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Where To Get Vaccination Records

You Are Considered Fullyvaccinated If You Have Received:

What is Nevada WebIZ? How to check your vaccine records
  • two doses using Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech, AstraZeneca in any combination
  • one or two doses of a COVID-19covid 19 vaccine not authorized by Health followed by one dose of a COVID-19covid 19mRNA vaccine authorized by Health Canada
  • three doses of a COVID-19covid 19 vaccine not authorized by Health Canada

You must also receive your final dose of the COVID-19covid 19 vaccine at least 14 days before providing the proof of being fully vaccinated.

If you are not yet fully vaccinated, book your appointment now at

If You Need Another Dose Of Covid

Bring your CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record card with you to your appointment if you need another shot of COVID-19 vaccine so your provider can fill in the information about your additional shot.

If you have lost your CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record card or dont have a copy, contact your vaccination provider directly to access your vaccination record.

  • If you cannot contact your vaccination provider site directly, contact your state health departments immunization information system . Vaccination providers are required to report COVID-19 vaccinations to their IIS and related systems.
  • If you enrolled in v-safe or VaxText after your first vaccine dose, you can access your vaccination information using those tools.
  • If you have made every effort to locate your vaccination information, are unable to get a copy or replacement of your vaccination card, and need another COVID-19 vaccine dose, talk to a vaccination provider.

CDC does not maintain vaccination records or determine how vaccination records are used, and CDC does not provide the white CDC-labeled COVID-19 Vaccination Record card to people. These cards are distributed to vaccination providers by state health departments.

Please contact your state health department if you have additional questions about vaccination records. Your local or state health department can also provide more information about the laws or regulations in your area.

Bring Your Card If You Get a Second Dose, Additional Dose, or Booster Dose

Obtaining A Record In I

Parents and individuals wishing to obtain a copy of immunization records for their child or themselves must follow the following steps:

  • Complete the appropriate authorization to release information through I-CARE
  • Return the signed copy of the authorization to the I-CARE Program Staff via email at .
  • Be sure to include a return fax number.
  • Records will be sent via fax upon receipt of the appropriate authorization form.
  • Records can only be sent via fax due to HIPAA regulations
  • Please note that because provider and patient participation is voluntary, not all immunization records may be obtained through I-CARE. If the records you wish to obtain are not in I-CARE, staff will call to alert you via the return contact information provided.

    Parents and individuals are encouraged to ask their providers if they participate in I-CARE!

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    For Childhood Records :

    Request a childs immunization records for vaccines provided by Fraser Health Public Health by completing the Request for Information form.

    • Please return the completed form by fax, or drop it off at your local public health unit. Health unit fax numbers and addresses are available by clicking on the health unit name.

    • If you requested to pick up the record you will be phoned when it is ready.

    Please note: If a minor provided consent for immunization only that minor can request a copy of their immunization record

    Child Care Elementary And Secondary Schools


    Ontario Immunization Schedule

    Every year, public health nurses look at the records for students in licensed child cares, elementary and secondary schools. This is done to make sure student records are complete according to the Ontario Immunization Schedule. If your child’s record is not up-to-date, you may receive a letter asking for the information.

    The Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014, and Immunization of School Pupils Act, R.S.O., 1990 are laws that allow the Health Unit to ask for and record immunization information for all students. If the information is not received by a certain date, suspensions from child care and school may occur, according to these laws. Your cooperation in getting the requested information to the health unit within a timely manner is greatly appreciated, in order to avoid this. Please note that healthcare provider offices do not automatically send vaccine records to the Health Unit when children are immunized. It is up to parents to report vaccines to the Health Unit when they are given.

    Child Care

    If your child is in child care, the Health Unit and the child care centre are both required to keep the information on file, please send a copy of the record to each.

    School Age Students

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    Health Care Providers Records

    Health care providers must maintain a record of all vaccines that they administer and must ensure that information is accurately and completely recorded. In addition to recording information about the vaccines given , providers’ records should include:

    • all relevant serologic data, for example, rubella or hepatitis B serology)
    • documentation of adverse events following immunization
    • documentation of contraindications or reasons for deferring or withholding immunization
    • other immunization related documentation, such as pre-vaccine and provider administration check lists .

    Electronic medical records used by health care providers should have the capacity to record, to collect and to retrieve easily all information outlined in Immunization record contents, and should permit production of line listings of persons who received a specific vaccine in the event that the vaccine is recalled.

    At each immunization visit, information should be sought regarding adverse events that may have occurred following previous doses in an immunization series. Vaccine providers should fully document all clinically significant adverse events in the medical record as soon as they become aware of such an event.

    Refer to National Guidelines for Immunization Practices in Part 1 for additional information about the use and maintenance of immunization records.

    Mdhhs Launches Online Access To Immunization Records For Michiganders Ages 18 And Older

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASESept. 9, 2021Contact: Lynn Sutfin, 517-241-2112

    LANSING, Mich. – To help Michiganders ages 18 and older more easily access their immunization records, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has launched the Michigan Immunization Portal.

    Michigan adults with immunization records posted in the Michigan Care Improvement Registry , including COVID-19 vaccination, will be able to locate their own record online and download, save or print this information. The portal was funded through CDC grant dollars and was officially launched in mid-August.

    “We want to make sure Michiganders are able to access their vaccination records as easily as possible as this is important health information,” said Elizabeth Hertel, MDHHS director. “The Michigan Immunization Portal allows them to find their record from their computer or smart phone and save a copy for their records. This will also allow anyone who has misplaced their COVID-19 vaccination card to print a record of their vaccination.”

    To ensure privacy and that individuals are only able to access their own immunization records, Michiganders must create a MILogin account at and upload a valid government issued photo ID such as a driver’s license, state ID or passport. There is no cost to access the portal.

    # # #

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    Travel Outside Alberta Or Canada

    Travel tips

  • Your Alberta-issued vaccine record is considered valid proof of vaccination for travel purposes.
  • The vaccine record website is not available outside Canada. Download your records before you go.
  • International travel requirements

    • Foreign countries may require Canadian travellers to provide proof of vaccination to visit. Check the requirements of individual countries, state/local governments, cruise lines and events before travelling abroad.
    • Alberta’s vaccine record will be updated soon to meet the Canadian standard for domestic and international travel. In the meantime, you can use your original record with QR code:
    • Get your vaccine record from before travelling. You cannot access this website from outside Canada.
    • Your proof does not guarantee entry to another country.
  • Provinces retain the vaccination records of their respective residents. Your data will not be shared with the federal or other provincial governments.
  • I Was Vaccinated In Pei How Long Will I Have To Wait To See My Covid

    How to get a replacement COVID-19 vaccination card | KVUE

    It will take up to 24-48 hours after your vaccination for your information to be available to you through the online portal.

    If you need a copy of your immunization record sooner, you can request a copy of your immunization record at the time of your vaccination

    I submitted my out-of-province COVID-19 vaccination information to be added to my personal PEI immunization record.

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    Tips For Locating Vaccination Records For Adults

    Immunization records that exist for adults are usually records that were provided to their parents when they received vaccines as children and in the adults medical record of the physician or clinic where vaccines were given. There is no national database that maintains the immunization records for adults.

    If official copies of immunization records are needed or if there is a desire to update personal records, the following places may provide some assistance to obtaining these records:

    • Request immunization records from parents or caregivers if they still have them.
    • Search baby books or other saved documents from childhood
    • Contact the high school and/or college health services attended for dates of any immunizations received. Please be advised that records are only maintained for a certain length of time.
    • Contact previous employers that may have required immunizations for employment purposes.
    • Contact your health care provider or county health department. Please be advised that records are maintained by the health care providers office for a limited number of years.
    • Check with the county health department to determine if you have immunizations recorded in the Florida SHOTS system.

    If Unable to Locate Immunization Records

    Connect with DOH

    Saving Your Childs Vaccination Records

    exclamation circle solid icon The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention does not store vaccination records. Keep a record of your childs vaccination. If you dont have a record of the vaccines that your child received, you may be able to retrieve an official copy.

    Good record-keeping begins with good record-taking. Start tracking your childs vaccination records as soon as your child gets his or her first shot when he or she is born. You can keep track of your childs records by:

    • Getting a vaccination tracking card from your childs doctor or your state health department.
    • Asking your doctor to enter the vaccines your child has received in your states immunization information system . An IIS is a statewide immunization registry doctors and public health clinics use to save and update vaccination records.

    When you maintain a copy of your childs vaccination record:

    • Keep the record in a safe place where you can easily locate it.
    • Bring it to each of your childs doctor visits.
    • Ask the doctor or nurse to jot down the vaccine given, date, and dosage on your childs vaccination record.
    • Write down the name of the doctors office or clinic where your child got the shot so you know where to get official records when you need them.

    Understand your childs vaccination record

    Refer to the vaccine acronyms and abbreviations list so you can better understand your childs vaccination records.

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    Issues With Your Vaccine Record

    Contact a vaccine provider if:

    • You have a valid MCP number and received a COVID-19 vaccine in Newfoundland and Labrador, but get the message Your COVID-19 vaccine record could not be found.
    • There are errors in your vaccine record.
    • You have questions or concerns about the content of your vaccine record.

    If you received your COVID-19 vaccine in a pharmacy or physicians office, please contact the pharmacy/physicians office where you received your vaccine.

    If you received your COVID-19 vaccine in a Regional Health Authority immunization clinic, see below for contact information:

    Eastern Health

    • Available Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

    Central Health

    • You can also call and leave a voicemail at 256-5683

    Western Health

    Tips For Finding Vaccine Records

    The CDC Just Quietly Gave You Permission to Do This to Get ...

    Places You May Want to Check

    All previous healthcare providers

    Dont forget vaccinationvisits you made to local public health departments orneighborhood clinics. Sometimes when physicians retireor a medical practice changes hands, old patient recordsare sent to a medical record storage company. You maybe able to obtain records directly from the company, butyou may have to pay a fee.

    Your home

    Look through your old papers, including baby books and school or camp forms. If youre an adult, dont forget to ask your mother or father if they still have your childhood records.

    Schools and colleges or other post-secondary institutionsPrevious employers, Local immunization registry

    All states and some cities have centralized registries of vaccines given by local providers. A registry may not include all ages and may not have all records, but this still can be a great place to check. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a listing of registry contacts and websites at Or to find the phone number of your local health department, call the CDC Information Contact Center at 800-CDC-INFO .

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    Standardized Proof Of Vaccination

    The secure, standardized proof of vaccination announced on August 11, 2021 is being developed in partnership with provinces and territories for travel outside of Canada.

    • This document will be easily recognized and trusted.
    • It will provide border officials in other countries with your COVID-19 vaccination history.
    • This allows them to assess whether you meet their public health requirements and confirm any public health measures you may need to follow.
  • More details on how and when you can get one will be available in the coming months.
  • What About Security And Patient Confidentiality

    I-CARE is designed to protect patient confidentiality while providing access to statewide registry information. Confidentiality is maintained through several security controls.

    Open access to the statewide registry is not allowed. Only registered I-CARE users have access to the data and information is available only on a need-to-know basis. In other words, an I-CARE user cannot browse through patient records. Specific name or ID search criteria must be used to access information in the statewide registry.

    To learn more, please review the I-CARE Confidentiality Policy.

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    Other Issues Or Questions

    If you have other issues or questions that cannot be resolved using the tips listed above, contact Alberta Covid Records Support.

    Hours: 7am to 7pm and 9am to 5pm

  • Métis card, Treaty card or Inuit status card
  • passport
  • permanent resident card
  • If the patrons’ name or birthdate are incorrect, they must correct it using the steps listed in the help section above.
  • Book Your Free Shot It’s Safe And Easy

    State allows Californians to access digital vaccine record

    COVID-19 vaccines help prevent you from getting infected and protect you from getting severely sick if you do get it. All vaccines are safe, effective and save lives.

    Everyone born in 2009 or before can get their first and second doses now. Third doses are available to some people most at risk of severe illness.

    NEW: AHS clinics and pharmacies now use the same centralized online booking system. You can also book your shot by calling 811, visiting a walk-in clinic, or contacting a doctor’s office.

    • 78.8% of Albertans 12+ with at least 1 dose
    • 70.8% of Albertans 12+ fully vaccinated
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    • Who’s eligible: Albertans 18 or older who got their first or second dose of an approved COVID-19 vaccine between September 3 and October 14, 2021.
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    • How to claim: $100 debit cards will be delivered to you. Everyone who is registered and has a valid vaccination will receive a debit card.
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  • Who’s eligible: Alberta residents 18 and older who have had 2 doses of an approved COVID-19 vaccine.
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  • How to claim: Winner will be contacted by September 30, 2021.
  • Who’s eligible: Alberta residents 18 and older with 2 doses of an approved COVID-19 vaccine.
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    Michigan Immunization Portal For Citizens 18 Years And Older

    If you are 18 years of age and older you may be able to download your State of Michigan immunization record from the Michigan Care Improvement Registry. Please have a valid government issued photo ID available to sign in and access your immunization record. If you reside outside of Michigan please contact your healthcare provider regarding your state immunization requirements.

    What Is The Michigan Care Improvement Registry

    The Michigan Care Improvement Registry is an immunization database that documents immunizations given to Michiganders throughout life. The Michigan Care Improvement Registry was created in 1998 to collect reliable immunization information for children and make it accessible to authorized users. A 2006 change to the Michigan Public Health Code enabled the MCIR to transition from a childhood immunization registry to a lifespan registry including citizens of all ages in the MCIR.

    MCIR benefits health care organizations, schools, licensed childcare programs, pharmacies and Michigans citizens by consolidating immunization information from multiple providers into a comprehensive immunization record. This consolidation reduces vaccine-preventable diseases and over-vaccination, allowing providers to view up-to-date patient immunization history in one system.

    Health care providers are required to report immunizations shall report: ALL immunizations administered to every child born after December 31, 1993 and less than 20 years of age within 72 hours of administration. Visit for applicable laws.

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    Get A Copy Of Your Immunization Records

    You can request an immunization record for yourself or your child from the Colorado Immunization Information System . Immunization records from CIIS may not be complete. CIIS immunization records include what has been reported to and entered into CIIS.

    There are several ways to request a copy of your immunization record through CIIS.

    Patients and guardians of minors can now use the CIIS Public Portal to view and print an official record of their immunizations.

    Request to Release Immunization Record

    Patients and parents/guardians of minors can also request their record by completing and submitting a form. Incomplete forms will not be accepted. Patient immunization records can be securely transmitted to the requester via fax or secure email.

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