US without getting tested or quarantining after travel.
  • Travel internationally with care. Some countries are still locked down or require testing before travel. A negative test result or documentation of recovery from COVID-19 is also required before boarding an international flight to the US.
  • Wear a mask in public if required or if transmission rates rise in your area.

Q: So Even Though Many People Are Vaccinated Now In Singapore There Might Still Be Deaths And Infections Among Them

Here are 8 things to know about the COVID

A: As we continue to vaccinate as many people as are willing to be protected, and with future surges in this unpredictable pandemic, we will see vaccinated people get infected or even die.

But if we liken Singapore to a room, vaccination reduces the number of bullets ricocheting around the room.

If vaccination can reduce the number of bullets from 2,000 to 20 bullets ricocheting, any given individual is much less likely to stop a bullet.

That individual could well be a 90-year-old vaccinated man who would otherwise end up in the ICU, or a 36-year-old pregnant woman who succumbs to Covid-19.

Vaccine breakthroughs can and will happen, but post-vaccination infections are much less severe.

Covid-19 vaccines have been an incredible medical breakthrough, and function as the best brake we have to slow down this terrible pandemic.

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Measles And Mumps In England

Measles and mumps are starting to appear again in England, even though the MMR vaccine is safe and protects against both diseases.

Measles and mumps cases have nearly doubled in recent years:

Measles and mumps cases in England

How many measles and mumps cases there were in England in 2016 and 2018.

970 1061

This is serious as measles can lead to life-threatening complications like meningitis, and mumps can cause hearing loss.


If 95% of children receive the MMR vaccine, it’s possible to get rid of measles.

However, measles, mumps and rubella can quickly spread again if fewer than 90% of people are vaccinated.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Covid Vaccine Passports

The UK government is reconsidering the idea of certificates of vaccination to help reopen travel and business

Desperate to return to pre-pandemic normality, many countries where vaccination campaigns for Covid-19 are in full swing are considering endorsing vaccine passports to reignite international travel and reopen economies.

A week ago, the UK government ruled out plans for such passports with vaccine minister Nadhim Zahawi calling them discriminatory but on Sunday, the foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, said the documents were under consideration. Labour politicians have advocated their introduction, with the former prime minister Tony Blair making the case for domestic vaccine passports in this weeks Mail on Sunday. So what are the pros and cons of such immunity certificates?

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Safety Is The Top Priority

  • Scientists must first test vaccines extensively in medical studies to ensure they are safe and effective.
  • Before the FDA authorizes a vaccine for use among the public, it ensures its safety by independently:
  • Reviewing the data from the medical studies, and
  • Inspecting the manufacturing facilities.
  • Even after a vaccine has been authorized, the FDA and CDC closely monitor vaccine administration to identify even rare side effects or reactions.
  • The FDA and CDC closely review any reports of side effects or reactions and share these facts with the public.
  • The extremely rare cases of blood clotting and Guillain-Barré Syndrome following Johnson & Johnsons Janssen vaccine and heart inflammation following Pfizer-BioNTechs and Modernas vaccinesa very small number of cases out of millions of vaccinationsshow that the FDA and CDCs vaccine safety monitoring systems work and catch even the rarest reactions.

    Thorough investigations have confirmed that all three available vaccines are safe and effective. Medical experts stress that the benefits of receiving any of the COVID-19 vaccines in use in the United States far outweigh any potential risks.

    The monitoring systems ensure that doctors are notified to watch for signs of serious reactions, no matter how rare, and are aware of proper courses of treatment.

    How Are Vaccines Developed

    COVID-19 Vaccine Myth Busting: What’s the Point of the Vaccine?

    The development of a vaccine against COVID-19 has taken place in an unparalleled pace. Usually such a process takes years, but the scope of the pandemic triggered round-the-clock work by thousands of researchers working on over 100 different forms of the vaccine.

    Effectiveness and safety were key concerns and the Pfizer vaccine approved in the U.S. for emergency use has been found to have 95% efficacy after its second dose.

    Before any vaccine can be used widely, it must go through development and testing to make sure that its effective against the virus or bacteria and that it doesnt cause other problems. The stages of development generally follow this timeline:


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    Once Fully Vaccinated People Can Start Doing More

    • After children and adults are fully vaccinated for COVID-19, they can resume many activities that they did before the pandemic.
    • CDC recommends that fully vaccinated people wear a mask in public indoor settings if they are in an area of substantial or high transmission.
    • Fully vaccinated people might choose to mask regardless of the level of transmission, particularly if they or someone in their household is immunocompromised or at increased risk for severe disease, or if someone in their household is unvaccinated. People who are at increased risk for severe disease include older adults and those who have certain medical conditions, such as diabetes, overweight or obesity, and heart conditions.
  • People are not considered fully vaccinated until 2 weeks after their second dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, or 2 weeks after a single-dose of Johnson & Johnsons Janssen COVID-19 vaccine. You should keep using all the tools available to protect yourself and others until you are fully vaccinated.
  • Learn more about COVID-19 vaccination for people with underlying medical conditions or weakened immune systems.
  • Once Youre Up To Date With Your Covid Vaccines

    • If youre up to date with your COVID vaccines, you can participate in many of the activities that you did before the pandemic. To maximize protection from highly contagious variants and prevent possibly spreading COVID to others, wear a mask inside public places if youre in an area of substantial or high spread of COVID-19.
    • If youre not yet vaccinated, you should continue to:
    • Wear a mask when inside public places.
    • Keep at least 6 feet part from people who dont live with you and who may not be vaccinated.
    • Avoid crowds.
    • Avoid poorly ventilated spaces.
    • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use alcohol-based hand sanitizer when soap and water are not available.
  • Vaccinated and unvaccinated people must still follow federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial laws, rules, and regulations. That includes public transportation, airport/airplane, local business, and workplace guidance.
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    Sa Training International Manufacturers To Produce Mrna Vaccines

    In addition to developing a technology transfer package, Afrigen will conduct hands-on training for commercial partners seeking to gain knowledge, capacity, and skills to produce mRNA vaccines. Our training is tech transfer and training. Its very specific. It is on the process and the product that will be made in those facilities. is very, very focused, says Terblanche. She adds that the training will happen on-site, off-site, and some of it also, to some extent, remotely, depending on what the maturity level of the partners are.

    Technology transfer recipients from Argentina and Brazil are arriving in the country this week for the first hands-on training to make the lab-scale vaccine, says Terblanche.

    South Africas new role as a global trainer in mRNA vaccine development and manufacturing less than a year since the establishment of the Hubs first spoke in the country is impressive. Give credit to the South African scientific community the fact that the scientists could make a vaccine at in a platform thats unknown to most people, its a new platform for vaccine production is really phenomenal, says Terblanche.

    Will The Vaccine Protect Me From Covid

    A Dose of Truth: COVID

    Getting vaccinated means you are far less likely to get really sick and have to go to hospital if you catch COVID-19. You are also less likely to pass COVID-19 on to other people.

    Studies show that 95% of people who have received 2 doses of the vaccine are protected against getting COVID-19 symptoms.

    • Dr Siouxsie Wiles explains how effective the vaccine is
    • NZ Vaccine Facts: How the vaccine works against variants of COVID-19
    • Nanogirl explains why we need 2 doses of the vaccine
    • How does the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine work?
    • What are the benefits of vaccination?
    • Mosi’s story: Looking after his community

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    Atty Thomas Renz: Verified Data Proves Severity Of Covid Vaccine Side Effects

    Lawyer Thomas Renz talks straight to the point to support his case. Asked by America Unhinged host Dr. John Diamond about his views on the alarming increase in side effects caused by the Wuhan coronavirus vaccines, Renz gave an irrefutable answer.

    The numbers are what they are and theyre out there, Renz told Diamond in the February 28 episode of the show on Brighteon.TV.

    In other words, the data will reflect the truth. Unless tampered with, theyre the strongest proof.

    Dr. Anthony Fauci and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention harbor the same thought before. They even cited unverified data as justification for the vaccine mandates being imposed by the government since the pandemic went full-blown in March 2020.

    But the winds of change have shifted.

    Fauci, President Joe Bidens chief medical adviser, the Useless CDC and even the Department of Defense are now trying to discredit the data emerging after more than two years of the deadly global scourge. They are harping that data arent reflective of the current situation, they are a misrepresentation, even downright wrong.

    Case in point: the data on the side effects of the vaccines to military personnel.

    An Instagram post in January showed military members experienced spikes of 300 percent in miscarriages, almost 300 percent in cancer diagnoses and 1,000 percent in neurological issues.

    Is There Anyone Who Cant Get Vaccines

    There are some people who cant or shouldnt receive vaccinations. These include young infants and people with certain medical issues. There is also a small number of people who dont respond to a particular vaccine. Because these people cant be vaccinated, its very important everyone else gets vaccinated. This helps preserve the herd immunity for the vast majority of people. This means that if most people are immune to a disease because of vaccinations, it will stop spreading.

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    Are There Side Effects To Vaccines

    There can be side effects after you or your child get a vaccine. They are usually mild. They include redness or swelling at the injection site. Sometimes children develop a low-grade fever. These symptoms usually go away in a day or two. More serious side effects have been reported, but are rare.

    It takes years of development and testing before a vaccine is approved as safe and effective. Scientists and doctors at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration study the research before approving a vaccine. They also inspect places where the vaccines are produced to make sure all rules are being followed. After the vaccine is released to the public, the FDA continues to monitor its use. It makes sure there are no safety issues.

    Vaccines are safe. The benefits of their use far outweigh any risks of side effects.

    Washington Dc On Alert Ahead Of Expected Trucker Covid Protests

    The race for COVID vaccines: Rich against poor? | To the point

    Livestreamers from within the convoy have repeatedly referred to blocking the Beltway, the 64-mile highway that surrounds Washington, but specific plans have been kept secret by group leaders.

    One organizer, Dan Fitzegerald, who has been livestreaming his journey in the convoy on YouTube, said on a Friday morning stream: I can tell you now that there will be select trucks going to the White House.

    The convoy was initially formed to protest mask and vaccine mandates, which have largely been repealed as the omicron variant dwindled over the past several weeks. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said last week that indoor mask use is no longer necessary in most of the U.S.

    Around a dozen Telegram groups that planned the rallies have accrued tens of thousands of followers, many of whom have posted messages stating that they believe their convoy directly contributed to the mandate repeals.

    The groups demands are now vague and tied to what they call accountability, according to Sara Aniano, an extremism researcher who has spent the last month following the convoy in its Telegram chats.

    That could mean financial accountability. It could be physical accountability. It could be legal accountability. Their inability to distinguish what exactly that means is where the concern lies, said Aniano, who recently published a report on QAnons growth after Jan. 6 for the International Centere for the Study of Radicalization, a London-based nonprofit group.

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    How The Coronavirus Vaccines Work

    The coronavirus has a spike protein on its surface that helps it enter human cells. The coronavirus vaccines help your body make antibodies that recognise this spike protein and can then fight off the virus.

    The vaccines contain ingredients that give your body instructions to produce the spike protein, using the virus genetic code.

    Then, your body makes antibodies that can recognise the spike protein on the coronavirus if it enters your body and help fight it off. This means that if you choose to take a vaccine, you are less likely to get severely sick if you encounter the coronavirus.

    Myths Vs Facts: Making Sense Of Covid

    When so much wrong information is readily available, convincing people to get vaccinated has proven to be a huge challenge

    Myth: pronounced mith noun definition: a widely held but false belief or idea synonyms: misconception, fallacy, fantasy, fiction.

    Among the many reasons COVID-19 vaccination rates in the United States peaked earlier than experts hopedthen, rather than crescendoing into the summer months, began trending downwardare myths that took hold among the unvaccinated and solidified as their reasons not to get the shots. The vaccine will make women sterile the vaccines are too new the shots have a microchip in them the vaccine itself will give me COVID Im immune because I had COVID breakthrough cases prove vaccines are useless.

    There are more. And none of them are true.

    But no matter how convincing and irrefutable the science and the data about the COVID-19 vaccines are, misinformation spreads so easily and quicklylargely through social media networksthat it has become a major barrier stopping the United States from reaching higher levels of vaccination that would bring us closer to herd immunity.

    If these two experts encountered someone on the street who cited one of these myths as their reason not to get vaccinated, this is what they would say to them. To provide extra context, we include one more fact.

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    Q: What Is The Point Of Getting Vaccinated If People Can Still End Up In Icu Or Even Die From Covid

    A: Recent data allows us to say clearly that vaccinated persons are less likely to die from Covid-19. They are also less likely to require oxygen supplementation or ICU care.

    Moreover, vaccinated persons are less likely to get infected. If infected, they clear the virus faster and are infectious for a shorter time.

    Large studies from overseas have clearly demonstrated that vaccinations reduce Covid-19 deaths, hospital admissions and ICU admissions before the advent of the Delta variant. That protection against severe and fatal Covid-19 still holds true in the face of Delta’s surge.

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