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What Vaccines Do I Need

What Share Of The Population Has Received At Least One Dose Of The Covid

Which vaccines do I need for travel?

The following chart shows the share of the total population that has received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. This may not equal the share that are fully vaccinated if the vaccine requires two doses. If a person receives the first dose of a 2-dose vaccine, this metric goes up by 1. If they receive the second dose, the metric stays the same.

Total number of people who have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine

The following chart shows the total number of people that have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. This may not equal the number that are fully vaccinated if the vaccine requires two doses. If a person receives the first dose of a 2-dose vaccine, this metric goes up by 1. If they receive the second dose, the metric stays the same.

How Redeployment Could Impact Your Pay

Where redeployment is undertaken for the purpose of the VCOD framework, individuals in scope of the regulations are not eligible for pay protection of their basic salary or additional earnings should they obtain employment at a lower band/grade to the one currently held, with different working arrangements.

Where a doctor continues to work as a full-time member of staff in their existing medical grade, their basic pay, at whichever pay point they have reached, would remain the same.

Where a doctors role substantively changes as a result of redeployment, such as because they are no longer undertaking work that attracts an enhancement , they will no longer receive payment for the activities that they previously undertook in their role and which have now ceased.

Recommended Travel Vaccinations For Egypt

VACCINE Typhoid Food & Water Shot lasts 2 years. Oral vaccine lasts 5 years, must be able to swallow pills. Oral doses must be kept in refrigerator. Saliva of Infected Animals High risk country. Vaccine recommended for long-term travelers and those who may come in contact with animals. Polio Food & Water Required if arriving from a country with polio transmission. Considered a routine vaccination for most travel itineraries. Single adult booster recommended.

Sources: CDC, WHO and ISTM

Polio vaccination is not recommended for Egypt. But, a single adult may recommended for some surrounding countries.

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Where To Get A Booster Dose

To get a booster dose, you can:

  • Wait for an appointment at a vaccination centre. The HSE will text you with appointment details

Some GPs are also vaccinating their patients.

If you are livingin long-term residential care, you will be vaccinated where you live.

If you are aged 70 or over and not living in residential care, you’ll beinvited for your vaccine by your GP. Some GPs will refer patients to avaccination centre.

Weak immune system

If youhave a weak immune system, you should have been offered an additionalvaccine dose.

Why Should I Vaccinate My Child

How quickly do I need a second COVID

Vaccines save lives. Measles vaccines alone are estimated to have prevented over 21 million deaths between 2000 and 2017.

Vaccines will help protect your child against diseases that can cause serious harm or death, especially in people with developing immune systems like infants.

Its important to vaccinate your child. If not, highly contagious diseases such as measles, diphtheria and polio, which were once wiped out in many countries, will come back.

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If You Do Not Want To Have The Vaccine

We recognise the difficulty these circumstances may cause for some BMA members. The BMA encourages members to take up the vaccine wherever possible and at the same time urges employers to explore all potential opportunities for redeployment for doctors who do not have the vaccine. Any BMA member who faces a risk of dismissal can access support from the BMA under their member benefits.

The BMA has considered the position of a doctor who is required by law to have the vaccination to continue in their current role but does not have the vaccination and cannot be redeployed from their patient-facing role. Where vaccination is a legal requirement, the employer cannot allow the doctor to continue in their role without being vaccinated. While employers should make every effort to redeploy doctors who do not have the vaccination into roles where vaccination is not required, in the majority of cases, we anticipate that this will not be possible. As such, you need to be aware that deciding not to have the vaccine carries with it a significant risk of dismissal. In most cases, this will be the likely outcome.

Who Is Eligible For A Fourth Booster Shot Now

In October, the CDC approved a third primary shot of an mRNA vaccine, like Pfizer’s or Moderna’s, for individuals who are immunocompromised or have other specific health issues. The third shot should be delivered at least 28 days after the second.

Five months after that third primary shot, vulnerable people are eligible for their booster, or fourth shot.

Conditions that the CDC considers “moderately or severely immunocompromised” include:

  • Patients in active cancer treatment for tumors or blood cancers
  • Those with organ transplants who take medicine to suppress the immune system
  • Those who’ve received a stem cell transplant within the last two years
  • Moderate or severe immunodeficiency
  • Serious HIV infection
  • Patients taking medicine or drugs that may suppress their immune response

Many news stories have reported that immunocompromised people seeking fourth shots are being turned away by some pharmacies. Kaiser Health News reported Wednesday that the CDC held a conference call with major pharmacies to ensure that they are all aware of the agency’s recommendations and the eligibility of some Americans to receive their fourth booster shot.

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Would Everyone Be Eligible For A Fourth Covid Vaccine Dose

Scientists in Germany, Israel, the UK and other countries are considering a fourth shot of a COVID-19 vaccine for the general public. Fauci said a fourth jab is “conceivable” in the US, too.

The omicron variant is changing the definition of full vaccine protection, Ugur Sahin, CEO of BioNTech, which makes a vaccine in partnership with Pfizer, said in a statement. “With the data now coming for the omicron variant, it is very clear our vaccine for the omicron variant should be a three-dose vaccine.”

If three doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine are needed to protect against omicron, the timeline for a fourth shot could be pushed up to as early as March, Pfizer executives said.

“I think it is very likely that we will need a fourth booster, possibly already this spring, particularly if omicron continues to dominate,” Mikael Dolsten, Pfizer’s chief scientific officer, told CBS News.

Why You Should Vaccinate

Do I need to get the vaccine if I’ve already had and recovered from COVID-19?

Infectious diseases can spread among children and adolescents at school who are not vaccinated. As a parent, you can keep your kids healthy with routine health care and vaccines. Make sure your school-age children are up-to-date with their vaccinations.

Infection from certain diseases can kill or seriously harm your child. Vaccines use weakened or killed virus or bacteria to trigger your childs natural immune response to provide long-term protection against a disease . It is like a rehearsal for the immune system, so your child is prepared if they are exposed to the “real” disease.

Vaccinations are safe

Vaccinations do not cause autism.

Scientific studies and reviews continue to show no relationship between vaccines and autism.

Some people wont develop immunity to a disease after being vaccinated, but the vaccine itself cannot infect someone. If a vaccinated individual does contract a disease which they were vaccinated against, their illness will be less severe.

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What Vaccines Do I Need Recommended Vaccines For Adults

You do your best to lead a healthy life. You exercise regularly, eat a well-balanced diet, and get a good nights sleep. Also, you dont smoke, drink excessively, or let stress get the best of you. Furthermore, you feel you protect your health well. However, you might be missing the recommended vaccines for adults.

Measles Mumps Rubella And Varicella Vaccine

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care recently introduced a new measles, mumps, rubella and varicella vaccine to the Publicly Funded Immunization Schedules for Ontario.

Immunization against measles, mumps and rubella is required by law for all children attending school in Ontario, unless exempted. Immunization against varicella is also required for children born in 2010 or later.

What is measles?

Measles can be a serious infection. It causes high fever, cough, rash, runny nose and watery eyes. Measles lasts for one to two weeks. Ear infections or pneumonia can happen in one out of every 10 children with measles. Measles can also be complicated by encephalitis, an infection of the brain, in about one out of every 1,000 children with measles. This may cause brain damage and developmental delays. Measles can also make a pregnant woman have a miscarriage or give birth prematurely.

Measles spreads from person to person very easily and quickly. People can get measles from an infected person coughing or sneezing around them or simply talking to them.

What is mumps?

Mumps can cause very painful, swollen testicles in about one out of four teenage boys or adult men, and painful infection of the ovaries in one out of 20 women. Mumps infection during the first three months of pregnancy may increase the risk of miscarriage. Mumps can cause deafness in some people.

What is rubella ?

What is varicella ?

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If I Have A Transplant Which Vaccines Should I Avoid

Vaccines work with the body’s immune system. If the immune system does not work properly, the vaccine may not work or may even cause harm. Because transplant recipients use medications that affect the immune system, it is important to understand which vaccines you should and should not have. Most vaccines fall into two categories: inactive or live. Inactive vaccines are considered safe for transplant recipients, but live vaccines should be avoided. In general, if you have a transplant, you should avoid:

  • Influenza nasal . The flu shot that is injected is an inactive vaccine, unlike the nasal mist noted here.
  • Chicken-pox
  • Yellow Fever

Measles Mumps And Rubella Vaccine

Everything You Need to Know About mRNA, the COVID

Measles, mumps and rubella are endemic in many countries and therefore protection against these diseases is especially important for travellers.

Travellers born in or after 1970, who do not have documented evidence of receiving 2 doses of MMR vaccine on or after their first birthday, or laboratory evidence of immunity, or a history of laboratory confirmed measles disease, should be vaccinated accordingly so that they have received 2 doses of MMR vaccine. MMR vaccine may be given as early as 6 months of age for children travelling outside of Canada where the disease is of concern or travelling to locations experiencing outbreaks. However, 2 additional doses of measles-containing vaccine must be administered after the child is 12 months old to ensure long lasting immunity to measles.

Travellers born before 1970, who do not have documented evidence of receiving MMR vaccine on or after their first birthday, or laboratory evidence of immunity, or a history of laboratory confirmed measles or mumps disease, should receive 1 dose of MMR vaccine.

Refer to Measles vaccine, Mumps vaccine and Rubella vaccine in Part 4 for additional information.

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If You Are Pregnant Or Planning A Pregnancy

The JCVI have recommended that pregnant women be offered the COVID-19 vaccine and there is no evidence that it impacts fertility. The vaccine is one of the most effective interventions to protect against serious illness from COVID-19. The JCVI, the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists , the Royal College of Midwives and the UK Tetralogy Service all recommend the COVID-19 vaccination for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

In relation to mandatory vaccination, short-term medical exemptions are available for pregnant women if they choose to take this option. It is worth noting that once these expire, you will have to prove that you are fully vaccinated – otherwise you are at risk of dismissal. We would encourage anyone in this position to speak to their clinician as there are significant health benefits to being vaccinated.

What Share Of The Population Has Been Fully Vaccinated Against Covid

The following chart shows the share of the total population that has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. This represents the share that have received all doses prescribed by the vaccination protocol. If a person receives the first dose of a 2-dose vaccine, this metric stays the same. If they receive the second dose, the metric goes up by 1.

This data is only available for countries which report the breakdown of doses administered by first and second doses.

Total number of people who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19

The following chart shows the total number of people that have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. This represents the number that have received all doses prescribed by the vaccination protocol. If a person receives the first dose of a 2-dose vaccine, this metric stays the same. If they receive the second dose, the metric goes up by 1.

This data is only available for countries which report the breakdown of doses administered by first and second doses.

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Egyptian Rules Customs And Laws

Public Behavior

  • Intimate behavior and any sort of public displays of affection including cuddling, kissing and even hand-holding are seen as inappropriate.
  • When visiting a home, it is customary to bring a small gift and remove shoes before entering.
  • Egyptians have unique functions for the two hands. The left hand is to be used for unclean functions, like putting on shoes or wiping in the bathroom. Its is seen as unhygienic to put food into the mouth or into a communal food bowl with that hand. The right hand should be used for greetings and eating.


  • Egyptians are passionate about certain subjects and conversations about those subjects, including Israel, Islam and Palestine, should be treated carefully. There is potential for serious offense if careful consideration is not taken, especially when expressing opinions about religion.


  • Dress should be modest. Shorts are considered acceptable only near the coastal resorts, and shirts for both men and women should cover the shoulders. Immodest clothing encourages disapproval from the Egyptians as well as gropers.
  • Be conscious of dress when visiting mosques or other sacred places. Travelers should be especially modest, with women covered from wrist to ankle and men covered from below the shoulder to below the knee. Travelers should also remove their shoes or wear overshoes.

How Many Doses Have Been Donated By Each Country

Do I need a second dose of COVID-19 vaccine?

These charts show the cumulative number of doses donated to the COVAX initiative by different countries, broken down by whether the donations have only been announced, actually donated, or delivered to the recipients. This is only available for a select number of countries for which the COVID-19 Task Force reports the necessary data.

The three following charts show the number of doses donated, adjusted for:

  • The population of the donating country
  • The GDP of the donating country
  • The number of doses administered by the donating country to its own population.
  • COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access

    COVAX is a worldwide initiative aimed at equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines directed by Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations , and the World Health Organization . COVAX coordinates international resources to enable low-to-middle-income countries equitable access to COVID-19 tests, therapies, and vaccines.

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    Countries With An Approved Proof Of Vaccination And Examples Of Proof Required

    List of countries and territories with approved proof of vaccination for travel to England and examples of proof of vaccination.

    If you have proof of vaccination from a country or territory that is not on this list, or with a vaccine that is not listed, you must follow the rules for people who do not qualify as fully vaccinated.

    Country or territory Examples of proof of vaccination status and whether you can verify this on the UK passenger locator form
    Akrotiri and Dhekelia

    Number Of Doses For Primary Series

    Most COVID-19 vaccines require 2 doses for the primary series. A second dose is essential for longer-lasting and optimal protection, including against most variants of concern. If you’ve already had COVID-19, you should be vaccinated against COVID-19 and may be offered 2 doses.

    A different COVID-19 vaccine may be offered for your second dose. This is known as a mixed vaccine schedule. NACI recommends that mRNA vaccines should be offered for both first and second doses. This is the case even if you received a first dose of the AstraZeneca Vaxzevria vaccine.

    Learn more about:

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    What About Those Who Got The Johnson & Johnson Vaccine For Their First Shot

    According to UCSF’s Wachter, it’s still too early to know how protected those who received the J& J vaccine are. “There’s always someone who got J& J and says, ‘What about me?’ And the answer is, we have no idea,” Wachter said. “Do they need a third shot? I think that question is going to be important to answer.”

    According to a Dec. 29 study by the South African Medical Research Council, for individuals who received one dose of the J& J vaccine, known as Ad26.COV.2, a booster delivered six to nine months later raised their odds against hospitalization from 63% to 85%

    It’s the earliest proof of the Johnson & Johnson booster’s effectiveness, the author of the non-peer-reviewed study wrote. And it comes at a time when the more contagious omicron variant is running rampant. In the period examined mid-November to mid-December 2021 omicron infections in South Africa represented 98% of all confirmed COVID cases, according to GISAID.

    It’s possible the J& J vaccine, associated with a rare but serious blood-clotting issue, may make a better candidate for a booster, regardless of which vaccine you initially received. A new analysis of “mixing-and-matching” shots conducted by Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center found a J& J booster given to individuals who initially received two doses of Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine generated a 41-fold increase in antibody response within a month, compared to only a 17-fold increase when given another Pfizer jab.

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