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What Percentage Of People Have Been Vaccinated

Michigan Wont Implement The Cdcs New Isolation Guidelines Without Additional Information

Here’s how many Americans have been vaccinated for Covid-19 so far

Michigan health officials announced Thursday that the state will ignore new isolation guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention pending additional information.

On Monday, the C.D.C. cut in half the recommended isolation period of 10 days for those with little or no symptoms. Those now leaving isolation should quarantine for five days and wear masks for an additional five days, federal health officials said.

In its statement, Michigans health department said it wanted to review the evidence behind the new isolation guidelines, including its application for high-risk groups, before it adopted the protocol.

Until then, the state will retain current quarantine and isolation guidelines, and have its residents follow the previous 10-day isolation period.

Health officials also expressed concern over a recent spike in cases across the state, thought to be the result of the new, and highly transmissible, Omicron variant. More than 9,000 people are testing positive every day in Michigan, a 40 percent jump over the last two weeks.

The new guidelines have divided health and government officials, who disagreed on whether or not they were necessary.

The C.D.C. made a decision to balance whats good for public health at the same time as keeping the society running, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nations top infectious disease expert, said on News Nations Morning in America on Thursday.

What Percentage Of The Us Is Vaccinated

As of 6 a.m. EDT Dec. 22, a total of 204,818,717 Americans had been fully vaccinated, or 61.7 percent of the countrys population, according to the CDCs data. Below are the states and Washington, D.C., ranked by the percentage of their population that has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, according to the CDC.5 days ago

Illinois Governor Asks Hospitals To Delay Nonemergency Surgeries

CHICAGO Gov. J.B. Pritzker of Illinois urged hospitals on Thursday to postpone nonemergency surgeries as the state seeks to preserve bed availability in the face of record numbers of new cases.

Were asking our residents to temporarily hold off on important medical care like tonsillectomies, bariatric surgeries and hernia repair, Mr. Pritzker, a Democrat, said in a statement, adding that he expected the case surge to continue into the new year.

Like in much of the country, cases in Illinois are spiking as the highly infectious Omicron variant takes hold. The state is averaging more than 16,000 new cases a day, compared to about 4,400 daily at the start of December.Around 4,600 Illinoisans with the virus are hospitalized, up 35 percent over the last two weeks but still well below the peak levels seen last winter. Early data suggests that Omicron causes milder illness than previous forms of the virus.

Though businesses remain open, the virus has encroached on daily life in Illinois in increasingly obvious ways. Chicago residents are lining up on chilly sidewalks outside storefront testing centers. Several colleges have announced that they will begin the new academic term with online classes. Drivers license offices will close next week because of rising infection levels. And earlier Thursday, the states lieutenant governor, Juliana Stratton, said that she had tested positive.

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Africa Will Fall Short Of Its Vaccination Targets Even If The Vaccine Rollout Accelerates Significantly

Even Africas modest vaccination goals this year appear out of reach.

The African Union, aware of the challenge of obtaining enough vaccines, hoped to immunize 20 percent of its population by years end. The International Monetary Fund proposed a more ambitious goal: 40 percent immunization this year, and 60 percent by mid-next year. But reaching either of those goals would require a huge change in current vaccination rates.

You’re Vaccinated Congrats Now What Can You Do Safely

Fight against Corona: The unexpected turnaround in ...

After a slow kickoff in December, vaccine administration improved in scale and efficiency. The country surpassed President Biden’s initial goals of getting 100 million vaccines into arms in his first 100 days, reaching 200 million vaccines by day 92.

Administration rates peaked in early April with the United States giving out more than 3 million COVID-19 shots per day but declined dramatically after, once people who were most eager to get vaccinated received their shots.

Vaccine eligibility opened to everyone 16 and up in the U.S. in mid-April, to those 12 and older in mid-May, and to kids as young as 5 in early November.

Vaccine uptake hit a low in early July the country fell several million people short of President Biden’s goal of getting at least one shot to 70% of adults in the U.S. by Independence Day.

Later in the summer, vaccination rates rose, as delta surged around the country, hitting hard in areas with low vaccine coverage. Vaccine mandates in schoolsand workplaces contributed to a further increase in daily doses administered in the fall.


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What Are The Long Lasting Fruits And Vegetables I Should Buy For Covid

WHO recommends consuming a minimum of 400 g of fruits and vegetables per day. Citrus fruits like oranges, clementines and grapefruit are good options, as well as bananas and apples, which can also be cut into smaller pieces and frozen for later consumption or to add to smoothies.

Root vegetables such as carrots, turnips and beets, as well as vegetables like cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower are relatively nonperishable. Garlic, ginger and onions are also great options to keep at home, as they can be used to add flavour to a variety of meals.

Total Number Of Booster Shots And Third Shots

This number includes third shots and estimated booster shots administered by other providers.

This means that 24.1% of the 18+ population has been fully vaccinated and has received a booster vaccination against COVID-19.

Value of Wednesday, 29 December · Source: RIVM

3,085,887 booster shots administered by the GGD

Value of Wednesday, 29 December · Source: RIVM

648,800 estimated booster shots administered by other operators, such as hospitals and other institutions

Value of Wednesday, 29 December · Source: RIVM

130,024 third shots administered by the GGD

Value of Sunday, 26 December · Source: RIVM

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Vaccination Rates Fall In Us As Case Numbers Rise

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Who’s Eligible And How To Book

Rural Missouri counties have high percentages of people vaccinated

All vaccines approved for children require 2 doses at least 8 weeks apart to be fully protected. Minors under 18 require verbal or written consent from a parent or guardian to be vaccinated.

Children 12 and older

  • The children’s dose is 1/3 of the regular vaccine .
  • It is 90.7% effective in preventing illness and no serious side effects were identified.
  • Children are recommended to wait at least 14 days between the COVID-19 vaccine and the seasonal flu vaccine. Routine school immunizations can continue as scheduled.
  • Children under 5

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    Vaccination Rollout Across The United States

    The United States is racing to vaccinate a population of 328 million. But local health officials are progressing at vastly different rates. Hover your cursor over each jurisdiction to explore how many doses have been administered, how many people have received vaccines, and what percentage of the population has been fully vaccinated. Click on states to view their full profiles.

    How Is The Covid

    COVID-19 transmits when people breathe in air contaminated by droplets and small airborne particles containing the virus. The risk of breathing these in is highest when people are in close proximity, but they can be inhaled over longer distances, particularly indoors. Transmission can also occur if splashed or sprayed with contaminated fluids in the eyes, nose or mouth, and, rarely, via contaminated surfaces.

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    Vaccination Coverage Per Municipality

    This map shows the percentage of the population of each municipality or safety region that has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. By adjusting the map, you can also see what percentage of its inhabitants have had at least one vaccine dose.

    The figures are not complete. The vaccination coverage is actually higher.

    12 years and older

    12 to 17 years

    18 years and older

    Fully vaccinated

    Turnout 1st dose

    Value of Sunday, 26 December · Source: RIVM

    Booster Shots And Third Shots

    As Rich Nations Protect Corporate Patents, the Global ...

    A booster shot is an extra shot for people who have been fully vaccinated. That is after one shot or two shots . A booster shot is only necessary if the protective effect of the first series of shots decreases too much after a while.

    The third shot may improve immunity in some people with severe immune disorders, so-called ‘immune-compromised patients’. Vaccinations sometimes work less well for them. After complete vaccination, they have built up too little resistance against corona.

    Last values obtained on Thursday, 30 December.

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    Vaccination Coverage By Age Group

    This table shows the percentage of people in an age group who have had at least one vaccine dose against COVID-19 and the percentage who have been fully vaccinated.

    The figures are not complete. The vaccination coverage is actually higher. .

    Age group
    81 and older1940 or earlier: 818,250 people 92%
    71 to 801941-1950: 1,606,720 people 94%
    61 to 701951-1960: 2,138,868 people 91%
    51 to 601961-1970: 2,552,354 people 89%
    41 to 501971-1980: 2,172,171 people 84%
    31 to 401981-1990: 2,188,040 people 76%
    18 to 301991-2003: 2,887,458 people 74%
    12 to 172004-2009: 1,158,933 people 68%

    Value of Sunday, 26 December · Source: RIVM

    Total Cumulative Doses Per 1000 People By Ethnicity

    This chart shows all doses administered which includes first, second, third primary and booster doses. As a result this chart may exceed 1,000 doses per 1,000 people.

    * The prioritised ethnicity classification system allocates each person to a single ethnic group, based on the ethnic groups they identify with. Where people identify with more than one group, they are assigned in this order of priority: Mori, Pacific Peoples, Asian, and European/Other. So, if a person identifies as being Mori and New Zealand European, the person is counted as Mori. See Ethnicity Data Protocols for further information.

    Ethnicity breakdown by DHB of residence is available in the downloadable spreadsheet at the bottom of the page.

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    Grafiek Vaccinatiegraad Eerste Vaccinatie

    Figure 2: Cumulative turnout for at least one COVID-19 vaccination by birth year and week, weeks 1-51, 2021. 1-6

  • Week numbers are calendar weeks : week 1 = 4-10 January 2021, week 2 = 11-17 January 2021, etc.
  • In contrast to the other birth years, people born in 1956-1960 have primarily been vaccinated with VAX via their GP. The figures for vaccinations given by the GP are based on the vaccinations registered in CIMS. VAX was temporarily not administered from 15-23 March 2021 and from 3-5 April 2021.
  • Vaccinated persons who are not registered in the Personal Records Database are included in the numerator but not in the denominator in calculating the vaccination turnout. This applies for example to some of the homeless people, asylum-seekers, migrant workers and sailors. This means that the turnout is somewhat overestimated.
  • The term turnout is used to indicate what percentage of the population has received a specific dose in a vaccination series. The term vaccination coverage is used to indicate what percentage of the population is fully vaccinated.
  • Drop In Novel Coronavirus Deaths

    COVID-19: More than 50% people in Europe fully vaccinated, claims EU | Coronavirus | English News

    30 December 2021

    Of the deaths registered in the week ending 17 December 2021 in England and Wales, 755 mentioned novel coronavirus .

    This accounts for 6.1% of all deaths and is a decrease in the number of deaths compared with Week 49 and Week 48 .

    The number of deaths overall registered in England and Wales in the week ending 17 December 2021 was 12,400. This was 470 more deaths than the previous week and 15.3% above the five-year average .

    The number of deaths involving COVID-19 in England decreased to 702 in Week 50, compared with 708 in Week 49. In Wales, deaths involving COVID-19 dropped to 51 in Week 50, compared with 54 in Week 49.

    The number of deaths registered in the UK in the week ending 17 December 2021 was 14,102, which was 14.4% above the five-year average of the deaths registered in the UK in Week 50, 855 involved COVID-19, which was 33 fewer than in Week 49.

    Weekly death registrations and occurrences are available by local authority and health board.

    Total deaths from all causes were above the five-year average in Week 50

    Number of deaths registered by week, England and Wales, 28 December 2019 to 17 December 2021

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    How Is The Vaccine And Booster Rollout Going

    So far, more than 51 million people have had a first vaccine dose – some 90% of over-12s. More than 47 million – 82% of over-12s – have had both doses.

    While uptake of first and second doses has dropped off, there has been a steep rise in people having boosters.

    About 32 million booster doses have been administered across the UK, with a daily average of almost 890,000 jabs.

    Vaccination rates have now levelled off in every age group in England apart from the youngest bands, as the chart below shows.

    The highest rates of vaccination can be seen in the oldest age groups – among the first to be vaccinated.

    Book Your Free Shot It’s Safe And Easy

    COVID-19 vaccines help prevent you from getting infected and protect you from getting severely sick if you do get it. All vaccines are safe, effective and save lives.

    Everyone 5+ can get vaccinated. Children 5 to 11 must book online or by calling 811, walk-ins are not available at this time. People 18+ can get a third dose 5 months after their second dose.

    AHS clinics and pharmacies use the same central online booking system. You can also book by calling 811, visiting a walk-in clinic, or contacting a doctor’s office.

    • 89.1% of Albertans 12+ with at least 1 dose
    • 85% of Albertans 12+ fully vaccinated

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    Three In Four People Self

    23 December 2021

    Around three quarters of individuals who tested positive for COVID-19 fully complied with isolation rules throughout the self-isolation period, according to data collected between 29 November and 4 December 2021.

    This has remained stable since June but is a decrease from a high of 86% in May 2021.

    Compliance with self-isolation rules was lower between the onset of symptoms and receiving a positive test result , compared with 24 hours following a positive result and the remainder of the self-isolation period .

    A third of individuals reported that self-isolation had a negative effect on their well-being and mental health.

    Additional Doses For Travellers Or Astrazeneca/janssen Recipients

    Health matters: delivering the flu immunisation programme ...

    These additional doses are considered a booster dose if the spacing between the second and third dose is at least 28 days.

    International travellers

  • Eligibility: Travellers to jurisdictions that don’t recognize Covishield/AstraZeneca or mixed series doses can get additional dose of vaccine.
  • When to book: Must wait at least 4 weeks after second dose.
  • How to book: Call 811, book online , or contact a physicians office.
  • AstraZeneca or Janssen recipients

    • Eligibility: People who received 2 doses of AstraZeneca or one dose of Janssen can get a booster of an mRNA vaccine, if they have not already received an mRNA dose for travel purposes.
    • When to book: Must wait at least 5 months after second dose .
    • How to book: Book online , call 811, or contact a physicians office.

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    Shopping And Dining Fall On Pre

    23 December 2021

    The number of shoppers and diners across the UK has fallen compared with pre-coronavirus levels as the Omicron variant has emerged.

    The seven-day average of UK seated diners fell by 14 percentage points in the week to 20 December 2021, to 88% of the level in the equivalent week of 2019.

    Africas Covid Crisis Deepens But Vaccines Are Still Far Off

    Daily doses per 100,000 people

    Africa is now in the deadliest stage of its pandemic, and there is little prospect of relief in sight.

    The Delta variant is sweeping across the continent. Namibia and Tunisia are reporting more deaths per capita than any other country. Hospitals across the continent are filling up, oxygen supplies and medical workers are stretched thin and recorded deaths jumped 40 percent last week alone.

    But only about 1 percent of Africans have been fully vaccinated. And even the African Unions modest goal of getting 20 percent of the population vaccinated by the end of 2021 seems out of reach.

    Rich nations have bought up most doses long into the future, often far more than they could conceivably need. Hundreds of millions of shots from a global vaccine-sharing effort have failed to materialize.

    Supplies to African countries are unlikely to increase much in the next few months, rendering the most effective tool against Covid, vaccines, of little use in the current wave. Instead, many countries are resorting to lockdowns and curfews.

    Even a year from now, supplies may not be enough to meet demand from Africas 1.3 billion people unless richer countries share their stockpiles and rethink how the distribution system should work.

    The blame squarely lies with the rich countries, said Dr. Githinji Gitahi, a commissioner with Africa Covid-19 Response, a continental task force. A vaccine delayed is a vaccine denied.



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