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Who Can Get Vaccinated In Illinois

Q Will Youth With High

16 and up can get vaccinated in Illinois Monday, except in Chicago

A. Everyone 5 years of age and older is now recommended to get a COVID-19 vaccination. If you have questions about getting a COVID-19 vaccine, talk to your health care provider for advice. Clinical trials for children younger than 5 years of age are ongoing to determine if the existing vaccines are safe and effective for them.

Q Besides Health Care Workers Who Will Be Able To Administer The Vaccine

A. Dentists, pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians have had their scope of practice extended by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation to allow them to administer the COVID-19 vaccine. IDPH has authorized Emergency Medical Technicians Intermediate and Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians to administer the COVID-19 and influenza vaccines after successful completion of an IDPH approved vaccine training program.

The Vaccine Is Safe And Effective

The COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective and will build protection for yourself and those around you. Learn more about the COVID-19 vaccine by visiting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website or by reviewing COVID vaccine education materials on the Coronavirus website. You should contact your primary healthcare provider with questions about the vaccine and your health history.

Visit the following websites to learn more about:

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Can Eligible Individuals Receive The Covid

Yes. According to the CDC, eligible individuals, including children, may receive the seasonal flu vaccine at the same time they are receiving the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. There is no need to stagger vaccinations. Additionally, if an individual has already received a flu shot, they can receive their COVID-19 vaccine at any time.

How Is Cvs Health Prepared To Deal With Possible Allergic Reactions To The Vaccine

What To Know About Illinois Universal Vaccine Eligibility

CVS Health immunizers are trained in the safe administration of the COVID-19 vaccines authorized for use by the FDA, including identifying and treating allergic reactions. The vaccination procedures include a patient screening checklist to assess the risk of reaction. All patients are monitored for 15 minutes after administration injection, or longer for people with a history of severe allergic reactions. Our immunizers are equipped with appropriate medications, such as epinephrine and antihistamines. Further information on COVID-19 Vaccines and allergic reactions can be found here

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How Long Can You Test Positive For Covid Following Infection

If you test positive for COVID, how long could that last?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, some people who contract COVID-19 can have detectable virus for up to three months, but that doesn’t mean they are contagious.

When it comes to testing, however, the PCR tests are more likely to continue picking up the virus following infection.

Covid Booster Shot Eligibility: Who Is Eligible Now For 1st And 2nd Boosters

As COVID cases rise in Illinois and parts of the U.S. heading into summer, many are wondering which vaccinations they are eligible to receive and when.

Currently, not everyone is eligible for a second COVID booster shot, but experts are urging anyone who has not yet received their first booster dose to get one.

“I really, really want to emphasize as we move into this higher risk state that we need Chicagoans to come up-to-date with boosters,” Chicago Department of Public Health Commissioner Dr. Allison Arwady said late last month as the city first entered the “high community level.”

So who is eligible for which shots and what do we know about what’s ahead?

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How Should I Go About Getting A Vaccine Appointment

You can start by checking out this detailed rundown from WBEZ of where and how to find a vaccine in Chicago and Illinois.

If youre a Chicago resident with resources to take a road trip, experts say you should do that.

It may be easier to get a vaccine in Indiana or in downstate Illinois, and that way, youll save Chicago doses for people who cant travel. Experts say youll also help keep demand up in areas that arent seeing enough of it. That could keep vaccine supply flowing to low-demand areas, to ensure residents there who do want a vaccine, can get one.

Under the current system, getting a vaccine will still require time and skills.

You can also sign up on the website Zocdoc.

You can also sign up over the phone by calling the Cook County vaccine hotline, at 833-308-1988. Or you can call the states vaccine sign-up line at 833-621-1284.

The group Chicago Vaccine Hunters has gained popularity for its crowd-sourced approach to monitoring vaccine availability and tips. Another group, Chicago Vaccine Angels, can help those who are struggling to find a vaccine appointment. You can get help by emailing .

The doctor advocacy group IMPACT also has a regularly updated list of vaccine locations in the Chicago-area.

Where Can I Get A Vaccine Or A Booster

New mass vaccination site opens in Forest Park Monday as vaccine eligibility expands in Illinois
  • Federal and state-run vaccination sites, with some locations welcoming walk-ins, no appointment necessary. You can use the health department’s website to find a site near you or make an appointment. The state list covers hospitals, health centers and retail pharmacies, including Walgreens and CVS, which are offering first shots and boosters. Notethat some pharmacy websites require you to answer questions about your vaccination status before presenting the option for a booster.Many pharmacies also allow you to book an appointment for the specific vaccine you prefer. A list of government-run vaccination sites is available on the Illinois COVID-19 website. A COVID-18 data dashboard is tracking the number of people who have been vaccinated in the state.
  • The federal governments vaccines website,, lets you search for sites offering first shots and boosters by zip code, with links to appointments. Get the same information by texting your zip code to 438829 or by calling 800-232-0233 .
  • Many transit agencies are offering free or discount rides to and from vaccination sites.
  • toll-free at 800-889-3931 for assistance or send an email to .

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Here’s What To Do If You Test Positive For Covid According To Cdc Guidelines

With a recent rise in COVID-19 cases and several Chicago-area counties at a “high” community level, what should you do if you test positive for coronavirus or were exposed to someone who has?

Health officials have issued warnings to take precautions, particularly in areas where transmission risk is increasing.

Here’s a look at the guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on what to do if you test positive or believe you were exposed to someone who has.

Why Wont Kids Benefit From Herd Immunity If More Adults Are Vaccinated

Herd immunity is when most of a population is immune to an infectious disease, thereby protecting those who are not immune to the disease. Researchers have estimated herd immunity for COVID-19 to be about 70%. 2019 Census data shows 22.2% of Illinois residents are under age 18 years. Nearly every adult in Illinois would need to be vaccinated to reach the herd immunity threshold without vaccinating children. Vaccine is available for all adults in the state, but some will choose not to be vaccinated. It may also be harder to reach herd immunity because of virus variants spreading across the state that appear to be more transmissible and more deadly and experts are still learning how long immunity will last following vaccination. As herd immunity becomes harder to reach, children should seek vaccination for protection from the virus.

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Covid Vaccines For Kids Under : When Could Shots Begin The Latest Timing

With federal regulators set to decide whether or not they plan to authorize COVID vaccines for kids under the age 5 this month, when might parents expect shots to begin?

Families have been for a chance to protect the nations littlest kids as highly contagious omicron subvariants continue to spread.

The nations 18 million children under 5 are the only age group not yet eligible for vaccination.

Read more here.

Can I Travel Elsewhere For Shots

When can I get the coronavirus vaccine in Illinois?

The state health department strongly recommends individuals be vaccinated in the county where they reside, spokesman Cris Martinez said in an email.

Some county and local health departments say they are only vaccinating people who live or work within their areas.

Pharmacy chains, however, so far have generally been allowing people who were eligible in previous phases to make appointments at any of their stores.

Chicago Tribunes Dan Petrella contributed.

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What Should I Bring To My Vaccination Or Booster Appointment

Some vaccination sites ask for proof of identity or eligibility. Bring a drivers license or other state-issued ID that shows your name, age and state residency, along with your health insurance card, if you have one. You wont be charged for the initial vaccine series, or a booster shot, but the vaccine provider may bill your insurer a fee for administering the vaccine. After your first shot, bring your vaccine card for subsequent shots.

Who’s Eligible For Booster Shots

  • Peopleages 5 to 17: Pfizer recipients ages 5 to 17 should get a booster at least five months after completing their initial two-shot series, according to the CDC.
  • People age 18 and older: Moderna and Pfizer recipients should get their booster five months after their second shot, and Johnson & Johnson recipients should get a booster at least two months after the first shot.
  • Second boosters: Those age 50 and older should get a second booster of Pfizer or Moderna at least four months after their initial booster, the CDC says. Adolescents age 12 and older who are immunocompromised or have had certain organ transplants should also get a second Pfizer booster. People age 18 and older with the same health conditions can get a second Moderna booster. And people who are immunocompromised and who have already received four shots three vaccine doses and a booster can get a second booster.

Third doses of Pfizer and Moderna, distinct from boosters, are recommended for specific immunocompromised people age 12 and older. These recipients may also get a booster a fourth dose at least six months after the third shot, according to CDC guidance. The agency recommends that children ages 5 to 11 who are immunocompromised get a third Pfizer dose 28 days after their second shot.

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When Will People Younger Than 65 With Certain Health Conditions Be Able To Get Coronavirus Vaccine

It may be awhile. Earlier this month, Gov. JB Pritzker announced Illinois would open up vaccinations to everyone with certain comorbidities on Feb. 25, but a number of health departments, including those in the Tri-County Area, said they would not be participating due to lack of vaccine. Health officials have said that they will begin taking appointments for those people once more vaccine is available.

Why Isnt Chicago Following Suit

Vaccinated Illinois Nursing Home Residents Can Finally Get Hugs

To be clear: Chicago residents are still eligible to get COVID-19 vaccines starting Monday they just might need to travel outside the city to find an appointment.

Chicago leaders say theyre not expanding eligibility until April 19 because the city does not have enough vaccine for a wider population.

Because Chicago gets its own vaccine allocation from the federal government based on population, the state has refused to send additional doses from its own allocation to the city. Chicago public health leaders have complained about this, pointing out that many non-Chicago residents work in the city. In fact, 31% of Chicagos doses have gone to non-city residents.

City leaders have committed to hitting a nationwide deadline to expand eligibility by April 19. Until then, Chicago sites with vaccine supply from the city will continue to vaccinate only people eligible under its 1a, 1b, and 1c phases healthcare workers, people over age 65 and over, essential workers, and anyone 16 and older who has a pre-existing medical condition.

But, even after the city opens eligibility later this month, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has warned that appointments still may not be made available for weeks due to a lack of vaccine supply, so people should be patient until Chicagos vaccine allocation ramps up.

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How Do I View My Minor Childs Vaccination Records

Check your email for the COVID-19 vaccination record if both the following conditions apply:

  • The minor was vaccinated at CVS Pharmacy®
  • An email address was provided at scheduling/check-in

A record of the vaccination should have been immediately sent to that address. It would have been sent from with a subject line of For Your Records.

How Will It Be Distributed

The initial shipment of vaccines will be received by the Illinois Department of Public Health from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control . The state has purchased 20 “ultra-cold freezers” to safely store the Pfizer vaccine, which needs to be kept at -94 degrees Fahrenheit, Pritzker said. The first vaccines will be dedicated to hospitals and health care workers in the 50 counties in Illinois with the highest death rates per capita, Pritzker said Friday.

Those vaccines will be stored at 10 hospitals that will serve as regional hospital coordinating centers. The City of Chicago, which makes up 21 percent of the state’s population, will get 21 percent of the initial vaccines sent: an estimated 23,000. The rest of the state will receive the remaining 86,000.

Here is a look at the number of vaccines that will be sent to regional hospital coordinating centers:

  • Northshore -Highland Park Hospital: 27,300 doses
  • Loyola University Medical Center: 16,575 doses
  • Advocate Christ Hospital and Medical Center: 8,775 doses
  • Advocate Sherman Hospital in Elgin: 7,800 doses
  • Memorial Hospital, Bellville in Belleville: 6,825 doses
  • OSF St. Francis Medical Center in Peoria: 5,850 doses
  • Rockford Memorial Hospital in Rockford: 4,875 doses
  • Carle Foundation Hospital in Urbana: 3,900 doses
  • SIH Memorial Hospital of Carbondale in Carbondale: 2,925 doses
  • St. John’s Hospital in Springfield: 1,950 doses
  • “The prayer to have vaccines in short order seems to have been answered,” he said.

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    Can Eligible Populations Receive Their Booster At Cvs

    Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech booster shots for eligible individuals 18+ are available at select CVS Pharmacy and MinuteClinic locations.

    In addition, as of Tuesday, January 4, individuals ages 12-17 years are eligible to receive the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 booster shot at CVS Pharmacy locations currently carrying this vaccine. A parent or legal guardian must complete the online registration on for minors up to age 17. Teens 16 and older do not need to be accompanied by an adult to their vaccination appointment, unless required by local or state law.

    How Can I Be Sure That My Local Cvs Pharmacy Offers The Pfizer Vaccine For My Child Ages 5 15

    COVID Vaccine Registration in Illinois: Where You Can Get It and How to ...

    At this time, our CVS Pharmacy locations that are currently offering the COVID-19 vaccine have either the Moderna, Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson vaccine not more than one type at this time. Patients are able to see which CVS Pharmacy location has which vaccine and appointment availability on before scheduling, which is recommended especially when looking for an appointment for children ages 5 15 that require the Pfizer vaccine. Our online scheduling tool will only display appointments at locations that have the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine once the patients age is provided.

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    Q I Have Allergies Is This Vaccine Safe For Me

    A. While serious allergic reactions were not seen in vaccine clinical trials of thousands of patients, rare allergic reactions to vaccines are possible. If you have a history of serious allergic reactions, you should discuss your situation with your healthcare provider. The COVID-19 vaccine does not contain any animal products such as eggs.

    Will The Vaccine Make Children Sick With Mis

    Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children is a rare condition without a known cause. However, many children with MIS-C had the virus that causes COVID-19 or had been around someone with COVID-19, according to the CDC. Because the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine does not contain the live virus that causes COVID-19, it cannot give anyone MIS-C. CDC continues to study MIS-C to learn more about the condition and how to prevent it.

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    What About Pharmacies

    Walmart will not expand vaccinations Thursday at its eight Chicago stores that are inoculating people, spokeswoman Rebecca Thomason said.

    Representatives for Walgreens and Marianos said they will not expand vaccine eligibility Thursday at their stores in counties that are not expanding eligibility.

    Jewel-Osco is following the state of Illinois Phase 1b expanded guidelines that take effect February 25, spokeswoman Mary Frances Trucco said in an email. She did not respond to multiple requests for clarification on whether that means Jewel-Osco will vaccinate people under 65 with health conditions at its Chicago-area stores.

    Is Getting The Covid

    Illinois kids get day off to get vaccinated against COVID-19

    The FDA has authorized three COVID-19 vaccines which have been shown to be safe and effective as determined by data from the manufacturers and findings from large clinical trials. This data demonstrates that the known and potential benefits of this vaccine outweigh the known and potential harms of becoming infected with COVID 19. CVS Health is only administering vaccines that have been authorized for use by the FDA and our COVID-19 vaccination services are being conducted in compliance with CDC guidance for safe delivery of vaccines.

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