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What Vaccines Does Kroger Offer

Kroger To Offer $1 Million Prizes Free Year Of Groceries For Covid

Kroger pharmacies are giving COVID vaccines
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Kroger is giving away big prizes for those who receive their vaccine from Kroger Health.

Similar to the Ohio Vax-a-Million sweepstakes, people have a shot at winning one of five $1 million payouts totaling $5 million in cash prizes. Fifty winners will also receive a free year of groceries from Kroger.

Kroger officials say its new giveaway campaign called the #CommunityImmunity comes after a collaboration with the Biden administration to get more Americans vaccinated.

“The faster we reach community immunity, the sooner we can all get back to enjoying backyard barbecues, live music and gathering for special occasions,” said Rodney McMullen, Kroger’s chairman and CEO. “We greatly appreciate President Joe Biden’s leadership and partnership with the private sector to increase vaccinations among the U.S. population, especially people of color and individuals under age 30. As an employer, grocery provider, and community partner, the #CommunityImmunity giveaway is another way we are doing our part to help America recover from the public health crisis and safely return to normal.”

Kroger Health will be announcing prizes, official rules and eligibility for the giveaway next week. WLWT will provide updates on how you can enter.

Prizes will include five $1 million giveaways for a total of $5 million and 10 free groceries-for-a-year giveaways each week for five weeks, totaling 50 winners.

What Discounts Does Goodrx Offer On Kroger Vaccines

You may be able to save money on vaccines at Kroger through the Kroger Rx Savings Club powered by GoodRx. Those who subscribe to the membership plan receive exclusive savings on pharmacy items, including some free prescriptions, while others are $6 or less. An individual membership costs $36 per year. A family plan that covers up to six individuals, including pets, costs $72 per year.

You also can visit GoodRx and search for a specific vaccine to check its Kroger pharmacy price. The average shopper saves 85% off of the Kroger pharmacy cash price when using GoodRx.

What Routine Vaccines Are Covered By The Affordable Care Act

If you have insurance, you may not have to pay anything for certain vaccines. Many preventive care services are provided through health insurance plans at no out-of-pocket cost to you as part of the Affordable Care Act . This means you can receive certain services without a copay or coinsurance even if you have not met your deductible. Preventive care includes wellness visits, screenings, and routine vaccines.

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Some Kroger Employees Without Covid Vaccine To Pay $50 A Month Surcharge On Health Plan

The grocery chain Kroger announced a change in benefits for unvaccinated employees as COVID-19 cases are rising. Starting at the beginning of 2022, some workers will be required to pay an additional monthly amount for their company health insurance plan.

Starting January 1, unvaccinated managers and non-union workers will pay an extra $50 a month for their insurance, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The additional monthly charge only applies to salaried employees enrolled in the company healthcare plan. Employees who work hourly and have the company health care plan will not be affected.

Additionally, unvaccinated workers will no longer be able to take two weeks of emergency paid sick leave if they become infected with COVID-19, a company spokesperson confirmed to the Associated Press on Tuesday.

Kroger will provide a “special” leave for fully vaccinated employees only, the company said in an email. However, there will still be several alternate choices for unvaccinated employees who become infected with COVID-19. Workers can earn paid time off and apply for unpaid leave.

Starting last year, Kroger offered emergency leave with two weeks of paid time off when someone was diagnosed with COVID-19. All employees, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated, could get paid. The policy was put in place when vaccines weren’t widely available.

Kroger employs almost a half million people who interact with as many as 9 million customers daily.

What Are The Prices For Vaccines At Kroger


The amount you spend out of pocket for a vaccine depends on several factors. If you have insurance, you may have responsibility for part of the cost or you may not have to pay anything for certain vaccinations.

Where you live also can impact what you pay for a vaccine, even at the same retailer. For example, a Kroger pharmacy in Virginia may charge a different cash price than a Kroger pharmacy in Mississippi.

Here is how out-of-pocket costs compare at Kroger pharmacies in four states:

Kroger Pharmacy: Mount Gilead, Ohio

Shingrix: $195

HPV: $500 per dose

Flu : $85

Flu : $85

Kroger Pharmacy: Shreveport, Louisiana

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Kroger Pharmacies Offer Covid Booster Vaccines And Flu Shots To Eligible People

Those who are eligible for the COVID vaccine booster can receive the shot at Kroger pharmacy locations.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the Federal Drug Administration say that booster doses are given at least six months after completing the two-dose primary series of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID vaccine.

Besides the booster, these locations will also be offering flu shots as well. The CDC and FDA say that eligible individuals can receive the COVID vaccine and flu shot at the same time.

With the flu season quickly approaching, it is important to remind our population about the importance of getting your flu shot, and your COVID-19 vaccine if not yet vaccinated to help protect against severe illness, said Chris Koon, division health and wellness lead for Kroger Mid-Atlantic. Getting both vaccines is the best way to protect yourself and those around you from getting sick with COVID-19 and the flu this fall and winter.

Kroger Pharmacies Offering Covid

RICHMOND, Va. – Local Kroger pharmacy locations are offering COVID-19 vaccine boosters and flu vaccines to eligible populations to help meet the healthcare needs of the community, according to a press release.

To support the companys focus, it has established a vaccine power hour during the first hour of business, Monday through Friday, solely dedicated to providing COVID-19, flu, and other vaccines at all locations. All vaccine appointments should be made online at // or //

With the flu season quickly approaching, it is important to remind our population about the importance of getting your flu shot, and your COVID-19 vaccine if not yet vaccinated to help protect against severe illness, said Chris Koon, division health and wellness lead for Kroger Mid-Atlantic. Getting both vaccines is the best way to protect yourself and those around you from getting sick with COVID-19 and the flu this fall and winter.

According to Federal Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , eligible populations can receive a booster dose at least 6 months after completing the 2-dose primary series of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.

The COVID-19 booster vaccine is also available for those eligible populations and according to CDC eligible individuals can receive the COVID-19 vaccine or booster and flu shot at the same time. Officials say there is no waiting period.

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Kroger Just Announced A Major New Vaccination Policy Starting Jan 1

The COVID pandemic has ebbed and flowed over the last two yearsand with it, the precautions and policies put in place to slow the spread of the virus. In the past several months, vaccine mandates have been a major area of focus, with a number of cities barring unvaccinated people from entering indoor establishments or attending certain events. For their part, corporations have enacted separate rules for workers and customers, whether to encourage employees to get vaccinated or to prevent shoppers who haven’t gotten a COVID shot from entering stores without masks. Now, supermarket chain Kroger has announced a major new vaccination policy of its own.

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On Dec. 14, The Wall Street Journal reported that Kroger told employees last week it would no longer offer paid emergency leave to unvaccinated employees who contract COVID, as of Jan. 1. Furthermore, all unvaccinated managers and nonunion employees will have an extra $50 added to their monthly health plan costs.

This move is not the first time the supermarket giant has pushed employees toward vaccination. In February, Kroger announced in a press release that employees could earn a one-time payment of $100 for getting vaccinated. That policy is still in place, per The Wall Street Journal, but starting next month, there may be a financial penalty for not getting the shot.

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To Date The Vaccines Have Shown To Be 95% Effective At Preventing Both Mild And Severe Symptoms Of Covid

Kroger is discontinuing some COVID benefits for unvaccinated people

Kroger Health Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Marc Watkins, talks about the COVID-19 Vaccine

How The Vaccination Process Works.

The government lists who is eligible to receive the vaccine based on health issues or their line of work.
You will need to complete some paperwork online or in the store, consenting to being vaccinated.
Once immunized, you will be asked to stay in the store until the observation period is complete, usually between 15-30 minutes.
Come back for a booster shot 3-4 weeks later.
Our role is to help execute the plan developed by federal, state, and local jurisdiction leaders.
COVID-19 Vaccination Rollout Plan

Phase 1A

Residents and Health Care providers in hospitals long term health care facilities first responders like fire fighters, police, paramedics. Some states may include âlast respondersâ like funeral home workers direct care providers public health personnel community pharmacy workers.

Phase 1B

Persons 75 and older direct care providers in medical offices, convenient care, community pharmacies. Some states may include FRONTLINE essential workers like grocery store workers, warehouse.

Phase 1C

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Kroger Plans For 1 Million Covid

A logo of Kroger is displayed on a monitor above the floor of the New York Stock Exchange shortly after the opening bell in New York, U.S., December 5, 2017. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson/File Photo

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CHICAGO, Aug 25 – U.S. grocery chain Kroger Co is gearing up to administer 1 million COVID-19 booster shots a week once they are available to the general public, and plans to offer vaccines in nursing homes for those who cannot go to its stores.

The U.S. government is planning to make COVID-19 vaccine booster shots widely available from Sept. 20 to Americans if U.S. health regulators give the go-ahead. Only people who are immunocompromised have been eligible for booster shots since early this month.

Retailers including Kroger, CVS Health, Walgreens Boots Alliance and Walmart are likely to play a role in administering the booster shots.

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Colleen Lindholz, president of Kroger Health, told Reuters in an interview that about 100 of its U.S. locations would have dedicated workers providing vaccinations all day long.

Lindholz said the targeted 1 million shots a week would be twice the rate at which it had given first and second doses of the vaccine at the height of the pandemic.

A U.S. health official said the government is planning for long-term care facilities to offer COVID-19 vaccine boosters through their usual pharmacy partners or new partners.

How To Sign Up For A Covid

If youre wanting to get a COVID-19 vaccine at Kroger, head on over to Krogers webpage here first, where each states current eligibility is listed. In some cases, the webpage will list where you can go to determine if you are eligible in your states priority list.

Next, you can check for appointment availability in your state at this link. The link is the same for every state. However, it may be best to get there from choosing your state on Krogers COVID-19 webpage, just in case the link is ever changed.

Next, youll first be asked to choose a location based on your ZIP code, your city and state, or the Kroger stores name. When you enter your ZIP code or city, for example, youll be given a list of all the Kroger locations near you. Some of them may be pretty far away, especially if theres not a Kroger store in your city. Select your pharmacy preference and then click Continue. Please note that just because pharmacies are listed here, it doesnt mean that the COVID-19 vaccine is available at these pharmacies. This is Krogers general vaccination scheduler, which may also include all of Krogers other vaccines, like influenza and more.

At this point, you can now choose up to three vaccines for your appointment. If there are no COVID-19 vaccines at the pharmacy you chose, this is where youll see that its not listed, but youll see a long list of other vaccines available. Click on All Vaccines to see which ones are available.




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Kroger To Offer Covid

MACON, Georgia Kroger Health announced the company is offering walk-in COVID-19 vaccinations at most of its locations in the Atlanta Division, which includes Georgia, East Alabama and South Carolina.

The company is encouraging those eligible to receive the vaccine and to do so at their earliest convenience to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Kroger Health is offering all three vaccines currently available under the FDAs Emergency Use Authorization free of charge, and availability by store location varies.

The ability to schedule COVID-19 vaccinations will remain available on the companys website at Those who schedule online will also be able to select which vaccine they would like to receive based on availability by store location.

Walk-in vaccine patients are encouraged to wear a short-sleeved shirt, bring their insurance information and identification card where applicable, and are reminded they will need to be observed in a designated waiting area for 15 minutes following administration of their dose.

For Pfizer and Moderna vaccinations, the appointment will be made for the required second dose when the first dose is administered. Minors ages 16-17 who are eligible to receive the Pfizer vaccine do not need to have their guardian present at the time of vaccine administration. However, the pharmacist or technician is required to call to verify consent from the guardian.

For more information, visit

Justice Department Secures Agreement With Kroger To Make Online Covid

COVID vaccine giveaway: Kroger offers $1M, free groceries to customers

COLUMBUS, Ohio United States Attorney Kenneth L. Parker announced today a Department of Justice settlement agreement with Ohio-based retailer The Kroger Co. The agreement, secured under the Americans with Disabilities Act , will eliminate barriers preventing people with certain disabilities from getting information about COVID-19 vaccinations and booking their vaccination appointments online.

Kroger has 2,800 retail grocery stores under the Kroger name and others, with a presence in 35 states and the District of Columbia.

The COVID-19 Vaccine Registration Portal for Kroger-branded stores, currently located at , was not accessible to people with certain disabilities, including those who use screen reader software. For instance, critical medical screening questions, were not read to screen readers users. These included questions about current COVID-related symptoms, allergies, and reactions to previous vaccines. Further, when a screen reader user selected an available appointment time, the website told them that the available appointment was unavailable instead of selected.

Under todays settlement, Kroger will make content about the COVID-19 vaccine, including the forms for scheduling an appointment to get the vaccine, conform to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines , Version 2.1, Level AA. WCAG is a set of voluntary industry guidelines for making information on a website accessible to users with disabilities.

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Kroger Pharmacies Offering Pfizer Covid

RICHMOND, Va. – Kroger pharmacies are now offering Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine boosters and flu vaccines, according to a press release.

According to Federal Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, eligible people can receive a Pfizer booster a minimum of 6 months after completing the initial 2 doses.

Eligible individuals can get the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine or booster and flu shot at the same time there is no need to wait between shots.

Kroger reminds everyone there are currently no authorized booster doses for the Moderna or Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccines.

All vaccine appointments should be made online at or

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Are There Other Ways To Save On Vaccines At Kroger

If you have insurance, check to see what preventive vaccines are provided at no cost.

If you have to pay for a vaccine out of pocket, Krogers cost-saving options may include:

  • Digital coupons, which could provide discounts on certain vaccines.

  • Weekly ads, which offer cost savings on different items on a rotating basis.

  • Cash back, which rewards customers with funds that can be used for other purchases or withdrawn when they buy certain items.

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Kroger Dangles Incentives For Consumers To Get Covid

Russell Redman 1 | May 28, 2021

The Kroger Co. is incentivizing Americans to get vaccinated against COVID-19 through the #CommunityImmunity giveaway campaign.

Slated to be launched next week by Kroger Health, the retailers health care arm, the #CommunityImmunity campaign will offer customers and associates prizes including five $1 million giveaways and 10 free groceries-for-a-year giveaways each week for five weeks, totaling 50 winners.

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In announcing the program late Thursday, Cincinnati-based Kroger said the company aims to encourage more people to receive coronavirus immunizations, in turn helping to speed the nations reopening from the pandemic. The effort, too, comes after a collaboration with the Biden administration as part of the national push to get 70% of U.S. adults their first COVID vaccine dose both the Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccinations require two shots by July 4.

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In addition, Kroger has incentivized employees to get COVID immunizations. The company in February said it would issue one-time payments of $100 to all associates who receive full doses of the vaccine, as well as provide a $100 store credit and 1,000 fuel points to hourly frontline grocery, supply chain, manufacturing, pharmacy and call center workers across its 35-state market area, under an additional $50 million investment.

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